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Dear Libertarian, help us with our convention!

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From the Libertarian Party:

Dear Libertarian,

The Libertarian National Committee will soon be deciding on a location for our 2010 national convention. It will most likely be held during the Independence Day weekend, over two-and-a-half days in the window of July 1-5.

If you have never attended a national convention before, it is something you do not want to miss.

Several locations have been put forth as possible venues, and the Convention Oversight Committee would like to know your preferences. Since we have been in Denver and Portland recently, a site in the east would provide some desirable balance.

Please take a quick moment to fill out this very brief survey

to share with us your thoughts about some possible convention sites.

Thank you for your input!

Admiral Michael C. Colley
Chair, Convention Oversight Committee
Libertarian National Committee

One of the options in this survey is on board a cruise ship departing from Ft. Lauterdale. This would make the cruise fee mandatory for attendance and require a passport, since cruises are required by law to make an international stop.


Still think people ‘don’t care’ about the Federal Reserve?

In Libertarian on September 2, 2008 at 5:02 pm

Then I guess you aren’t watching the Rally for the Republic today, where mentioning its abolition has provoked unmatched levels of enthusiasm several times.

The first time the Fed was mentioned, there was a long standing ovation and chants of “end the Fed!” The same thing has happened virtually every other time the subject has come up, and guess what: The Rally for the Republic has drawn a crowd around twenty times the size of the pitiful “Libertarian” National Convention, whose delegates were so stupid and unprincipled as to nominate a CIA operative drug warrior. The Rally for the Republic libertarians are about 1000 times smarter and more dedicated than the 49% in Denver who sold out to Barr.

For the Libertarians who, for whatever reason, want to believe the Fed issue is not a popular one; you’re wrong. For those who don’t think it’s important, watch Thomas Woods’s speech. I’ll post it here as soon as it’s up on YouTube.