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Jeffersonian Democrats: Let’s bring them back!

In Libertarian on September 18, 2008 at 8:51 pm

Paulie Cannoli and I are trying to organize a Jeffersonian “Caucus” within the Democratic Party. The purposes of the group will be to educate people on the principles of Jeffersonianism and encourage people who embrace those principles to run for office as Democrats.

The principles in question are:

  1. Radical Decentralism
  2. Anti-militarism
  3. Opposition to Central Banking

These are the things that Jefferson stood for. Around the country, Democratic Party groups have “Jefferson-Jackson” dinners, while the GOP has “Lincoln Day” celebrations. Lincoln, of course, was a radical centralist, militarist, and fiat-currency lover — the exact opposite of Jefferson.

Indeed, the history of the Republican Party is one of nearly pure evil. So while some Ron Paul supporters say they’re trying to “restore the GOP to its roots,” they don’t realize that George W. Bush is almost perfectly in sync with Lincolnianism. There were/are some good Republicans — Howard H. Buffett and Ron Paul standing out above the rest — but they are the exception to the rule. The Democratic Party, by contrast, has a strong history of classical liberalism, and boasts not only the greatest political philosopher among the presidents (Jefferson), but also the greatest president of all time, and last of the classical liberals, Grover Cleveland.

Yes, this is ancient history. But at least the history legitimately exists. We can point out this history and force statist Democrats to reject or embrace their own party’s legacy. And we can, hopefully, attract people to ideas that are now radical but were once mainstream.

Right now, our group’s agenda is as follows:

  1. Draft statements explaining the basic implications of the three principles with plenty of quotes from Jefferson supporting those principles and their implications
  2. Establish a high-quality Web site with public-domain writings from Jefferson and other classical liberals along with original articles applying Austro-Jeffersonian principles to current issues; as well as a blog highlighting news stories of interest to modern Jeffersonians
  3. Create a Facebook group to spread awareness of our existence and get people to sign on saying they will support Democratic candidates who abide by these principles — if we’re able to attract tens of thousands of members, I’m sure candidates will step up to the plate

We are looking for help with all of the above. If you’re interested, leave a reply.

When the Progressives achieved their “success” in the dreadful teens and twenties, they did so by having a presence in both major parties as well as third parties. There are already “libertarian” Democratic groups, but they don’t exactly embrace the full implications of Jeffersonianism, and thus, they haven’t caught on.

When the Democrats lose this election, improbably (again), perhaps there will be a realization that they’ve been out-big governmented by the GOP. Perhaps new Democrats who take up the ideas of the old Democrats will be allowed to move to the forefront.

A huge majority of Ron Paul’s support came from Democrats, independents, and “others,” and in some states, he got more votes from Democrats than from Republicans. The GOP and conservatism are inextricably linked with anti-Jeffersonian principles and thus, we believe, making the principled populist case for liberty to the working-class electorate of the Democratic Party has more promise than any other option currently available. If you agree — or even if you don’t, but think it’s worth a try — please join us.

Details for December LNC meeting

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The following is an email from LPHQ regarding the December LNC meeting.

Here are the details for the LNC Board Meeting 12/6-12/7 in San Diego CA:

The location is the
Town and Country Resort
500 Hotel Circle North
San Diego, CA 92108

To make a reservation, please call 800-772-8527 & ask for the $99 special “Libertarian National Committee” Room Rate (effective 12/3-12/9). On line reservations are not yet set up for our event.

This is a major convention resort with 1,000 guestrooms and suites, over 205,000 square feet of meeting and exhibit space, 5 restaurants, 3 lounges, 4 pools, 27 hole golf course, 15,000 sq ft day spa and fitness center, connected to Fashion Valley, with easy access to San Diego’s light rail trolley station.

If you have any problems or special requests, contact:
Rosa I. Myhra
Convention Sales Manager
Phone 619-297-6006 x 4886
Fax 619-725-5233

We will most likely have a walk through tour for our convention committee and any one else that is interested from 5:30-6:30 pm on Fri 12/5. Please meet us at 5:30 pm by the Tiki Pavilion next to the gift shop across from the Terrace Café.



Robert S. Kraus – Dir of Operations
Libertarian National Committee
2600 Virginia Ave NW #200
Washington, DC 20037
Ph: 202.333.0008 x 231
Fx: 703.935.8015 poll of the day

In Civil Liberties, Constitutional Rights, Libertarian, Libertarian Party-US, Politics, War on September 18, 2008 at 5:18 pm

The poll of the day today is a good one: “Which of these issues should the Libertarian Party be MOST focused on during this election?”

The choices:

  • Reducing the tax burden on all Americans
  • The restoring of our freedoms curtailed by the Bush administration
  • Reducing the size of Government and restraining out of control spending
  • Getting our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Restoring faith in our economy
  • Bob Barr gets Libertarian Party some publicity!

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    From CQ Politics:

    Barr Misfires As a Libertarian
    by Craig Crawford

    It is too bad the Libertarians blew it in nominating Bob Barr for president. Too bad because a party that truly believes in personal freedom and limited government is worth hearing from in these days of major parties that equivocate and prevaricate on those principles.

    But in Barr, a former Georgia congressman who once accidentally fired a revolver at a fundraiser, Libertarians have ended up with a loose cannon whose record isn’t even that strong on the party’s ideals. For instance, how can someone who claims authorship of the Defense of Marriage act now claim to be a libertarian?

    In recent days Barr has further burnished his nutty reputation and made his newfound party look like a joke. He appeared in federal court as part of a ridiculous lawsuit against Michael Bloomberg, charging the New York mayor with defamation against a gun club. He is in court in Texas promoting a bogus claim that John McCain and Barack Obama should not be on the state ballot in November.

    And lately Barr has been publicly inviting former GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul, a onetime Libertarian nominee himself, to join him as running mate — even though Barr has already chosen one, internet gambling entrepreneur Wayne Allyn Root. (Apparently, Paul never returned his call.)

    Combine all this with Barr’s pathetic fundraising and poor polling performance (which will cost him admission to the presidential debates) and you can see that Barr probably won’t even have a spoiler effect anywhere in this race.

    The Libertarian gambit to raise the party’s profile with a better-known nominee than usual simply failed. The party ought to stay focused on building its base from the ground up, such as running stronger candidates for lesser offices, and one day its natural appeal to independent-thinking voters could really catch on.

    Ron Paul on Fed/AIG

    In Libertarian on September 18, 2008 at 1:25 am

    Rep. Ron Paul appeared on Fox News’s “Your World With Neil Cavuto” Wednesday to discuss the ongoing financial crisis and the Federal Reserve loan to AIG. Paul said in part, “Unless you recognize the problem and say it’s an unsound monetary system, you’re going to see the destruction of the dollar. Won’t people get wondering about going to something of real value? What happened to gold today? Finally, people think, ‘Hey, maybe this system is unsound.’ … Where did they get this $85 billion? Did it come out of your pocket or my pocket? No. Did it come from an appropriation? No. It’s just the Federal Reserve over there guaranteeing credits, expanding, and that is destructive to the dollar. This is very, very destructive to the dollar. When you destroy the dollar you’re going to destroy homes for a lot of people and medical care for everybody else because you’re going to see skyrocketing inflation.”