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Press Release: LEAP becomes latest victim of government censorship

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LEAP Becomes Latest Victim of Government Censorship

DATELINE: 8.26.2008

Arlington: Virginia – Retired police detective, Howard Wooldridge, representing Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) was ousted from the National Asian Peace Officers Association (NAPOA) Conference in Crystal City because he was representing a view contrary U.S. government policy.

LEAP is a 10,000-member organization of police, judges, prosecutors, DEA & FBI agents, and others who know ending drug prohibition will reduce death, disease, crime, and addiction, while saving billions of our tax dollars each year.

On Tuesday (8.26.2008) acting under pressure from unnamed federal officials, Reagan Fong, President of the NAPOA, insisted on the immediate removal of LEAP from the conference vendor roster. It appears that some of the event’s other exhibitors took exception to the LEAP message and put pressure on the event organizer to expel LEAP from the event. While the incident was civil and took place prior to the second day’s session it represents a serious violation of Constitutional rights as cited within the First Amendment.

Federal agency representatives manning booths at the conference included DEA, Federal Air Marshals, NCIS, and Coast Guard. The prior day LEAP’s spokesperson had visited the DEA booth and described the agent as “decidedly unhappy” with an opposing viewpoint. In sharp contrast at 37 national and international law enforcement Conferences where LEAP has been allowed to exhibit, 80% of booth visitors agreed with LEAP’s stance for ending this failed drug war.

As for the Crystal City NAPOA incident, the appearance of impropriety is almost as bad as the real thing. LEAP has attempted to establish contact with Mr. Fong, NAPOA President, to confirm the details of the incident but we have received no response so we can only conclude it is blatant censorship originating from a judgmental “Big Brother” mentality. LEAP believes that this group owes us an apology. We ask that Mr. Fong identify the individual, agency or group that lobbied for our eviction from the event.

If this was an independent effort then he or she was acting outside the scope of authority and should receive administrative punishment for unprofessional actions. If this action was sanctioned by upper level management then the managers need to explain their behavior in an open forum. If this was sanctioned official action by the U.S. Government it is a serious matter which requires serious and immediate attention.

Terry L. Nelson 817-573-6927
Jack A. Cole 617-792-3877
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

$46 Underwear Fighting $65 Million Domain Mall Subsidies

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Fighting to prevent $65 million in subsidies (corporate welfare) to a luxury mall:

Covered in the Austin Chronicle.

The Travis County Libertarian Party opposed the corporate welfare.

Stop Domain Subsidies is a grassroots effort attracting people from all political persuasions, and lots of small business owners.

The Austin Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty Meetup group is supporting this effort and is expected to provide lots of the labor.

I’m predicting a huge fight, but victory for Proposition 2, which will help prevent millions in corporate welfare to retail developments.

An aside: this is the first time I’ve posted a video to YouTube.  I can foresee getting myself into all kinds of trouble with this new skill.

Seth Cohn resigns over LNC’s NH lawsuit

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Seth Cohn has resigned in protest from the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire Executive Committee, as a result of the committee’s vote to join the LNC in its lawsuit.

Breaking News: LNC NH lawsuit to be filed in the morning

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According to an excellent source, the New Hampshire ballot lawsuit has been authorized by Libertarian National Committee Chair Bill Redpath, and will be filed in the morning (Friday 8/29).

As previously discussed, the lawsuit is expected to seek the removal of George Phillies from the ballot, and the placement of Bob Barr on the ballot. New Hampshire ballot law does not allow for substitution, and George Phillies is currently the LPNH presidential nominee.

Professor Phillies is already ballot-qualified, according to the New Hampshire Secretary of State. However, Professor Phillies says he will not step down, because he feels he has an ethical obligation to those who signed the petitions placing him on the ballot.

LFV will update as more information becomes available.

New anti-Fed novel equally entertaining, educational, and heroic!

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The Flight of the Barbarous Relic puts, in novel form, virtually everything every American needs to know about the Federal Reserve, fiat-money central banking, and monetary history, and it does so following an unadulterated Austrian line, without any conspiracy mongering or Antisemitism — two curses that plague the Honest Money movement. Author George Ford Smith is unique among popular Fed critics in his understanding that the Fed is not bad because it’s a “private bank” that generates “windfall profits” for its “shareholders” — the Fed is bad, truly evil, because it is a government institution designed to provide a blank check for the unbridled growth of the federal government at the expense of liberty.

Oh yes, there has been a conspiracy — but it’s not a “theory,” it’s historical fact. George F. Smith reveals this indisputable truth throughout the course of this 274-page, impossible-to-put-down thriller, and also clearly demonstrates how the Federal Reserve redistributes wealth from the poor to the rich, all within the context of a gripping plot.

The story focuses on a gold-loving, free-market economist who seemingly “sells out” and joins the mainstream, eventually rising to the position of Fed chairman. But his “sell out” was false — he only put on Keynesian/Monetarist (as if there’s a difference) garb in order to infiltrate the Fed so that he could expose and destroy it! I’m not giving anything away here since this happens very early in the book. The heart of the book is how the government reacts to having its deception exposed.

George Ford Smith’s knowledge of monetary history, the nature of government, and the unfortunate ignorance and apathy of the American populace is truly peerless. This book should be heralded by the Mises Institute,, and the Ron Paul R3VOLution as the first of hopefully many great works of fiction exposing the truth about the Federal Reserve and the government it sponsors by secretly stealing from the productive class. Five stars are not enough for this heroic effort!

Last chance to submit agenda items for September LNC meeting

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The next LNC meeting is in Washington DC on September 6-7.

LNC At-Large Representative Angela Keaton asks that members please make it a point to attend. It is the first and last meeting before the general election.

Anyone who would like their LNC representative to place an item on the agenda must submit those items ASAP to Bill Redpath ( wredpath at his dot com ) with the words AGENDA ITEM in the subject line.

Steve Kubby: Placer County Republicans whine over Kubby Vindication

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The following was submitted to LFV by Steve Kubby.  The blogger notes at the end are part of what Steve sent us, and were not written by LFV.


As most of you know, I had the court’s permission to move to Canada, I returned voluntarily to clear up an alleged probation violation, I was never extradited, and was I never convicted for “Narcotics production.”

Despite these facts, the Placer County Republicans continue to lie about me as well as their own criminal and dopey response to the passage of California’s historic Prop. 215.

It’s time the Placer County Republicans grow up and do what former Republican Congressman and now Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Bob Barr has done — declare that the drug war was a mistake and must end now.

–Steve Kubby


Auburn Journal Took up Case of Celebrated Pothead
Posted by Aaron Park on August 23, 2008 at 06:32 PM

Remember Steven Kubby?

He was extradited from Canada to the USA when he ran to avoid prosecution for Narcotics production. (at least Rothe stuck around)

Before and after Rothe had his civil rights restored from his prior Drug Trafficking conviction – the Auburn Journal took up the cause of Stephen Kubby.

In 2003, Kubby’s felony conviction was reinstated as reported by the Auburn Journal

There was a follow-up story trumpeting Kubby’s plight as he applied for refugee status in Canada

And another in 2006 when his ‘stay’ in Canada was about to run out

And this is basically a commentary printed in the AJ taking Kubby’s side

And this year a follow-up story was run:

By Gus Thomson

Journal Staff Writer

A Mendocino County court has dismissed the remnants of a 1999 Placer County prosecution of medical marijuana proponent Steve Kubby.

The ruling – which sees Kubby’s misdemeanor convictions for possession of a magic mushroom stem and peyote buttons expunged under California law – came last week.

Full erasure of the conviction would take a governor’s pardon, but Kubby said Tuesday that the court decision to dismiss the case leaves him “fully vindicated and in possession, once again, of my inalienable, inseparable, non-transferable rights.”

Mendocino County Chief Probation Officer Wesley Forman issued a statement said that he had no objection to the dismissal by Judge David Nelson because Kubby had complied with the terms of his probation.

Kubby’s legal challenges started after a January 1999 raid on his Olympic Valley home in Placer County. The raid netted 265 marijuana plants from an indoor grow.

Kubby was a chief proponent of medicinal marijuana law Prop. 215 when it was passed by voters in 1996 and ran for governor as a Libertarian two years ago. He was also a candidate for Libertarian Party presidential nominee this year.

Kubby’s chief defense at the trial was that he and his wife had a doctor’s recommendation for medical use of marijuana and that his use kept a rare form of adrenal cancer at bay.

In one of the most contentious trials in Placer County legal history, a mistrial was declared after a jury leaning 11-1 for acquittal on possession-of-marijuana-for-sale charges remained deadlocked after
five days of deliberations and four months of testimony.

Kubby would eventually serve 20 days of a 120-day jail term in Placer County on the jury’s peyote and mescaline possession convictions, both misdemeanors.

Kubby, 61, now lives in Mendocino County. He said that he has fond memories of much of his life in the county but that he wouldn’t return as long as the district attorney who prosecuted the case – Brad Fenocchio – was still in office.

The Journal’s Gus Thomson can be reached at
A more detailed story will appear in a future edition of the Journal.

Blogger’s Notes – I can hardly wait to see the full story. What I have read thus far looks pretty biased in favor of the pothead. While Rothe didn’t write any of the stories, he has a responsibility to make sure his paper isn’t used to pimp an agenda.

Even worse – a reporter by the name of Ryan McCarthy wrote some of the stories. McCarthy was a known pot user himself. Given how Rothe and the journal have reported on crime over the years – why should anyone be surprised?

Seth Cohn: “A history of the LPNH, NH ballot access issues, and why this lawsuit is a mistake (part 1)”

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The following was written by Seth Cohn, and is published on LFV with the permission of the author.

This is written for those with little or no background in this issue, which includes many LNCers, and perhaps some of the current LPNH Exec Comm.

I’m going to highlight important points with *this*.

Let’s start our timeline back a bit, but not too far back: 1997, a mere 11 years ago

Oh, wait, we must mention the Sec of State (SOS), Bill Gardner, in power for over 30 years now.

We’ll come back to him…
652:11 Party. – “Party” shall mean any political organization which at the preceding state general election received at least 4 percent of the total number of votes cast for any one of the following: the office of governor or the offices of United States Senators.
Source. 1979, 436:1, eff. July 1, 1979. 1997, 253:1, eff. Jan. 1, 1999.

Note that date: in 1997 (effective by 1999), the percentage required was raised from 3 to 4 points. The LPNH lawsuit brought in 2005-06 has more details for those who want them… lots of juicy legalese, and lots of failure to make a dent, by legal means.

In 2000, Don Gorman, of NH, loses the LP nomination with 166 votes (19%) for second place, to a second attempt by Harry Browne at 56% of the convention voters.. The “Browne Cloud” affair ends up being both an ethical and financial sore point for the LP for many years to come. George Phillies, a professor of physics, would be the central force in excising the Emerling (aka Cloud) influence from his own state several years later. (Those wondering why George is the preferred target of certain people still in LP, your question is answered – if you name names and point out the dirty laundry, and those names and those who worked alongside them remain in the org after you’ve done so, they certainly will hold grudges in the future.)

The entire story of this part of this history can be pieced together from lots of googleable posts like this:
and quite importantly George’s own book,
(Those interested in a ebook or paper copy should contact George.)

NH election results – *Effect in NH: Due to Harry’s failure to campaign in NH (or much of any place else), Ballot Access as a party is lost, when the only qualifying downstream candidate, Governor candidate Babiarz gets no supportive bump from a active Presidential Candidate, in fact, Browne does worse than Babiarz by more than 2 to 1. As a result, party status is lost, and won’t be regained thru 2008, present day. *

2002 –

Babiarz doubles his numbers to over 13K votes, but still short of 4% Senate candidate Blevens does over 9K, but also not enough.

2004 – Badnarik fails to make the ballot at all, due to short petition numbers. Blevens also fails to make the ballot for the other Senate seat, makes 100+ tallied write in votes.  *LP National complains, for years later, that Babiarz and others are solely responsible for the ballot failure (which should have ‘easy petition drive’, in part because Babiarz won’t run against Gov. Benson (who has friendly to libertarian causes, like the Free State Project).*

Benson loses, as well.

2006 – Gov candidate Kahn fails to make the ballot. Blevens, despite not being the convention nominated candidate for Congress District 2, petitions, and successfully makes the ballot as Libertarian. The ‘official’ LPNH nominee, Lapointe, FAILS to make the ballot. *The question of renaming Blevens from L to Indep is raised. The Sec of State, refuses to do so, saying there is nothing he can do… the petition said Libertarian, so that is what Ken will be listed as.* Ken makes 3K votes.

Post 2006 – In the light of past petition failures, and *National’s insistence that a post Denver convention group of local petitioners, perhaps with some paid help, can make the ballot ‘easily’, the stirring of the current issue are created.*

When I say “National”, I include Shane Cory, Stephen Gordon, Sean Haugh, and others who in various conversations with me, either via email or phone, all either questioned WHY NH failed in 2004 with a eye to blame NH folks like Babiarz, and repeated that NH petitioning wasn’t hard as we claimed, after all it was only 3000 sigs required, far short of states with 10x that amount needed. Oh how little they understood….

To be continued in part 2 (at the least, since this is going to get long and drawn out as we delve into the current mess and find the realities that few want to admit..)

Upon further checking …

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Yesterday, Ballot Access News reported, and the Texas LP and Bob Barr’s presidential campaign followed up with press releases on, the fact that Barr is the only ballot-qualified candidate for president in Texas. It seems that the Republican and Democratic parties couldn’t be bothered to nominate their tickets by the statutory deadline.

This is a great issue for the LP and the Barr campaign to jump on. When Texas certifies John McCain and Barack Obama for the November ballot — and yes, that will almost certainly happen, the law be damned — protesting and possibly even litigating the matter will be a great way to highlight both the absurdity of ballot access barriers and the political establishment’s bias, even to the extent of breaking the law, toward preserving the power of the “major party” duopoly.

That said, I just got an interesting email, sent over the signature of Barr’s Deputy Campaign Manager, Shane Cory.

The letter makes appropriate hay with the Texas ballot fiasco. Cory notes that Texas’s Secretary of State now claims that “upon further checking,” the GOP and the Democrats did, in fact, file their paperwork before the deadline and will be free to amend said paperwork as their national nominations become official.

Cory then launches into a (well-deserved) excoriation of ballot access barriers, using the “upon further checking” theme to sarcastically “remove” all of the barriers to 50-state ballot access for Barr.

As it turns out, upon further checking , we were able to collect 10,000 more signatures in West Virginia a few days after that early deadline passed.

Upon further checking, we found that ballot substitution is permitted in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

Also, upon further checking, we found that Maine stopped accepting our petitions a week earlier than they had done in the past.

Not to mention that, upon further checking, we do object to the state of New Hampshire insisting that two libertarian candidates for president be listed on the ballot.

Whoa. Stop and hold. There’s something wrong here.

Upon further checking, as of this moment (about 3pm Central, August 28th, 2008), the state of New Hampshire still insists that only one Libertarian candidate for president — George Phillies — will be listed on its ballot.

Upon further checking, the Barr campaign has until September 3rd to collect its nomination certifications from the various locales and get them turned in to the Secretary of State, but that apparently hasn’t happened yet.

Upon further checking, per New Hampshire’s Secretary of State, the deadline for town and city supervisors to certify nomination papers was yesterday.

Did some of those supervisors take until the last possible minute to issue those certifications? Or did the Barr campaign drop the ball in New Hampshire? Given the precedents in West Virginia and Maine, a wait-and-see attitude — and some further checking over the next few days — would seem to be in order.

Convention ’11

In Libertarian on August 28, 2008 at 2:27 pm

All the talk about Barr’s ballot access difficulties, as well as the problems of name substitution in several states and the Republican anti-Barr gambit in Pennsylvania, has me wondering: Why not move LP nominating conventions back to the year before the presidential election?

If I recall — and I may be wrong, please let me know if I am — the main argument for having the conventions in the year of the election was that it looked more “major party” and more confident.  But there are many reasons to do it a year earlier, besides just ballot access.  It allows more time to campaign, fundraise, and gain publicity.  It also is more of a media draw — not much more, granted, but given how little mainstream media coverage the LP convention gets anyway, even a small increase is significant.  I remember C-SPAN using the LP convention in 1991 (and ’87 too, I think) as the kickoff of its “Road To The White House” for the next year.  It’s just a dead time politically, and the LP could conceivably benefit from the hungry news hole.

Are there reasons NOT to nominate the ’12 ticket in the summer of 2011?

Barr on Iraq: Military Bases?

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A recent release from the Barr campaign discusses a recent proposed agreement between the Bush administration and the government of Iraq regarding troop levels, and urges Congress to “demand to see the proposed agreement and should approve, disapprove, or modify it.”

Most of the release is very much get-out-now sort of stuff, which is great. But there’s one passage I find disturbing:

“The administration has treated the war as a presidential prerogative from the very beginning,” notes Barr. “It is time for Congress to insist on fulfilling its constitutional responsibilities.  If the president refuses to comply, Congress should cut off money for any bases in Iraq.”

I’m open to different interpretations, and I do realize I may view this through something of a non Barr-friendly filter, but my read on the line “If the president refuses to comply, Congress should cut off money for any bases in Iraq,” is that Barr thinks that there are at least some conditions where the U.S. building new military bases in Iraq is a good thing. Put another way – if he wants to use non-base-building as punishment for Bush’s non-compliance, it seems to me that implies that he is willing to use base-building as a reward for Bush’s compliance.

As a traditional noninterventionist Libertarian, I don’t want any U.S. military bases overseas. And, yes, I’d like a lot fewer of them on this side of the ocean, too.

Perhaps someone close to the Barr campaign – or Barr himself – can clear this up by answering a simple question: Does Barr unequivocally call for an end to U.S. military intervention in Iraq, including building and staffing new military bases in the country?

Celebstoner: Tommy Chong not stoked about Biden selection

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Tommy Chong not stoked about Biden selection

Earlier this week, in an interview with the Washington Post, Tommy Chong was asked what the average citizen can do to further the cause of decriminalization. “Check out the people you’re voting for,” Chong replied. “For instance, Joseph Biden comes off as a liberal Democrat, but he’s the one who authored the bill that put me in jail. He wrote the law against shipping drug paraphernalia through the mail – which could be anything from a pipe to a clip or cigarette papers.”

Obamas running mate Joe Biden doesnt want anyone to have fun

Obama's running mate Joe Biden doesn't want anyone to have fun

Barack Obama’s V.P. selection Sen. Joe Bidenalso sponsored the Rave Act, which targets music events where drug use is allegedly prevalent.

About medical marijuana, Biden said iin 2007: “We have not devoted nearly enough science or time to deal with the pain management and chronic pain management that exists. There’s got to be a better answer than marijuana. There’s got to be a better answer than that. There’s got to be a better way for a humane society to figure out how to deal with that problem.”

Biden coined the term “drug czar” and has championed the Office for National Drug Control Policy.

On a more positive note, Biden introduced a bill that would eliminate the discrepancy between crack and cociane sentencing in federal cases. The curent ratio is 100:1. In other words, 500 grams of cocaine equals five grams of crack; possession of either is punishable by a five-year sentence

“I have long regarded Biden as an opponent of the cause for reasons like Tommy says, and more,” offers Drug Policy Alliance executive director Ethan Nadelmann, “but I was surprised when he was the one who introduced the 1:1 crack/powder reform bill this year, which leapfrogged the more modest reforms put forward by Sens. Kennedy, Hatch and others. I’m not sure whether to take it as a sign of a more general opening up on his part, or just a play for the African-American vote in the primaries. But at least Biden isn’t entirely bad news for drug policy.”

What do you think of Obama’s choice of Biden for his running mate?

Many thanks to Steve Kubby for sending this item to LFV!

Press Release: LP Delaware Congressional candidate energized by Ron Paul, concerned about debt and globalization

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For Immediate Release

Libertarian Party of Delaware Congressional candidate energized by Ron Paul, concerned about debt and globalization

For further information, contact LPD State Chair Jim Rash

Mark Anthony Parks thinks a lot about systems, what makes them work and what fouls them up. He has to: the 34-year-old Bear resident is a helicopter mechanic. But Parks is also running as the Libertarian Party of Delaware’s candidate for the US House of Representatives, and in that effort he’s thinking about systems as well.

“Throughout history,” Parks says, “the free market has been the best system for distributing goods, services, and resources, and assuring the best standard of living for the most people.” American politicians’ failing to recognize this basic truth, he insists, has led to a staggering national debt, rising food and energy costs, and cascading failures in the banking system.

Parks speaks deliberately, as if wrestling with the concepts each time he addresses his subject. He admits to having been apolitical until invigorated by Ron Paul’s campaign for the Republican Presidential nomination. “Ron Paul taught me about the Federal Reserve, foreign policy, and the dangers of globalization,” Parks says.

“It was a political education, too, watching the media closing him out of the New Hampshire debate after he had done well enough in Iowa to earn a place on stage,” he continues. Disenchantment with the major parties and a growing commitment to protecting individual liberty from continually encroaching government led him to the Libertarian Party.

For Parks, and for a growing number of Americans across Delaware and the nation, the Libertarian message of individual liberty, personal responsibility, and limited government resonates strongly. He says, “Look at the two big parties, and they’re competing to buy your with giveaways to keep their power. It doesn’t really matter which one wins; nothing changes except that the power of the government keeps increasing.”

After that revelation, filing a challenge to Delaware’s long-standing Representative Mike Castle was a decision made fairly quickly. Parks understands the odds involved opposing Castle’s electoral juggernaut, and is realistic about what he can achieve. “I’ll wage as vigorous a campaign as possible with the resources I can muster,” he says. “The important thing is not me, but the issues. If people start talking seriously about the issues, I’m doing my part.”

Signature issues for Mark Anthony Parks include the national debt, international trade agreements, American foreign policy, and the war on drugs.

On the debt, he asks, “How do we justify putting the wealth and liberty of future generations up for sale to China and countries in the Middle East?” He sees multilateral trade agreements like NAFTA and participation in the World Trade Organization as eroding American sovereignty.

As for foreign policy, Parks’ prescription is simple: “Freedom should be spread by example, not by the barrel of a gun. Free trade with all, entangling alliances with none.”

The Federal war on drugs, he notes, has never worked and cannot succeed: “The fallacy of criminalization is that it has exponentially increase the value of the product to make it worth killing and destroying for.”

Mark Anthony Parks’ campaign may be contacted at

Press Release: Libertarians on New York Ballot

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News from Libertarian Party of New York
For more information contact: Eric Sundwall, Ph: (518) 857-1731

Libertarians on New York Ballot
Presidential Nominee, Bob Barr, offers real choice.

ALBANY, NY (08/26/2008; 0000)(readMedia)–

As Democrats gather in Denver to anoint their choice for President this week, Libertarians have already decided. After their own taxpayer-neutral national convention in Denver this past Memorial Day weekend,Libertarians throughout the country selected former Congressman Bob Barr from Georgia and businessman Wayne Root, a former New Yorker now in Las Vegas, as their nominees for President and Vice-President.

State Chairman Eric Sundwall says that Barr and Root will be on the ballot in New York:

“While Democrats and Republicans enjoy their coronations in the next few weeks, Libertarians are happy to know their candidates are on the ballot after weeks of grueling work, in the hottest days of the year, securing our place on the ballot.”

In addition to Barr and Root, Libertarians will field three Congressional candidates and one New York Assembly candidate.  Both Steven Vasquez ( and David Gay ( are Ron Paul endorsed candidates for New York’s 21st and 25th Congressional Districts (Albany and Syracuse respectively).  Isaiah Matos ( seeking the U.S. House seat in District 14 on Manhattan’s East Side and Bill Buran ( be running as a Libertarian in NY’s 72nd Assembly District in northern Manhattan.

Sundwall continues:

“The Libertarian Party of New York is proud to have these freedom supporting candidates on the ballot. Without their hours of dedication, personal contributions and sacrifices, New Yorkers would be stuck with the same stale choices that have choked New York and our country far too long.  We look forward to seeing these positive campaigns do well in November.“

Video: Libertarians on New York ballot

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David Nolan: The Barr Campaign at three months

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From Nolan Chart:

Since I wrote my column entitled “The Barr Campaign at Halftime” on August 14, I have received a number of e-mails and phone calls from people offering comments and additional information on what is happening with that campaign. Based on what I’ve learned since writing that column, I am providing this update. Along the way, I will try to address points that were raised in the 30-plus comments generated by that column.

First, the good news. Polls by the Zogby organization show Bob Barr pulling as much as 5% of the popular vote nationwide, and double that in some states. If this materializes we should all be excited, but early polls usually show third-party candidates getting two to four times the vote they actually receive in November. I still hope and expect Barr to receive the highest vote total of any Presidential candidate to date (i.e. more than 921,000) and think he is likely to exceed our best percentage showing (1.06% in 1980). This will require about 1.3 million votes, but I think it could happen.

Unfortunately, the good news pretty much ends there. As of August 25 — three full months since Bob Barr became the nominee — the campaign still has not done a single direct-mail fundraising letter to the LP membership. The figure for “funds raised to date” on the Barr 2008 website as I write this is at $727,000 — which seems odd, given that it was at $685,000 on July 31, and the “big push” to raise money during the Olympics raised $140,000. If both of those figures were accurate, the total should be well past $800,000 — but still short of $1,000,000, a pathetic amount for this point in time.

Click here to read the entire article by David Nolan

Bob Barr’s second appearance on Stephen Colbert show

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My personal favorite line (by Stephen Colbert)

Libertarians believe it is my right to varnish in an unventilated room.

Video: Bob Barr discusses GOP lawsuit to remove him from Pennsylvania ballot

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Bob Barr to appear on Colbert, Beck, and CNN this week

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Dear Friend,
Barr vs Colbert

As we head into the next few weeks that will be dominated by the RNC and DNC conventions, we assumed that we would not be able to break through the media until at least mid-September.

Thankfully, we were wrong.

– Tomorrow night, Bob Barr will appear for his second time on the Colbert Report.

– On both Wednesday and Friday mornings, Bob will be appearing on CNN.

– And on Thursday, Glenn Beck will be taping another full hour with our candidate!

In addition to the unexpected media, we had another boost this past Friday when we learned that we’re actually climbing in the polls!

Right now, things are looking good for our campaign, but if we’re able to get into the debates, the sky is the limit.

If you put John McCain, Barack Obama and Bob Barr behind the podium, my money will be on the only candidate who can speak with honesty and sincerity in the interests of liberty — Bob Barr.

Please take the time today to show support for our candidate by making a donation, purchasing a yard sign for your home, or simply telling a few friends about Bob Barr.

Also, tune in tomorrow night to Comedy Central for “The Colbert Report” and later, I’ll let you know if we get the coveted “Colbert Bump.”

I appreciate all that you do.

In Liberty,

Shane Cory
Deputy Campaign Manager
Bob Barr for President

New anti-Fed rap song

In Libertarian on August 24, 2008 at 6:13 pm

Unsigned rap artist Tahir Jahi recently added an anti-Fed song, “Man Make Da Money,” to his MySpace page.

Verse 1
If you don’t know where this nation is headed
our nation is controlled by a system of credit
Woodrow Wilson is the one you can thank
birthed the federal reserve a privately owned bank
took cash and signed that like he never knew
gave control of the states to a chosen few
each dollar bill includes interest from lender
got rid of gold, paper is legal tender

Verse 3
The Fed produces currency for the nation
they control the money, interest rates, and inflation
What I can give in this song is just a fraction
banks owed the gov since the days of Andrew Jackson
make it rain on that stage, claiming you are paid
but you owe interest on those dollars that was made
no Constution, will use our little clause
control the nation’s money who cares about its laws

Tahir Jahi is the fiance of Donyell Jones, a 2006 finalist on So You Think You Can Dance, the most pro-individualist show on network TV.

Although Tahir is clearly more influenced by the Aaron Russo “conspiracy” wing of the anti-Fed movement, his stance reveals the under-the-surface anti-statism, pro-individualism, and pro-capitalist entrepreneurialism of hip hop that is often obfuscated as far Left figures co-opt the “movement” and libertarians do nothing to reach out.

Below is interview footage of Prodigy of the legendary Mobb Deep, in which the interviewer tries to steer him into saying something positive about Obama, but Prodigy insists that Ron Paul is his candidate.

One of Mobb Deep’s album covers prominently featured the dollar bill’s “Illuminati pyramid.”

Also: Prodigy is currently confined in a government animal cage for the “crime” of “unlawful gun possession.” Since it was his “third strike,” he faced 15 years, but plea-bargained to serve 3.5. Conveniently, this has silenced him and his questions about 9/11.