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Bleak Humor Break

In Libertarian on September 14, 2008 at 9:10 pm

Has culture of timidity paralyzed the LNC?

In Libertarian on September 14, 2008 at 3:14 am

Blogs are on the bleeding edge of 21st century politics.  What’s the last thing you heard from any LNC member posted on a blog or elsewhere (besides from Angela Keaton who is a special case–an under-understood case in my opinion)? I can’t remember seeing one written word from my regional LNC rep since speaking to him in person at the Denver convention.

I’ve got a pamphlet about leadership sitting on my desk.  I’m reading this thing and nothing in this leads me to find positive comparisons with the current LNC, and for the record, almost everyone I voted for in Denver is currently sitting on the LNC (it ain’t a radical versus moderate thang).

In my opinion, a culture of timidity has paralyzed the LNC.  Don’t want to say something stupid!  LNC members seem reluctant to post something, anything, on the internet with their own name attached to it.  I can’t blame them too much.  With personal exposure comes risks.

But the LP is in desperate need of leadership.  Staff tries.  Barr tries.  The LNC doesn’t.  Bill Redpath hasn”t and that hurts me to say because I know he’s overly busy.  I’d love to help fill the current leadership vacuum and assist Redpath and the LNC as the National Executive Director.

I can do it.

And I’d be communicative with the outside world, because even though I’d be opening myself up to criticism, I’d expect some occasssional worthwhile suggestions (plus a bunch of worthless ones).

But back to my first point.  Why is it we hear so little from the LNC members?