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Reminder: LFV on “Vortex of Freedom” today

In Libertarian on June 7, 2008 at 9:43 pm

At 6pm EDT, LFV will be on the Vortex of Freedom show. ElfNinosMom, Paulie Cannoli, and G.E. Smith will be appearing to discuss libertarian issues.

The link to listen live is here.

UPDATE:  Many thanks to Vortex of Freedom for having us on the show!  For those of you who couldn’t listen live, it was quite interesting.  We took calls from listeners who asked some excellent questions, and discussed the Barr and Root nominations, Ron Paul, ballot access, and the convention, among other things.  I have invited Michael from VoF onto our show next Friday at 7:30, to return the favor; hopefully he will be available!

LFV’s own Jake Porter gets his foot in the door of the news business

In Libertarian on June 7, 2008 at 2:27 pm

Press release from Jake Porter Media:

Saint Joseph Telegraph | June 5, 2008

Jake Porter, a May 2008 graduate of AIB College of Business in Des Moines, IA. took over this week as the new Business Manager for the Saint Joseph Telegraph.

Porter, 20, formerly of Princeton, MO. will also be serving the paper as Web Master.

Porter’s recent position was Chief of Staff for George Phillies, an unsuccessful candidate for the Libertarian presidential nomination.

“I’m looking forward to getting acquainted with the city and meeting the people of St. Joseph,” Porter said.

“I can see a need for a strong weekly paper in St. Joseph and intend to do my part to see the Telegraph expand and better serve the people.”

Congratulations, Jake!

My Anti-War on Drugs letter in Houston Chronicle

In Drug War, Media on June 7, 2008 at 1:49 pm

Here, in response to this.

Were Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff truly concerned about the crime wave in Mexico, he would encourage Congress to end the repugnant, corrupt and failed war on drugs.

The only thing criminalizing a product accomplishes is making crime more profitable.


Remember, people: write letters to the paper. It takes you five minutes to have your thoughts sent out to hundreds of thousands of people.

LPMass to sue for candidate substitution?

In Libertarian on June 7, 2008 at 1:50 am

The following is reproduced with permission of its author, Dr. George Phillies. “Bennett” refers to LFV’s own Chris Bennett. The donation offer is open to anyone who contributes to LPMass at the http://www.LPMass.Org web site, either to the Federal or state account.

I regret to report that the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s office has just reversed its stand on candidate substitution for President and Vice President in Massachusetts. Last fall, they said it was allowed; they now say it is mostly forbidden.

I have contacted the ACLU, and spoken to their lead attorney. I have informed the National Party and the Barr campaign leadership. The National Party, which has now agreed to pay the bulk of the petitioning effort, believes that ‘continue with current drive and try to change the ruling’ is the way to go, so that is what we are doing. If the process of changing the ruling goes through, Phillies/Bennett is replaced with Barr/Root. If not, our ticket in Massachusetts this year will be Phillies/Bennett. In either case, Bob Underwood will be on the ballot.

If you use the distributed forms to collect signatures, remember that each raw signature is worth $1.70 to the National Party. Also, any money that you donate at LPMASS.ORG for ballot access will be matched, up to another $5000 in matching funds. I’ve already put in $1300 of my own money on spec–I gave it as matching funds, but put it in when needed even though it has not yet been matched.

And, remember, every donor gets a choice of either of my novels, in .rtf format, as a free gift to you to show my gratitude for your generosity.