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Outright Libertarians: Note to Republicrats — Silence Is Golden

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Many of us at Outright Libertarians were rather surprised when Stonewall Democrats endorsed Barack Obama.

After all, Barack Obama’s record on issues that matter is pretty poor.

Obama is opposed to marriage equality and favors a segregated “separate and unequal” arrangement for gay couples based on his religious beliefs:

Barack Obama said Friday that his Christian beliefs dictate that marriage should be between a man and a woman

We were particularly disappointed that the first African American to represent a major party in a national election would cite his religious beliefs in support of segregation. After all, many segregationists in the Old South cited the Bible to justify racial segregationism as well.

Obama’s not just poor on the marriage equality issue. He has repeatedly refused to co-sponsor or support the Uniting American Families Act, or UAFA, which would do nothing other than treat same-sex couples the same as opposite sex couples for immigration purposes.

And Obama’s refusal to support a meaningful end to the military’s anti-gay policy by co-sponsoring the Military Readiness Enhancement Act is equally appalling.

In short, it is clear that a Barack Obama presidency would represent an ugly era of segregation for LGBT Americans. We would have a president who uses religion to justify public policies that segregate us and drop us into second-class status — permanently.

That sort of presidency doesn’t deserve an endorsement from a gay rights group.

Which brings us to Log Cabin Republicans, who dutifully endorsed their party’s choice, John McCain.

John McCain?

The same John McCain who stammered and ummmmmed his way through an interview with Ellen DeGeneres when she pointedly challenged him on his anti-family policies?

The same John McCain who backed a failed anti-gay ballot initiative in his home state, and who has embraced anti-gay bigotry by endorsing California’s anti-gay Proposition 8?

The campaign says it received an e-mail from McCain Thursday in which the Arizona senator expressed his support for the group’s efforts “to recognize marriage as a unique institution between a man and a woman.”

McCain has previously said that while he does not back banning same-sex marriage at the federal level, he thinks it is appropriate for states to do so.

If there’s one candidate whose stance on gay issues is even worse than Obama’s execrable apologies for anti-gay animus, it’s John McCain.

For Log Cabin to endorse McCain, after their pointed refusal to do so in the case of George Bush in 2004, is particularly disappointing.

In both cases, the partisan LGBT lobbies chose party power politics over the concerns of the LGBT community.

That’s why we’d like to remind our friends in the Stonewall Demopublicans and the Log Cabin Republicrats that they are, first and foremost, gay rights organizations.

When they give unearned endorsements to anti-gay candidates, they sell out the LGBT community.

We at Outright take a different tactic. We only give endorsements to those candidates who have earned them — by embracing an unabashed equal-treatment-under-the-law agenda. When confronted with a candidate who doesn’t embrace equality under the law in our own party — or anywhere else — we don’t endorse him or her.

We’re big fans of partisanship. We believe that the Libertarian Party platform is the best approach for LGBT Americans, as well as America in general. We’re proud that our party platform has the strongest gay-rights plank of any national party in the USA. And we believe, as we’re sure our counterparts at Log Cabin and Stonewall do, that our party is the best choice for governing.

We simply choose to be honest and give credit where credit is due. When confronted with a demand for an endorsement for a candidate who does not embrace equality under the law, Outright Libertarians puts the LGBT community first. We wish that our colleagues in the other parties would learn that sometimes, silence is truly golden.

Angela Keaton’s report from Rally for the Republic

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The following was written by LNC member and Development Director Angela Keaton, and was provided to LFV by the author.  Thanks, Angela!

While stationed for at an alternative to the GOP’s convention, I stayed at the Hotel Saloon, Minneapolis’ only gay motel. I highly recommend it and both the Saloon Bar and Pi, the lesbian bar. Didn’t make it to the Gay 90s a few blocks down but some Ron Paul supporters received some acceptable adult gay entertainment there.

The butch who owned Pi said it is acceptable to support Ron Paul just as long as you call him Ron Paul and not “Dr. Paul, cuz that’s creepy.”

The police and secret service were in full force. Pumped up on Starbucks, I foolishly challenged two police officers and two secret service agents much to the amusement of former Outright ex com member Mike Nelson. They were complaining about the presence of “anarchists” in their fair city. I asked if they had ever met an anarchist. “You just did, here’s my card.”

The LP had a presence there but unlike some of the published pictures, it was mostly staffed by two volunteers (Rich Paul and another man whose name I did not get.) The Barr workers and LP staff were nowhere to be found save when I bumped into too attractive to be a libertarian Austin Petersen.

Frankly, the booth was unremarkable bordering on unprofessional. The fact that the LP paid twice the price that paid for such a sloppy display is why it was the right thing for me to discontinue raising money for the LNC.

People noticed the lack of quality and it reflected poorly. Image does matter. The bags were nice though.

An donor was also staying at the Hotel Saloon for the Ron Paul event. He’s a Catholic lay leader and rebukes religious people who would vote for a mass murderer just to avoid gay marriage. Something that those who attended the “other” event should reflect upon.

Keaton, an anarchist, no hyphen