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CALL TO ARMS: LNC at it again, voting on whether to ask Angela Keaton to resign

In Libertarian, Libertarian Party-US, Libertarian Politics 2008, Politics on September 7, 2008 at 12:50 pm

This is a follow up to Angela’s liveblog for today, as well as the statement re Cory.

The LNC has removed Angela Keaton from the room, and are voting on whether to ask her to resign.

I have spoken with Angela, and she has stated that she will not resign.

This is the second day in a row that the LNC has attempted to remove this elected representative from the LNC.

Twitter updates from Angela Keaton:

Sitting in exile with Gene Hawkridge. Will I be excommunicated? You get better due process when three rabbis or the holy see meet.
14 minutes ago from web

Then it got really WEIRD…the Barr campaign sent message to Redpath to request to keep me on the LNC.
5 minutes ago from web


Lee Wrights and I spoke in the hall.

He asked me to that if the offer is made for me to apologize to do it b/c he needs me.

Shane Cory sent me a text telling me not to step down.


Updates from Twitter:

Meeting adjourned. Told by Redpath after the fact that the motion was that body should ask me to resign. That’s all. 9 minutes ago from web

Have no idea what the wording is or how anyone voted. Stewart Flood is out of my life. 8 minutes ago from web


From Twitter:

Knapp: please report. My hotmail is done. I may owe Cory an apology. He may never have said those things. Curious. 21 minutes ago from web

  1. tweaker, oops, twitter update


    Have no idea what the wording is or how anyone voted. Stewart Flood is out of my life.

    less than 5 seconds ago from web

    Meeting adjourned. Told by Redpath after the fact that the motion was that body should ask me to resign. That’s all.

  2. Stewart: welcome to the club. Pull up a chair and have a highball.


    @georgedonnelly Didn’t get a chance to mention but yr list is awesome. I was too self absorbed to remember to say that but I just did.

    An Effort to List all LP Candidates

    We Libertarians need to know how many candidates we’re fielding for office. Which states are fielding full slates? no slates? Who are the candidates, what do they look like, what is their history, what are their positions and motivations?

    This is all very basic but, before Libertarian Party Candidates (LPC), you could not find all this information in one place.

    It’s important to see how well (or poorly) we Libertarians are doing at challenging the Republicrat duopoly at the ballot box. Hopefully LPC will serve as a measuring stick and as an incentive to run more and better candidates in 2010, 2012 and beyond.

    When Paulie pointed out in July of 2008 that doesn’t list all the Libertarian Party candidates running for office, it piqued my interest. How can we expect people to support and vote for Libertarian candidates if they don’t even know who they are – or even that they exist?

    So, after chatting with Paulie, I decided that Libertarians might like a website where they can find all LP candidates in one convenient place.

    Thanks to Paulie, the state parties and others that have collected the raw information presented here. All I did was design the site and enter the data.
    Future Years

    The site was built in a hurry during my spare time in the last couple weeks of July 2008, but I plan to significantly improve it for 2010 and beyond. Your sugestions and comments will help make that a reality.
    Please Share your Feedback

    Please feel free to contact me, George Donnelly, at with any suggestions, ideas, complaints or whatever. I’m open to developing the project in new directions. I’m also interested in other strategies to advance the cause of liberty.

  3. Someone needs to get a copy of the 1st amendment to the LNC asap.

  4. Actually, they should start by reading their bylaws.

    The Libertarian National Committee may not eject a member of the committee from its proceedings.

    The Libertarian National Committee may also not hold a “private vote” that excludes members of the LNC from participating.

    The fact that they apparently did both of these things underscores the utter lawlessness, piggishness and general disregard for the LP’s well-being of this gang.

    We had the two largest mortgage lenders in the USA nationalized today — adding $2.8 trillion to the government’s debt in “guaranteed securities” — and all the Starr people did was pass a four-years-late resolution on Afghanistan and work to oust the LNC at-large member with the greatest margin of votes of any of them.

    LP National is dead.

  5. on what possible basis are they doing this? What has Keaton supposedly done?

  6. […] 2, 2008 by George Donnelly George Phillies makes the case that the accusations against Angela Keaton are mere trifles compared to Bob Barr’s alleged failure to declare his conflict of interest […]

  7. […] you were laboring under the assumption that the scheme to remove Libertarian National Committee At-Large Representative Angela Keaton from that body was ancient history, think […]

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