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Bob Barr loses Texas lawsuit to knock McCain, Obama off the ballot

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The Texas Supreme Court has ruled against us:

The Texas Supreme Court, without comment, just denied Libertarian presidential candidate’s Bob Barr attempt to keep the names John McCain and Barack Obama off the state’s November ballot.

Mr. Barr, a former GOP congressman from Georgia, had argued in legal briefs that both major parties had busted the state’s Aug. 26 deadline for certifying their presidential candidates as they would appear on the Texas ballot. Neither McCain nor Obama had been officially nominated by their party conventions by the deadline. And Sarah Palin hadn’t even been added to the GOP ticket.
But the Democratic and Republican state parties had filed official documents with the Secretary of State stating their presumed presidential candidates. The Democrats threw in Joe Biden’s name and the Republicans said they would report back with the name of their vice presidential contender, which they did.

Apparently, the Supreme Court felt that was sufficient, especially in light of the catastrophic alientation of voters if neither of the major party candidates could appear on the November ballot.

No one cares about alienation of voters when it is a Libertarian Party candidate who is kept off the ballot due to restrictive ballot access laws authored by Republicans and Democrats.

I will have a copy of the decision shortly.


Munger Campaign Update: Happy Birthday Mike!

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Mike on the Move
A campaign update from Barbara Howe, Campaign Manager

Party Time. Let’s celebrate big.

Today, Tuesday, September 23, is our very own Mike Munger’s 50th birthday. Yes, the big five-oh. Half a century. Pretty soon he’ll be receiving mailings from AARP.

Let’s celebrate!

Mike can’t come to a party. He’s going to be busy at a candidate forum in High Point. But we can celebrate anyway.

What better way to celebrate than through the gift of cash?

Send Mike a big birthday wish. I’ll suggest $50 – $1 for each year. Of course, any amount will do. Any multiple of $50 is acceptable up, to the limit of 80 x $50. ($4000) And, fractions of $50 work as well.

Your birthday gift will buy yard signs, rack cards, radio spots, and gas for all the traveling Mike is doing. We are also looking into the possibility of producing a TV ad for one market. Your gift can help make that happen.

So, send your birthday wishes at Let’s celebrate liberty.

Campaign Update

Don’t forget to watch your local UNC-TV affiliate this Wednesday, September 24, at 8:00 p. m. as Mike debates his Republican opponent Mayor Pat McCrory. As of today, the Perdue campaign has declined to come. This is a first in LPNC campaign history. Our gubernatorial candidates have never been invited to participate in the televised debates. This is going to be great.


Many of you have already contributed to Mike’s campaign. Thanks. Many of you have taken yard signs and literature, written debate organizers, and written letters to the editor. Thanks. Many of you have helped at out reach events. This campaign is really working. Thanks for making it happen.

As always, let’s keep on movin’ with Mike.

Barbara Howe

Campaign Manager, Munger for Governor


If you prefer the old fashion method of sending gifts, send your card to Munger for Governor, 10020 Bushveld Lane, Raleigh, NC 27613.