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Like Oktoberfest, only with tea

In Boston Tea Party, Charles Jay, Libertarian, Presidential Candidates, Thomas L. Knapp on September 27, 2008 at 6:48 pm

Posted at Boston Tea Party website by Tom Knapp


The time period between now and the November 4th election is prime time for growing the party. Let’s give America some October surprises!

This week, our presidential candidate, Charles Jay, “got official” in two more states — Arizona and Montana. Not full ballot access, but write-in status. The activists in Arizona who decided to make that happen got it done in two days! “Favorite son” Barry Hess is the veep pick there. Expect to see some more write-in filings soon.

The presidential campaign also just invested in an advertising buy through Google ads, expressly aimed at party-building via an intro page on this site.

You can link to that intro page, too, of course, and we hope you will. For that matter, nobody’s going to stop you from throwing a little money into ad campaigns of your own to flog it!

Other upcoming stuff:

– I’ll be on-site (or, rather, as close as the Secret Service will let me get) in St. Louis, Missouri for the October 2nd “major party” vice-presidential debate. One of the party’s strongest supporters just sent me four marvelous “JAY-KNAPP — VOTE BOSTON TEA PARTY” signs to wave. They’re nice, big signs, too. We’re going to have a visible presence … if you’d like to be part of it, just show up and look for those signs!

Charles Jay debates all the other presidential candidates who aren’t chicken on October 6th at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.

– More media coming soon — I’ll get times, channels, etc. up as soon as they’re firm.

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
Founder and 2008 Vice-Presidential Nominee
Boston Tea Party

  1. Congrats, Tom. Nice signs, as well!

  2. Is Barry Hess the VP in Montana as well, or is it Tom Knapp?

  3. As a fellow Missourian type I have been very critical of Knappie Poo and the BTP in the past.

    Tom’s writing style and product have increased in quality exponentially in the past few months.

    [More free, non steer manure, end less Libertarian debates, time to get real work done?]

    Kudos to Tom for new, improved REAL abused veterans platforms. [The Republicrats and Democans are so wishy and whimpy on that stuff …..]

    Now about the 21st Century Peace Symbol, the three bladed wind mill electricity generator…..

  4. Duh, oops, the reason I spent precious public library computer hours to review the site.

    Kansans, Missourians, any one whom hates public administration abuse: ‘s High School is getting a quarter of a million dollar fancy artsy fartsy fence.

    Please rally your out rage. Yes it is not an issue of national scope. But smaller government begins locally.

    Kill the new Ruskin Fence. Sprinkle some morning glory seeds at the base of the existing barrier as cheap ‘face lift’. Slide in ‘grape stake’ wooden slats into the chain link. Pennies on the dollar fellow government haters!

    Please register your out rage with courageous common sense activist Debbie [Sweet Expressions] Aiman at 9000 Old Santa Fe Road, {Hickman’s Mill] KCMO 64138.


    Isn’t the Grandview [Missouri, not the television show Ghost Whisper] area home to a big time Lib activist?


  5. BTP: what states are they on the ballot, and what were the reqirements?

  6. Nice page! I will visit soon!

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