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Angela Keaton calls BS on LNC re search for ED

In Libertarian on June 15, 2008 at 6:45 pm

From LNC member Angela Keaton’s blog:

It’s the 15th of the month

You know what that means: Anarchist Bitch celebrates the arrival of her menses with an extra special bitchy email to the LNC Discuss List. My sweet lord, you know there are going to be four emails from Dan Karlan on our policy manual, a demand for silence from one of the alts, a request to Bill Hall from staff and Sullentrup grumbling about PMS.

A Reminder: LNC’s role‏
From: Keaton (angelaATTTangelakeatoncome)
Sent: Sun 6/15/08 5:43 PM
To: Michael C Colley (xxxx);
[Admiral Colley’s comments on the keeping the ED search closed to the membership have been deleted per request.]

The activities of the Libertarian National Committee are not for the benefit of the committee but for the membership of the Party. Executive session is limited and specific to internal matters regarding hired personnel and possible pending litigation.

We owe a debt to Dr. Ruwart for suggesting that the other committee members be allowed to see the resumes.


  1. If other committee members have to vote to approve this then they better be able to see any and all resumes, detailed financial backgrounds checks and other data. I do hope that the LNC will do a complete background check on the individuals they hire, especially a financial background check.
    Anything less would be irresponsible.

  2. […] Keaton live-blogged the September 2008 LNC meeting. She has been active in commenting publicly on LNC matters for the benefit of the membership. She actively and effectively promotes […]

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