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LPMass to consider severing all relations to LSLA

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The following statement was written and distributed by George Phillies.

I received an ad “We’re giving away 100,000 signs to support every campaign in America.” followed by various html links on how every campaign in America can get signs. I have no idea whether the ad is real, or whether Obama or McCain has already ordered the 100,000, but appears to be real. I forwarded this to the state chairs list, assuming that the average Libertarian candidate can find someone who can cut through the mystery code and line up signs for their people.

I thought I was being generous and helpful.

I instead receive from Steve Gordon a message cutting off my access to the LSLA list, for advancing my Presidential campaign. His message follows.

At the moment I *am* the LNC’s choice of candidate in Massachusetts, because of a decision *they* made. Indeed, I have asked several LNC members to include as a discussion topic support for my campaign as their candidate, should our suit fail.

I observe that there is no identification of the complaint, the complainant in best Soviet informant style is anonymous, and I am given no chance to defend myself against the lack of accusation.

Instead of courtesy, I am given a response that in my opinion is more fit to have emanated from the Alabama KKK.

Accordingly, I will offer at tomorrow’s LPMASS State Committee meeting, under our bylaws, a motion ordering and directing that LPMass sever all relations with LSLA, calling upon all officers and members to do the same, and making clear that individual LPMass members pursuing Federal or LNC office are in no sense discouraged from attending LSLA meetings.

I will not take it amiss if our exact position relative to the substitution suit is called up for reconsideration.

RE: The e-mail correspondence below

Dear Dr. Phillies,

Due to complaints regarding your recent promotion of a political campaign, one which is in opposition to the campaign of a legitimately nominated Libertarian Party candidate, I am placing your access to this e-mail list on the “moderation” level until some time following the upcoming presidential election.

Should you have any questions pertaining to this communication, please feel free to attempt to contact me at any time.


Stephen Gordon
Chairman, Libertarian State Leadership Alliance

ENM notes:  George can “attempt to contact” you for questions?  Does that mean you foresee that he will not be able to contact you?

Angela Keaton updates

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Ok folks, I need to sign off, but you can follow Ms. Keaton’s live updates at I’m told you do not need to sign up for Twitter in order to view the page.

LP membership dues = taxation without representation

In Libertarian on September 6, 2008 at 6:36 pm

Angela Keaton wrote in comments:

Sullentrup, Flood, Starr, Karlan voted to remove me from the room.  It failed.

The motion is to have me removed.

Sullentrup made a scene regarding my calling Knapp.

Referred to me as “swamp.” Or something.  MO has weird terms.

Since the LNC is trying to remove an elected member of the LNC, without the knowledge or consent of the people she was elected to represent, then ALL support should be removed from the LP. Stop sending money, stop volunteering. Do not support an organization which has a leadership that thinks they can overruled the vote of the membership.

Your LP membership dues are therefore nothing more than taxation without representation!

Let them pull their Gestapo tactics in the major parties.  There is no room for this kind of nonsense among the very group which runs the so-called “Party of Principle”.

Also posted on Adventures in Frickintardistan

CALL TO ARMS: LNC trying to censure Angela Keaton for writing on blogs

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I just received a call from Angela Keaton, and the LNC is attempting as I write this to censure her for writing on the blogs.

I heard their bullying of her for myself, with my own two ears (well, one ear, it was on the phone).  They clearly didn’t want me to hear what was going on, but as she openly pointed out to them, she needs to protect herself.

Why should the LNC care what Angela Keaton does, unless of course they really are hiding something as many have suggested?

If Angela Keaton is censured for exercising her First Amendment rights in the so-called “Party of Principle”, the LP should be censured by its members.  No money, no support for the Gestapo organization that it has become.

I will keep readers updated.

Barr to be thrown off Pennsylvania ballot?

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I received a call this morning from a Green Party honcho in Pennsylvania telling me that a lawsuit filed by the GOP against the Barr campaign could result in the LP losing its ballot access in Pennsylvania.

This person mentioned that the Greens are apparently concerned that this could end up with a repeat of 2004, when the Democrats bullied the Greens off the ballot and then sent their six-figure legal bills for the challenge to senior state Green officials, effectively bankrupting them.

The repercussions from that effort are still reverberating, with Green officials suing the involved Democrats and law firms, and a prosecutor’s office becoming involved in the fray (suggesting some dirty dealing on behalf of the Democrats).

Fast-forward to 2008.  The LP of PA is both larger and better funded than the Greens.  If the Republicans succeed in knocking off the LP in this state, the Democrats likely will do the same to the Greens.

I could find nothing on this, other than an oblique reference in a letter distributed on Facebook by Stephen Gordon, claiming to quote Shane Cory:

From Barr’s Deputy Campaign Manager Shane Cory:

Today, I’m sitting here in Atlanta nervously awaiting word from a trial that is taking place today to kick Bob Barr off of the ballot in the state of Pennsylvania.

Although we did everything correct to get on the ballot in Pennsylvania and compete in the election against John McCain and Barack Obama, an operative for John McCain, Victor Stabile, decided that he didn’t “like to see anything taint that process.”

. . .

While losing sleep over of the case filed against us in Pennsylvania, I’ve been on pins-and-needles waiting all week to hear the outcome of our case in West Virginia.

It’s interesting to note the implication that the Barr campaign and LNC lack the resources to fight this battle — especially considering the threatened-yet-not-yet-filed lawsuit in New Hampshire. The city of Philadelphia alone has over 100,000 more residents than the entire state of NH, and if the LP is thrown off the federal ballot, there will be no Libertarian party alternative for voters in the nation’s sixth most populous state.

Barr loses West Virginia ballot access lawsuit

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The Honorable John T. Copenhaver Jr., judge in the United States District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia (Charleston) has ruled against LP presidential nominee Bob Barr with regard to the ballot access lawsuit.  Barr needed to collect and submit 15,118 signatures by August 1, 2008, but only submitted 13,171 signatures by that date.  The signature requirement is based upon 2% of votes cast in the 2004 general election.

Barr’s claim is that the petition requirements are unduly burdensome, and thus violated the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.  The campaign submitted 1,097 signatures on July 24th, and 1,866 signatures on July 31st (72.09% validity).  The campaign additionally submitted 10,208 signatures on August 1st, and 10,652 signatures on August 20th; however, since it was clear that the campaign had not met the requirement by August 1st, the August signatures were not submitted to county clerks for validation.

In its decision, the court ruled that the signature and date requirements are not unduly burdensome upon candidates, as multiple candidates have met the requirements, including the LP.  In 2008, it has been met by one third party for its presidential candidate (Constitution Party), and one independent presidential candidate (Ralph Nader).  Further, the court ruled that it would be unduly burdensome upon the elections office to expand the date by which signatures must be permitted, due to restrictions upon their time in light of their other duties, including the requirement that absentee ballots be mailed not less than 42 days prior to the general election, or in this case, by September 23rd.  Once the signatures are submitted, they must be validated by county clerks by comparing signatures on the petitions to signatures in their voter database, which is in itself a time-consuming process.

In ruling against Barr the court noted that, had the campaign started collecting signatures only two to three weeks earlier, the criteria would have been met, and also noted that the LP could have started collecting signatures at any time, since there are no time restrictions for ballot access petitions in that state.  Bill Redpath (LNC Chair) testified that it was a strategic decision to put off collecting signatures in West Virginia.  The court however noted that the Libertarian Party was well aware of the requirements, since the date requirement has been in existence since 1986, and the signature requirement has been existence since 1999; and that the LP simply chose not to collect signatures during a time frame which would result in a successful ballot petition process.  The court also noted that the LP started collecting signatures in a nearby state (North Carolina) in 2004, but didn’t start collecting signatures in West Virginia until 17 to 19 days prior to the deadline for petition submission.

Redpath also testified that the rural nature of the state impedes petition efforts, but the court disagreed, noting that there is no reason why petitioners cannot simply gather signatures in the 11 most populous counties, each of which has a major city, and which together comprise 50% of the state’s total population of 1.8 million.

The Court additionally noted that the pool of potential petition signers is unlimited in West Virginia, as anyone registered to vote can sign a petition, petitions can be circulated at any time, voters can sign as many petitions as they wish, and voters are not bound to the candidate whose petition they have signed.  Also, the court noted that the petition process itself is not unduly complicated, in that petitioners need not be West Virginia residents, and there is no notarization requirement.  Multiple third-party and independent candidates have met the requirements in 2000, 2004, and 2008; and the LP met the requirement in the last general election in 2004.

The court ruled that the failure of Barr/Root to be placed on the ballot for November was caused by their own lack of reasonable diligence, and not by the West Virginia state petition requirements.

The LP paid nothing for WV ballot access, as the entire cost was borne by the Barr campaign according to the Court’s decision.  It is unknown whether the LP paid for the failed lawsuit.

The 34-page decision has been uploaded to LFV, and readers are encouraged to read the decision for themselves as it sets forth quite clearly what went wrong in West Virginia.  The decision, in PDF format, can be seen and downloaded here: decision-in-barr-v-ireland-wv-ballot-access

Angela Keaton liveblog from LNC meeting

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Angela Keaton is At-Large Representative to the Libertarian National Committee, and one of LFV’s favorite Libertarians. The following was written by Angela Keaton during the LNC meeting, and is reproduced here with her permission. Per her request, no changes will been made unless I see a spelling error. Readers will need to refresh the page to see updates.

Pre-show live drama:

Rachel calls me. I missed my wake up call so I can’t eat the wheat based junk that the LP serves. She wants me to come down ASAP. Rumor is that Dan Karlan wants to move to censure me over my work for

Then for what ever reason, not. Stewart has some other idea. My setting up for live blogging has already made for snide and nervous comments. Austin Petersen is going to tape the meeting.

After some comment Robert Kraus makes about Sullentrup, duct tape and me. I loudly comment that Brad Spangler is my twitter buddy. (I’ll cut Ferguson some slack but Keaton don’t like the Sullentrup play with the actual libertarians of LPMO.)

Announcing that I work for Antiwar is like Jolie and Pitt announcing they are fucking. Both pretentious and obvious.

Stewart will try to play both ends. What is it about me that makes Scott Lieberman and Bill Hall nervously twitter about me? Maybe they’ve never seen a part-asian or or something.


The hand out is “electronic communications decorum.” (aka the anti-Keaton resolution, well not “the” anti-Keaton resolution, there will be many.)

Haugh and I discuss a Caucus with Mr. Wrights. None of yr business.

Kraus and I engage in assorted smart assery and cynicsm.

New staff piece of ass, Casey. Dark, young and easy prey for a cougar like myself.

Guests include two members of the “Snowbird” Caucus: Audrey Capozzi, Vicki Kirkland, and Audrey’s son Bob.

Chair of LPMaryland Bob Johnston (?), Party stalwart Gene Hawkridge, Jeff Dimit, the stunning blonde alt Heather Scott.

M Carling, Alicia Mattson are also here but we only cover the stars.

Donny Ferguson is here as well. I felt him up once when I was drunk. Reform Caucus people are so uptight.

The Admiral keeps staying hello. Must be the dress. Tomorrow, BTP tank top and thong…no I’ll will be wearing pants.

Meeting begins: Jingo introduces Ro Wilson’s “we better audit the hell out of the campaign” Kraus notes that that is required by law. Lee Wrights is a smart ass and one of my favorite patriots.

Conflict of interest: Lee makes some very funny comments about working ISIL but says that Dr. Mary and Dr. Jim have no influence over him. As if?

Since Karlan is about to make a fool of himself. I announce that I’m still married to Cato/Reason/and 5 other main player Golden Boy Brian Doherty and a professional toady for the Garris machine (, webmaster LRC) but it is silly and if you don’t know that you are not keeping up with the movement.

Carling wants five minutes for Audit Co.

Dr. Mary wants to vote on the issue of voting to sue. You all know what this about.

Mark Hinkle wants to discuss list rental. Starr jumps “Executive Session! Executive Session!”

Rachel moves Nolan statement to December meeting. Good, then Nolan can be there in San Diego.

The “Doctah” Stevens controversy is being moved all over the place.

The meat of the meeting is about to begin.

It is revealed that M Carling is the official link between the campaign and the LNC. We promote people well beyond their level of competence as a rule in the LP.

Aaron Starr raises fit over Hogarth/Dixon Afghan Resolution. Doesn’t work. Since I’m a moron,I asked for division. Sullentrup: Do you still want division? Your side won.

Sullentrup: Let the record reflect that Keaton wants to multiply, not divide.

Redpath has been doing more radio and tv. We discover that he worked for NBC in the 80s and went to many Letterman tapings. That does improve my image of Redpath. Those were the good days of that show. He went to his first NASCAR race on July 5th. Redpath keeps on saying it was interesting. Sounds traumatized to me.

Redpath has made the rounds at several events. Met Rex Bell and Eric Shansberg. Fred Smith at CEI (yes, another place where Doherty worked. I could spend all day listing marital conflicts.) Redpath was in LA July to Beverly Hills Hotel for Team Grandparent. Odd since Redpath has no material issue. Art Linkletter is still lucid. Sort of. Social Security Reform.

(Damn I forgot to tell them I was at the MPP Playboy event. That was were Rachel Mills talked me into getting the grotto. I’m an idiot. Still hoping the pics don’t surface.)

Redpath did a German radio interview….I can no longer keep track but Redpath is going on like a Rick Steve’s travel log. Wright and Starr start mocking him. (“What’s your favorite color?”)

Ok, enough with the chair’s report.


Treasurer’s Report:

Will scan. Starr claims that they will be 100,000 in THE BLACK. He then goes on to say that fund raising goes down in the year after the election.

Dixon asks about money spent on NASCAR and Rally for America. He says it is way over budget. Why was so much money spent? Kraus said it was for outreach. Starr says there are two theories on a budget.

Aaron, baby, spins. Pat ain’t buying.

Pat: Unless you really have an authorization, you really don’t have a budget.

Robert Kraus: Stuff happens. Stop micro managing. Raise money where you need to do it.

Pat: Budget should be annual.

Dr. Jim: Do you think that the LNC needs to be better informed on these matters?

Pat: Why do we over spend?

Julie starts combing over the budget. She ain’t screwing around either. Julie’s pretty hot. I love a women who grills the staff and officers about rent.

Aaron gives Redpath props for running up his FEC limit. Got to give Redpath that. He puts his money where his mouth is.

Rach starts asking Aaron some tech questions about different kinds of rent.

(Brian Miller calls me. Dude, can’t type and speak at the same time.)

Kraus is bitching about the copier lease.

My last quarter of Xanax is kicking in. I’m not going to be a bitch. Just type. You can all draw your own conclusions when you read the minutes.


Sullentrup moves to eliminate the policy that we video tape the meeting.

Meeting stops. Austin is trying to reload the tape.

Aaron Starr believes that if the secretary needs to record meetings if he needs it but if he does not need it, we shouldn’t.

Dixon: very much in favor of having meetings recorded (either tape or video) so people can hear or see them. He would rather guests just bring their own equipment taking a DIY approach.

Sink-Burris thinks that legally it is bad idea (per Rutherford) to have anything other than minutes recorded as the GOP/DNC could use material against us.

Ruwart: Distressing that people don’t want this open if for no other reason than we all remember these things differently.

Wrights: We all remember things differently but notes Sullentrup is the best secretary we ever had. In what has to be the weirdest moment ever, Sullentrup kisses Wrights. Room breaks down. Redpath asks members from refraining from PDAs.

Starr than says that all meeting should be recorded by destroyed after the minutes are approved. Starr suggests that would be acceptable if the true motive is to only have good minutes. He then makes legal argument. (NOTE: Starr is neither a JD or a member of the bar.)

Kraus: costs of tape, plus staff member is too much. He doesn’t want to be responsible at meetings for tending to this.

Vote on Starr’s sub motion. Sub motion 9-5. Starr’s motion is now on the table.

Now: A No vote keeps policy as it is,

Starr, Colley, Karlan, Flood, Dixon, Sink-Burris, Hinkle, Jingozian vote to destroy records as soon as the minutes are approved. It passes.


EXECUTIVE SESSION, be back in a few.


During Exec Session, Wright and I take a cig break to discuss questions the Wall family and LPTN leaders have about Mattson, Carling and LNCC.

Haugh joins us. He hates wearing a suit and thinks we need to speed up our ExSessions so they don’t go off topic. (He’s right. They need to be very narrow.)

Quick: Dead guy gave us money. More than FEC allows. Sue to claim that dead people cannot be corrupted.

Patriot Alan Gura of the Heller Case (frm. IJ intern in his law school days) will on the cheap challenge the Fascist State on this issue. We are discussing on to whether to move forward.

Gura is offering to wave certain fees and cap others so the costs are about 15K. If the suit drags on for several years, he might charge UP TO an extra $7500 (Make sure you actually read the minutes b/c it is harder to type and keep track. Sullentrup may be a closet Republican but he does do something quite difficult very very well.)

(Note to Starchild: It is highly unlikely to challenge guests if they wish to live blog or tape no matter how much people may not approve.)

Dixon, Lark, Redpath and others are trying not to make a messy on the fly motion. Tabled so it doesn’t sound pulled out of the collective LNC ass.


Staff Report by Kraus

I going to try to be fair to all concerned.These are not direct quotes.

1.) Acting ED report:

— refund reports re: pay pal. PP has some unusual security issues so check treas reports. They reversed some charges.

— Julie asked about Alexis. She’s in Latin America but will return to LPHQ.

2.) Davis on PR. Davis’ girlfriend is adorable. They are planning to marry December 27th. One LNC member suggests marriage is always a bad idea.

— He’s been in Atlanta the past two months assisting Barr campaign. These are roughly his words: LP proper ceased to be of interest to the campaign once the nominee was chosen. He thought he would just go there and work. It’s given him about 800 contacts including Lou Dobbs. He is very hopeful that he can make good use of this.

Congressman Barr has been so prolific in media. Membership is higher. (notice graphs in notes.)

Davis is still excited about the very nice article Redpath got in Playboy. Mrs. Hawkridge notes that some prefer Hustler.

He thinks that everyone is sick of two party politics.

Dr. Jim wants to know what is up with LP News. Kraus wants to go to a digest size. There have been problems. Audrey Mullins (isn’t she from the Barr campaign or was?) is going to edit this month’s paper. Rachel asks Andrew about what he can do to pr the FEC/BCRA. Andrew thinks he can blast it everywhere and get 15K very quickly. Dr. Mary asks about the amount of resources going to the Barr camp instead of the state candidates. Andrew says the states should handle their own but he adds that he does send press releases and he blogs about state campaigns like Munger. He can do more if you send him material.

He can’t send press lists to every candidate since it would take forever to filter it for each area but he can send something to the state chairs and the state chairs lists.

Jingo wants the OR lists. “We have 6 exciting candidates.” Karlan wants Andrew to discuss some of this at the LSLA.

3.) Louis Calise

— She won’t read whole report to keep it short. She would like to hire someone to help with major donations. Hired guy Casey (still can’t get his last name.) from San Diego State.

— House appeals. Holding strong with high ave gift. Post office mailings and returns are slow. P.O. problems but this is common with non-prof mail.

— Select in mailing lapsed donors to make sure we have a good reason to. Not to bug them.

— Prospecting did not do very well and costs money on the back end but can work out.

— (can’t here. Louise is trying to get through this quickly.)

— Telemarketing should begin in 2009.

— She really wants BOD members to raise money. She knows it is hard but she will work with any board member. She asks if you call people to let the office know so we can thank them from the office and track who made the solicitation.

— Hand out ASKING by Jerold Panas.

Apologize if did not get all of Andrew and Louise’s statements.

Pat Dixon wants to know if the RP prospecting list petition to AL did well. No. He wants to know if the RP lists are worth trying again. Did we approach them about the lists?

Kraus: we have gone to brokers to ask for more RP lists. Some people have very expensive lists. Dixon says but they gave so much money. Kraus notes that in many cases the same people gave over and over again…

Austin is changing the tape. Geez, this is hard.


The very sexy Austin Petersen:

He’s going very fast but this is what I could catch: civil liberties and appeals to anti-corporatism get volunteers going. States were there is are strong volunteers in isolated areas should start meet ups. He also has them call talk radio. He’s working on DC org. He also have some graphs. He is also out in other organization (MPP, Reason, etc.) in his spare time to build up networks.

He’s representing us at various events. He said that 70% of people that came by the Rally booth will vote for Barr, 15% are Mises Institute, Anti-state anarchists who will not support the ticket and 15% for Baldwin.

He also using a technique to talk to Obama supporters. (“I used to support Obama but I am against war.” “I used to support Obama but I support civil liberties.”)

He has produced three videos for the party including one on Denver, an antiwar vid and a humor one for vol recruitment.

Set backs, he could not get vols to do Barr/Root petitioners in DC. He also had trouble dealing with Heller’s constituents.

He will be working on other videos.

Questions: Dr. Jim “What is an activist?”
Austin: letter writing, etc.

Dr. Jim wants central calendar or repository of liberty related events so we can push our speakers, wrangle invites. Can you do that?

Pat: What is the Heller mess?

Austin: An RP worker that Heller wanted to run. Bradley Jansen is the person in question. What people might have wanted was to piggy back off of Barr’s petitioners instead of getting their own. (Might not be a good idea to publish the rest.)

Moving on…

Jingozian has some media suggestions for Austin. (Folks should try to make use of Jingozian before he gets sick of us.)

I gave Austin my critiques of the booth. will forward them to George Donnelly but it simply it is very important to have a better frankly pretty display. It is worth the money to have an easy to assemble very attractive banner, pics, books and stickers. It is also important to be ecumenical in one’s libertarian approach at events that are freedom movement but not specifically libertarian.

Wright asked if Barr gave any money for the booth. Austin and Robert explained that the Campaign for Liberty would not take Barr money for ideological reasons. Austin thinks that the staffers are too tied to the CP and hence not friendly. Redpath asks why: We don’t believe in G-d (Wrights,) Homosexuality and gambling (Peterson), Choice (Hawkridge.)

A very worn down Sean Haugh:

“I would not wish Ballot Access even on those who wrote the laws.”


Pat Dixon wrote up a motion.

It passed.

Counsel’s report: Bill Hall (open session)

Any questions?

Dr. Jim: Status of Maine. Was at ME picnic.

Bill H: No, missed deadline.

BH would like to discuss in ExSession Fincher case, FEC comply, some convention committee report.

Dr. Jim: Let’s rejiggle to guests are shuffled in and out.

Campus Report, Regions, Barr/Root campaign, etc. will be up next.


Lark College Org report.

Will be speaking at Longhorn Libs (UT). Rumor that Dixon and Lark will play with Jimmy Vaugh. Lock up your daughters.


Written reports by regional reps. Redpath asks are there any questions or oral reports?

Stewart Flood uses bribes to get people to respond. (He’s been driving me crazy with the alligator pics. Yes, there was an alligator under the car. We got it.)

Meanwhile, Will Allen Buckley be in the debates. Looks like LPGA might pull it off. Very exciting.
LP Alabama will submit petitions shortly, will be able get Barr/Root campaign.


Lieberman/Hinkle. Had some trouble getting their state chair (CA) to respond so no news but Holtz applied for some seat that he got automatically. Somewhere in Palo Alto Hills some statists are really going to be very sorry…or bored. Actually, I support Holtz driving statist crazy.


Fox–Jesse Ventura is endorsing Krazy Kevin Barrett. Good for him. There are two law suits going on in IL which can really change things.

Lots of good things have happened to read the report. (Everyone is blowing through the material right now so I’m struggling to keep up.)


Rachel is up. All states in Region 7 have Ballot Access. Thank Haugh and Kolhaas for all their help.


The Admiral Colley is on Convention Report. Bob Sullentrup, Rach, Stewart, the admiral, Pat are the new committee. Admiral apologizes for not getting this off the ground just yet. Look like 4th o’ July in 2010. They want to do something East Coast this time.

Yes, Mattson did the electronic survey. (What is this women’s official position? She shows up more than a yeast infection in my pants after a week with Starchild.)

Charleston, Austin came in much lower. (Please ask the admiral about the ranking b/c I already forgot.)

LAST Place—cruise ship! (Wrights and I laugh. Dirty looks prevail.)

1000 people responded.

I never get these surveys. Jingo didn’t get one either.

The Admiral gives up what is actually an ideal handout. It has all the different convention sites with figures. Very nicely done.

Admiral: The statists do fantasy land conventions. We pay for ours. Efficient but not fancy. He will still get one from the DC hotel as well. Not all hotels responded.

Pittsburgh: They treated us really well. They really want our business.

Give Colley this. He made damn sure he got all the details. Pittsburgh Hilton will comp all sorts of things including some hosp suites. Tried to get cont break and buffets deal. Parking is $20 though. Downtown area.

Jingo: How important is the availabilty of local volunteers?

The Admiral: Not the intent to saddle the vols with a big project but it’s a big load on the staff. Mentions Portland mess.

BetteRose and Michelle formed a corp and did a really great job in Denver and actually came in the black. Run by pros is probably best.

Aaron: Biz meeting is Friday and Saturday which is a prob since Monday is day off.

The Admiral: Memorial Day was not available.

Sent Sullentrup to St. Louis. Group rate is a little more expensive, but light rail and parking is much cheaper. Historical site. Under the street and hotel is where the actual convention hall. Each hotel has different model for big events. These are not the final contractual numbers. These can all be renegotiated.

Cleveland: 4-7 July which would allow Monday to be used as meeting day but meeting on Tuesday too. Comps have food and bev minimum. A/v kind of in house. Rapid transit train, parking $23 a day
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Costs and locations are important as well as the ability for the hotels to be able to keep to the committed rate.

Dr. Jim: Have you been given guidance from the LNC?

Redpath: Don’t really want event on the same holiday weekend every time. Rotate it. Afraid that we are going lose people if they are not closer to a weekend.

The Admiral: styled this as a 2.5 day event.

Redpath really wants it on Fri/s/S to keep delegates.

The Admiral wants input from the LNC.

Dr. Mary: No on 4th July b/c of campaigning by our candidates as well as petitioning. Earlier convention allows sigs up early. NH was having prob b/c of that.

Redpath: It doesn’t matter as much as people think. It is just tough to do it in NH no matter once.

Fox: Local libs do parades, etc 4th.

Starr: Can we do odd years? It gives pres candidate more time to campaign.

Dixon: This can complicate electors and delegates. Geoff Neale wrote memo about date change in 06. Pat will send it out.

Hawkridge: the 4th of July That’s my wedding anniversary. (Even my cold heart finds that romantic.)
What about Prez day? The Admiral: Not in Buffeo

Wrights: There are going to be conflicts no matter when we have it.

Starr asks for time extension. 20 more.

Calm down, the Admiral says, we don’t have to decide today. He wants more input from folks. He wants the priority list and goals.

Dr. Jim asks what are the goals and benchmarks?

Sean: Have it as late as possible. Legal reasons, substitution cases, etc. He thinks that odd year is capitulation. He notes that Ruwart and Barr got in the race late so he doesn’t see it as a prob. Both GOP/DNC have their convention late.

The Admiral: Yeah, but the GOP/DNC have circuses not conventions. We are having a meeting.

The cruise. Note that meals are all included. “6000 calories whether you want them or not.”

Oh god, Mattson is up.

Mattson says that concern that it appears to be to expensive. She hands out more detail. They are really trying to push this.

Hawkridge: people don’t have Ids, fall off the boat, no drop in locally, how the hell do get press on there. (All good questions btw.)

Keaton: Does this dock somewhere where the sex trade and drug laws are more liberal? That would make it more appealing to me.

Wrights: Can we even check this out?

Starr: OH HOLY HELL, he starts reading from Robert’s Rules to address the question of drop ins. How the hell did I work for this guy with out beating the living shit out of him? Wrights and others commence with eyerolling.

The Admiral cuts Starr off. G-d bless our service men.

Jingo: We are in a recession, foreclosures, this doesn’t look good.

Redpath: I like craps as much as the next guy….but…

The Admiral: I don’t want to pay someone to take me to sea…

Hinkle: We are a membership group. We should do what the members want. They want DC, they got DC.

Dr. Lark: if you want a cruise, do it as a seminar for a different LNC event

Starr: one of our main goals should to not lose money on these things.

Redpath wants to know what each of the members thinks. Starr gets pissy. Starr is over ruled.

Folks have all different ideas but Hinkle, Wrights, Ruwart, Jingo and Keaton go with the members’ choice.

I’m feeling for Dixon b/c Austin would the best convention ever. Hippie rednecks, good pot, homosexuals, freaks and Wes Benedict.

Lark has no strong pref. Sullentrup of course wants St. Louis. (It does have Knapp and Spangler and that’s good enough for me.)

The Admiral is taking a very liberal laid back approach.

Starr starts again on the damn cruise. Dude, unless I can take mushrooms and fondle Shinghal in the hot tub, no dice.

Redpath and Wrights had enough. Coffee time.

Drawing for an afternoon with Bob Barr

In Humor, Libertarian Party-US, Libertarian Politics, Politics, Presidential Candidates on September 6, 2008 at 12:05 pm

Dear Friend,

My last message to you included an impassioned plea for help for the Bob Barr campaign. It may have been a little long, and I shared with you some fairly personal information regarding my decision to support Bob and work for him full time.

Well, one response to my appeal was that it was “annoying.”

If you were annoyed, I apologize. Believe me, the last thing I want to do is annoy you or any other Bob Barr supporter.

In my enthusiasm for this campaign and the history-making work we are doing, I may have gone “over the top.” Let me warn you, if you think my last message was extreme, you may not want to read on.

As I write this, it is well past midnight. On TV I have seen talking heads smiling and spewing out so much pro-McCain rhetoric it makes me ill. They seem to think that they can sucker in a lot of votes by convincing voters that McCain’s greatest attribute is that he isn’t Barack Obama. Little is said convincing us to be for McCain. Much is said slamming Obama. Nothing is said about the real issues of concern to you and me.

The Bob Barr campaign, however, has been busy pointing this out and calling attention to Bob’s position on virtually every issue. The result is that as people get to know Bob and where he stands on issues, they realize that he really does stand for meaningful change in our government.

They recognize Bob Barr as a man of integrity, courage and commitment. Bob Barr will never compromise on principle. And, his campaign will never resort to vicious personal attacks on his opponents.

I hope that as you have gotten to know Bob, you appreciate him more and more.

I further hope that you now know enough to consider investing in this historic campaign. (Maybe my appeal for financial support is what someone found annoying!)

Bob’s opponents are being funded by a combination of our tax dollars and gifts from special interests. You are all we have to get Bob’s message out. And your gift will help Bob get radio and TV ads out in the next few weeks.

You may recall that a few weeks ago I offered you a free bumper sticker in exchange for your gift of $5 or more. So many people responded that we have had to re-order more. Now I figure that pretty much everyone who wants a sticker has one.

That left me at a loss for how to motivate you to give – beyond your altruistic patriotism and love for the liberty we enjoy in this great nation. So, my boss, Campaign Manager Russ Verney suggested that we have a drawing among all new contacts in the month of September for a free “afternoon with Bob.” We figured some might enjoy lunch with Bob, others a day of quail hunting or a day at the shooting range, some might like to go to the movies, while others might want to take in a baseball or football game. Whatever YOU want to do (let’s keep it legal-and within reason) with our great candidate, Bob Barr, you are free to select. Of course this will be after the election and every effort will be made to accommodate the winner’s choice, but there are obviously some restrictions. (We can’t, for example, afford to pay travel expenses.)

So send us a few bucks, send us $50 or whatever you can, and your name will be entered into a special drawing to win this exciting prize.

Thanks so much for your loyalty and support.


Robert Stuber
Finance Director