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LNC = Lawless Narcissism Chamber

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What more can be said?

They ejected a member of the body FROM the proceedings of the body.  There are no provisions that allow this.

They then conducted a secret vote on the status of that member of the body, apparently without allowing that member to actually cast a vote.

None of the so-called “leaders” in the room introduced a resolution to table this insane purge of a popular and well-supported member of the LNC and focus on the important business at hand.

As a result, 80%+ of the real business time was spent on a small clique’s agenda to isolate and exclude a duly-elected member of the committee.

No comment or action taken on the LNC’s financial situation.

No comment or action taken on any number of ballot access lawsuits threatening the status of state parties around the country.

No comment or action taken on the election.

No comment or action taken on the nationalization of Fannie and Freddie, and the $2.8 trillion in “guarantees” the feds added to our already staggering national debt.

Oh, some throwaway resolution about Afghanistan, issued three to five years late.

The LNC is a fool’s chamber.  In its current incarnation it serves no purpose.  It has no function, impedes the growth of liberty, and cannot adhere to basic principles of openness, accountability, or even its own bylaws for basic administration of a democratic body that is supposed to represent its constituents (who pay, lest we forget, to be members).

It is useless.  Stop sending it money and let it go out of business.  That will only aid the candidacies of folks like Dr. Munger who are actually doing exciting things, and it will eliminate most of the angst and roadblocks that make running for office as a Libertarian a difficult proposition internally.

Hopefully, the marketplace of ideas will provide something more useful and dynamic in its place.

Boston Tea Party comments on Libertarian National Committee meeting

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Press Release

“Libertarian National Committee Goes on Witch Hunt”

The Libertarian National Committee spent almost 2 hours in executive session today condemning Angela Keaton for making supposed sexist statements about 2 national committee staff members. Ms. Keaton will publicly apologize for making such statements. Mr. Redpath has been trying to remove Ms. Keaton from the national committee for a long time now but was unable to do it this time. He will keep trying. Redpath has made it known that he will do anything he can to remove any of the people
who align themselves against the reform caucus.

Meanwhile those same people will not address the situation of Tom Stevens. He is a Presidential Contender on at least 2 state ballots: Florida and Colorado and aspires to be on others. Tom Stevens is the head of a competing political party known as the “Objectivist Party” The Objectivist
Party was formed by Thomas R. Stevens in February 2008. Tom Stevens is a long time NY Libertarian Party activist.

Contrary to the best interest of the Libertarian Party Mr. Stevens is currently serving on the National Libertarian Party’s Judicial Committee, The New York Libertarian Party State Executive Committee and the Queens County Libertarian Party Executive Committee. He is also serving as a New York Presidential Elector for Libertarian Party Candidate Bob Barr.

He continually says he is Bob Barr’s opponent so he can get Mr. Barr more votes. Besides being ludicrous, such actions are a violation of Florida law.

And the man continues to hold important positions in the Libertarian Party, The Libertarian National committee continues to refuse to do anything about it while persecuting an overly friendly but harmless woman.

Bill Redpath and the other officers of the National Libertarian Party should be removed forthrightly before they take the Libertarian Party into the gutter and into oblivion.

As a 34 year activist for the Libertarian Party I had to leave the Libertarian Party because of these people. I now have taken up direct opposition to them by becoming the Florida Favorite son “vice presidential candidate” for the budding “Boston Tea Party,” which is the replacement of the once “Party of Principle” and the only political party with 2 libertarian candidates on the national ballot.

Thank You,
John Wayne Smith, Chair
Boston Tea Party of Florida
2008 Vice Presidential Candidate for the Florida Boston Tea Party
CEO, 1000 Planets, Inc.
Building a Private Road to the Stars!
203 W. Magnolia St.
Leesburg Florida 34748

LNC Bylaws Committee Appointments

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Via Angela Keaton – thanks to Paulie, Morey, and Chuck for clearing up some of the names for me.

Rob Latham

Dan Karlan

Chuck Moulton

Heather Scott

Bill Redpath

Nick Sarwark

Rob Oates

Aaron Starr

Ruth Bennett

Gene Hawkridge

Frank Manske (alternate)

CALL TO ARMS: LNC at it again, voting on whether to ask Angela Keaton to resign

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This is a follow up to Angela’s liveblog for today, as well as the statement re Cory.

The LNC has removed Angela Keaton from the room, and are voting on whether to ask her to resign.

I have spoken with Angela, and she has stated that she will not resign.

This is the second day in a row that the LNC has attempted to remove this elected representative from the LNC.

Twitter updates from Angela Keaton:

Sitting in exile with Gene Hawkridge. Will I be excommunicated? You get better due process when three rabbis or the holy see meet.
14 minutes ago from web

Then it got really WEIRD…the Barr campaign sent message to Redpath to request to keep me on the LNC.
5 minutes ago from web


Lee Wrights and I spoke in the hall.

He asked me to that if the offer is made for me to apologize to do it b/c he needs me.

Shane Cory sent me a text telling me not to step down.


Updates from Twitter:

Meeting adjourned. Told by Redpath after the fact that the motion was that body should ask me to resign. That’s all. 9 minutes ago from web

Have no idea what the wording is or how anyone voted. Stewart Flood is out of my life. 8 minutes ago from web


From Twitter:

Knapp: please report. My hotmail is done. I may owe Cory an apology. He may never have said those things. Curious. 21 minutes ago from web

LNC Passes Afghanistan Resolution: Get the H*ll Out!

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Exciting and positive news from the LNC meeting!
The Libertarian National Committee finally passed a strongly-worded out-of-Afghanistan-now resolution. Yes, only seven years too late, but better late than never. The resolution was offered by Pat Dixon and passed ‘easily’ according to Angela Keaton, but I do not have the exact vote tally.
This resolution was, in my opinion, vital to the LP at this point to serve as a countermeasure to Obama’s obvious desire to escalate U.S. involvement in Afghanistan, and to position the LP as the legitimate Peace Party.
The resolution follows:
WHEREAS the government of the United States should return to its historical libertarian tradition of avoiding entangling alliances, foreign quarrels, and military adventures; and

WHEREAS the stability and security of Afghanistan lie outside the jurisdiction of the government of the United States; and

WHEREAS the Libertarian Party recognizes that the only legitimate role of the military is to defend America against direct attack or the imminent threat of attack;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Libertarian National Committee calls on the government of the United States to withdraw the armed forces of the United States from Afghanistan, without undue delay.

Cory scapegoats Angela Keaton to get out of entering into contract between LNC and Barr campaign

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The following is part of Angela Keaton’s Day Two liveblog of the LNC meeting. However, due to its importance, it rates a post of its own.

Then it got weird.

I left an executive session. I had no idea this was coming.

Said in ExSession. I’m within my rights to reveal this:

We don’t have a contract b/t the Barr Camp and LNC b/c….Cory asserted to both Carling and Redpath that
they were afraid that someone would reveal data. I didn’t know what the hell they were talking about until
it was further explained that Cory was afraid that I would misuse “data.”

Why this is ExSession? No idea. To Redpath’s credit, he, Ruwart and several other believed that this was an excuse. That I am a scape goat.

Well, doesn’t that beat all?


(Later message from Angela)

Kafka? Oh for the love of G-d! I’m about to be censured for blogging about the accusations against me.

I’ve been kicked out of the room b/c I blogged about the Cory accusations against me.

Oh, Afghanistan Res passed easily! While I sat in exile along in the hallway, the Admiral took his bags to the airport. “Hang in there,” he smiled.

UPDATE: The LNC is taking a vote on whether to ask Angela Keaton to resign.
From Twitter:

I was allowed back into make a brief defense. They are now going to vote to ask me to resign.

Angela Keaton: Day 2 LNC meeting liveblog

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This is Day Two of LNC member Angela Keaton’s liveblog of LNC meeting. You can see Day One here.

Same disclaimer applies as yesterday. If you want a goddamn transcription, make it yourself.

These are my words and mine alone. –Keaton

8:10am Agenda

Carling on Audit
Boring monotone. Explains the audit co purpose. They are happy with …/Wilcock (sp?)

Asked Kraus to negotiate K. Saved 1k. Reviewed by staff.

Starr: What is cost per year? 11k for 2008 plus 2k for midyear review.

Redpath: Any sort of mang report w/ comments, will there be one issued?

Carling: yes. Unlike last audit, “big thumbs up.”

Report from Barr/Root Campaign

Carling: Obv media is doing great for Campaign. Barr is getting more and better and root is getting better than our past Pres. Fund Raising is sig better than past campaigns, but not nearly as good as the media coverage. Several people have vol to make calls including Root, Carling. Promised by Shane Cory a list of names. Did not get it. Told by Cory that Carling was not needed since they had “plenty of money.” (Carling quoting Cory.) Claims that Root, Bruce Cohen and others received similar treatment.

Redpath: That is contrary to what Cory said.

Flood: That’s not what Russ (Verney) told me.

Starr: Is there any particular agreement with the Barr/Root campaign and us?

Redpath: There is not. Spoken to Cory several times. Better with me to talk to Shane. There seems to be no interest in such.

Lark: Seemed to remember in Denver such was agreed upon. Need to flesh out.
Was this an “F-U”?

Carling: It was polite.

Redpath: if we explore it further, we have to go Ex Sess

Wrights: I want to hear it.

Lark: not subject guests to ExSess again until later

Jingozian: Why is there is no mention of Libertarian party on signs, bump sticks, website, carries more
recogn than the name Barr. Link it to something to some clout.

Carling:would have to get back to you.

Redpath: Wants answer to that question ASAP.
Asks Carling to call Cory.

Sullentrup: my sign says both Barr and Lib.

Wrights: It is a concern for website but not as important stickers/signs.
Everyone knows Obama is a dem. If we are running the campaign to mirror big two…

Starr: Agreement with Wrights.
Typically pols will put on signs and website that which get them votes.
Will focus on name and party where party will not help.

Jingozian: Now most americans don’t like two parties, they would find LP a pleasant alt.

Starr: The premise is that they would be more happy with us.

Redpath: Verney wanted to run campaign that would appeal to independents. We can stand to benefit by appealing to independents. 3% to retain ba status. If we get 3% we would get ba in many places.


Ruwart: LNC vote for law suit.
First heard of it when Phillies told me about it. Haugh reported it to last term but not new. Should we be voting for entering lawsuits? Always potential for backlash. I would like opp to discuss any lawsuit in any case where I am a plaintiff.

Dixon: The co should vote unless it is urgent and EC then can vote on it. Aware in Tx that
Obama/McCain lawsuit over missed deadline.

Starr: 2 issues. Question of size. If it is the equiv of small claims, no reason. Budget line item,
do I use cts to change public policy? (Starr’s voice like Carling’s is lower than usual. Can barely hear.)

Lark: Tech speak
Policy manual that the very requirement of budget and spending is part of the Co. LNC should vote.
Anytime LP takes legal action, at least EC.

Dixon: How many lawsuits per year? Do we need to stream line?

Kraus: report from Hall.

Hall: We pay for some law suits where we are not the plaintiff (LP Ohio, example)

Dixon: how many?
Hall: 2 suits.

Starr: Should Lark work on resolution for next meeting on law suits?
(This is quite manipulative–AK)

Jingozian: Wait, Wrights is waiting to say something.

Wrights: The issue is not money. My butt is on the line. Trying to help, but there is anticipated suit. I had to get this info from a member while I sit on the board. What does our name go on?

Redpath: I want to apologize to anyone who did not know and if I contributed to it. I deal with it everyday. I apologize for any problems that caused. It is controversial for some people but not for me. There is one ticket for the LP coast to coast. I would do the same if it were Mary Ruwart or Daniel Imperato.

Is there is a move to extend for 5?

Starr: bring it back to next meeting.

Open LNC list.

Can’t type this b/c it is my issue.

Starr, Karlin and Flood don’t want it.

Dixon wants to know if list can be divided b/t that is ExSess and other discuss.

Starr thinks that people won’t use the list b/c years ago someone used to forward the list.
No one will keep open discussion.

Wrights: we have two lists in NC. Read only one list. Everything on EC list is read only for any
member who wants it. Chair uses other list for confidential.

Karlin: everything should be treated confidential b/c accidents with scroll down lines one too many.

Hawkridge: blogs, members would be friendlier if they knew what was going on. It is a meeting.

Dixon: Does everyone use NC exclusive list because…?

Haugh: I have resentment b/c secret list was were my overthrow as NCED was plotted.

Hinkle: Basic problem. Perception of closeness and not enough information. If there is a perception
by members, we need each LNC member to solve that one on one to let members know what is going on. Solution in search of a problem. Two lists will not solve.

Starr: Would like to move on to next item of business.

Dixon/Hawkridge objection.

Move to extend.

Lark: Torn. I try to keep everyone informed. been both at large and regional. Too easy to make accidents. List is really for biz. Not sure how large a problem.

Dixon: Hinkle has it right. Self regulating. Regions can remove non-open members. At Large should not be reelected.

Starr: No win. We either don’t disclose or members don’t really understand the issues so you spend all your time justifying. People just bash you.

Folks, you are not going to get an open list. Your only solution is to stop reelecting the same people to the LNC. You elected these people. You are responsible.–AK

Flood: someone started meet up list to communicate with regions. These meeting would be much longer if we did not have the ability

Kraus: This would be an absolute burden for staff. You would have to pay to have someone do this. Who would stay in that job for more than a week?

Wrights: to Kraus, you are making something more complicated than it needs to be.

Tom Stevens.

Hawkridge: T.S. Member of Jud. Co. Stevens wants to funnel votes. He has no party loyalty. Was member of BTP. Hawkridge explains Stevens camp history.
Would like to ask him to resign?

(I don’t care about this issue. Some old kook is party hopping to from one fake party to another including this one. It’s just the LP, folks. Just the LP.–AK)

Starr has RR objection. Two types of offenses. One in meeting, one out of meeting.
In order to discipline, you have to give notice, have them show up….this motion out of order.

Debate b/t Wrights and Redpath over whether Carling can speak on the narrow parl issue.

Wrights make heroic stance by demanding that RR quotes come WITH citations.
Someone asks if the LNC even can remove someone from Jud. Co.

Starr suddenly decides that asking someone to resign is a big deal (unless you are me of course. These people are movement bottom feeders.)

Lark says it makes him queasy. Take it up in December.

Wrights: Jud. Co is indy committee which is elected by delegates. We have no ability other than ask (Hall nods head.)

Redpath: Why make a decision when we can punt? (That’s leadership, boys.)

Sullentrup: Send him a letter to find if he is a member of another party.

Postponed. Starr is beginning to run rough shod over Redpath.

End of tape.


Starr wrote a “shut Keaton up” motion. It’s not actually going as far as he thought. Wrights and I don’t want any part of it.

Dixon, Hinkle, Fox, Jingozian, Hawkridge, Sink-Burris think it is either a.) overbroad, 2.) already addressed in RR, 3.) other ways of handling this.


Bylaws Results

latham, karlan, moulton, h. scott, redpath, sarwark, oates, starr, bennett, hawkridge and manske


Kafka? Oh for the love of G-d! I’m about to be censured for blogging about the accusations against me.

I’ve been kicked out of the room b/c I blogged about the Cory accusations against me.

Oh, Afghanistan Res passed easily! While I sat in exile along in the hallway, the Admiral took his bags to the airport. “Hang in there,” he smiled.


I was allowed back into make a brief defense. They are now going to vote to ask me to resign.