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Libertarian Party of Alabama Chair Stephen Gordon speaks out about gas price gouging laws, gas shortages, and the Wall Street bailout proposal

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In a pair of press releases, Libertarian Party of Alabama chair Stephen Gordon addresses the Wall Street bailout proposal that was narrowly defeated yesterday in Congress, as well as the gas shortages currently taking place in Georgia and several Southeastern states.

Gordon blames gas shortages on anti-price gouging laws which several states have passed, pointing out that neighboring states which have not passed such laws have no gasoline shortages.

In the second press release, Gordon points out that Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Bob Barr accurately predicted that more bailout proposals would follow the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bailouts.

Atlanta – For the last couple of weeks, the availability of gasoline has dominated the news in the Southeast. Georgia, which has stricter laws against “price gouging” than Alabama does, is suffering from long gas lines at the few service stations which have a remaining supply of petroleum.

Today’s Montgomery Advertiser calls for additional government intervention into the natural process of supply and demand.

“Some other Southeastern states take a different approach, and it would be wise for Alabama legislators to take a look at these laws,” the paper declared. “Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee prohibit any price increases that are not related to increased costs. A gas station may pass along to customers the higher costs it incurs for fuel, for example, but may not raise prices beyond that level.”

“As I live in Morgan County but work in Atlanta, I see the impact of government intervention into the retail gasoline market on a daily basis,” said Libertarian Party of Alabama Chairman Stephen Gordon. “I bought gas last night in Calhoun County, Alabama, but by the time I made it to Cobb County, Georgia, there was no gas anywhere to be found.”

“Consumers have no incentive to conserve gasoline when the prices are artificially low,” Gordon continued. “If the cost was higher, they would be driving less or using more efficient vehicles. Additionally, when gas prices become high enough, there is an increased motivation for gas station owners and operators to truck fuel in from greater distances – passing the additional cost on to consumers.”

An Associated Press article also published today anecdotally highlighted this point. “Right now, I’ll pay anything for gas,” construction worker Larry Jenkins said. “I don’t care if it’s $5 or $6 a gallon. I need it.”

“Alabamians should be proud that we beat Georgia on the football field over the weekend,” Gordon said. “We should also be proud that we have better public policy pertaining to price gouging than Georgia. Or would the Montgomery Advertiser prefer that we limit our football scores to no more than one touchdown per quarter?”

As evidenced by recent debate pertaining to federal bailouts, the Libertarian Party is the only political party in America opposed to government intervention in the marketplace.

Birmingham, AL – The U.S House of Representatives failed to pass the $700 billion bailout measure earlier today by margin of 205 to 228. Of the Alabama congressional delegation, Congressman Aderholt was the only person to vote against the bill.

“While I often find myself at odds with Congressman Aderholt, his vote today should be certainly be applauded,” said Libertarian Party of Alabama Chairman Stephen Gordon. “Unlike the two major parties, Libertarians support fiscal responsibility and oppose government intervention into the marketplace. Public opinion polling shows that an overwhelming majority of Americans agree with the libertarian position on this and many other issues.”

Today, the New York Times stated that “a majority of the House voted along with Bob Barr, the Libertarian who said, ‘We need to make Wall Street take the hit for its irresponsible investment decisions.'” Previously, Politico indicated that former Congressman Barr, who is running for President on the Libertarian Party ticket, had earned the bragging rights to say “I told you so” about the general bailout situation.

Barr accurately predicted that once the bailout floodgate is opened for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, it will be difficult to stop the process for other corporate or government entities. On Neil Cavuto’s Fox News program, Barr referred to the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac intervention as “a BOFH. This is a bailout from hell.”

“Barr is consistently and courageously battling on principle for the rights of the common man — unlike most of our state congressional delegation, leaders from both parties on the Hill, as well as McCain and Obama,” said Gordon. “Obama claims to offer change, while he’s picking the pocket of the taxpayer to enrich major corporations. McCain’s claim of being a maverick is disingenuous at best, as his statements on the bailout place him in league with the president and the rest of the senior GOP leadership. The only presidential candidate supporting a constitutional limited role of government is Congressman Barr.”

The Libertarian Party of Alabama urges all Alabama voters to continue to contact their elected representatives and demand that they vote “no” on any current or future bailout proposal.

Stephen Gordon serves as the Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Alabama, Chair of the Libertarian State Leadership Alliance (national organization of LP state chairs) and as the eCampaign Manager for the Bob Barr 2008 Presidential Campaign.

LPMass Resolution: Leave LSLA, encourages removal of Stephen Gordon as LSLA head

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The following is a resolution from the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts

Whereas State Chair Phillies received an apparently legitimate advertisement “We’re giving away 100,000 signs to support every campaign in America”, and

Whereas State Chair Phillies out of the generosity of his heart took time out of his busy schedule to forward this opportunity to his fellow State Chairs via the Libertarian State Leadership Alliance (LSLA) email list, assuming that the average Libertarian candidate could find out how to divert this opportunity to her or his own benefit, and

Whereas without giving an opportunity to defend himself, LSLA State Chair Stephen Gordon took punitive action against Phillies, and

Whereas the nature of the complaint and the identity of the complaintant have been kept secret so that there was no opportunity for Phillies to defend himself against the unknown complaint, and

Whereas, contrary to the false claim of Gordon, a claim that would have been refuted if Phillies had been given a chance to defend himself, Phillies as of this writing as a result of Libertarian National
Committee action is the National Party’s choice of candidate in Massachusetts, then

Be it resolved that the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts State Committee in accord with its authority under Party Bylaws orders and directs that all ties of LPMass with the LSLA are severed, and furthermore

Orders and directs that its officers under their ex officios may not invoke their ex officios to join or participate in the LSLA, and

While recognizing that each individual Libertarian is free to do what they see as best for the Libertarian Party, nonetheless encourages individual party members to seek activism opportunities otherwhere than the Libertarian State Leadership Alliance, and

Encourages the State Chairs remaining in the Libertarian State Leadership Alliance to seek, forthwith, the removal of Stephen Gordon as their head, and

To the extent useful, the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts will operate on its web site a forum for State Chairs and State Party leaders to participate and communicate at no cost to them.

Resolution passed 4-1, State Chair Phillies not voting.

Seth Cohn: “A history of the LPNH, NH ballot access issues, and why this lawsuit is a mistake (part 1)”

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The following was written by Seth Cohn, and is published on LFV with the permission of the author.

This is written for those with little or no background in this issue, which includes many LNCers, and perhaps some of the current LPNH Exec Comm.

I’m going to highlight important points with *this*.

Let’s start our timeline back a bit, but not too far back: 1997, a mere 11 years ago

Oh, wait, we must mention the Sec of State (SOS), Bill Gardner, in power for over 30 years now.

We’ll come back to him…
652:11 Party. – “Party” shall mean any political organization which at the preceding state general election received at least 4 percent of the total number of votes cast for any one of the following: the office of governor or the offices of United States Senators.
Source. 1979, 436:1, eff. July 1, 1979. 1997, 253:1, eff. Jan. 1, 1999.

Note that date: in 1997 (effective by 1999), the percentage required was raised from 3 to 4 points. The LPNH lawsuit brought in 2005-06 has more details for those who want them… lots of juicy legalese, and lots of failure to make a dent, by legal means.

In 2000, Don Gorman, of NH, loses the LP nomination with 166 votes (19%) for second place, to a second attempt by Harry Browne at 56% of the convention voters.. The “Browne Cloud” affair ends up being both an ethical and financial sore point for the LP for many years to come. George Phillies, a professor of physics, would be the central force in excising the Emerling (aka Cloud) influence from his own state several years later. (Those wondering why George is the preferred target of certain people still in LP, your question is answered – if you name names and point out the dirty laundry, and those names and those who worked alongside them remain in the org after you’ve done so, they certainly will hold grudges in the future.)

The entire story of this part of this history can be pieced together from lots of googleable posts like this:
and quite importantly George’s own book,
(Those interested in a ebook or paper copy should contact George.)

NH election results – *Effect in NH: Due to Harry’s failure to campaign in NH (or much of any place else), Ballot Access as a party is lost, when the only qualifying downstream candidate, Governor candidate Babiarz gets no supportive bump from a active Presidential Candidate, in fact, Browne does worse than Babiarz by more than 2 to 1. As a result, party status is lost, and won’t be regained thru 2008, present day. *

2002 –

Babiarz doubles his numbers to over 13K votes, but still short of 4% Senate candidate Blevens does over 9K, but also not enough.

2004 – Badnarik fails to make the ballot at all, due to short petition numbers. Blevens also fails to make the ballot for the other Senate seat, makes 100+ tallied write in votes.  *LP National complains, for years later, that Babiarz and others are solely responsible for the ballot failure (which should have ‘easy petition drive’, in part because Babiarz won’t run against Gov. Benson (who has friendly to libertarian causes, like the Free State Project).*

Benson loses, as well.

2006 – Gov candidate Kahn fails to make the ballot. Blevens, despite not being the convention nominated candidate for Congress District 2, petitions, and successfully makes the ballot as Libertarian. The ‘official’ LPNH nominee, Lapointe, FAILS to make the ballot. *The question of renaming Blevens from L to Indep is raised. The Sec of State, refuses to do so, saying there is nothing he can do… the petition said Libertarian, so that is what Ken will be listed as.* Ken makes 3K votes.

Post 2006 – In the light of past petition failures, and *National’s insistence that a post Denver convention group of local petitioners, perhaps with some paid help, can make the ballot ‘easily’, the stirring of the current issue are created.*

When I say “National”, I include Shane Cory, Stephen Gordon, Sean Haugh, and others who in various conversations with me, either via email or phone, all either questioned WHY NH failed in 2004 with a eye to blame NH folks like Babiarz, and repeated that NH petitioning wasn’t hard as we claimed, after all it was only 3000 sigs required, far short of states with 10x that amount needed. Oh how little they understood….

To be continued in part 2 (at the least, since this is going to get long and drawn out as we delve into the current mess and find the realities that few want to admit..)

New TPW owner revokes libertarian contributors’ convention press credentials

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The following was posted on Third Party Watch today:

Over the weekend, Third Party Watch was acquired from Stephen Gordon by Richard Viguerie.


Richard Viguerie, is known as the “funding father” of the modern conservative movement and is the co-author of America’s Right Turn and, more recently, author of Conservatives Betrayed.

Also today, Stephen Gordon received an email from Andrew Davis, saying that Viguerie had requested that Libertarian Convention press credentials be revoked for three libertarian writers, who coincidentally all dared to speak out against Bob Barr: Tom Knapp, PaulieCannoli, and Michelle Shinghal.

Welcome to my world, guys.

Paulie and Miche are also LFV Contributors, of course, and they were caught completely unaware; they didn’t even know that TPW was for sale, much less that it had been sold. One would think that Steve Gordon would have mentioned that to them, but apparently he didn’t, and they didn’t know anything about it until after the deal was done, and their press credentials had already been revoked by the new owner.

From: Andrew Davis [mailto:[email address redacted]
Sent: Monday, May 19, 2008 9:19 AM
To: Stephen Gordon
Cc: Shane Cory
Subject: Press Credential Removal

At the request of the new owners of Third Party Watch, I am removing three writers from your credentials request:


Because the original request for credentials came from you, I am leaving it as your responsibility to notify [the contributors] as to their removal from the credentials list.

Thank you.
Andrew Davis
National Media Coordinator
Libertarian National Committee, Inc.
[email address redacted]
Office: [redacted]
Cell: [redacted]

Incidentally, notice that Andrew’s cell phone number was in that message, but I redacted it.  He’s lucky he’s dealing with a principled libertarian, and not a fellow “radical Republican”, since they would not give him that consideration if they had the same valid complaint about him that I have.

At any rate, I can only just shake my head in amazement, not only that Vigueria revoked their press credentials so quickly, but also that Steve didn’t even let the contributors know the site was for sale, or even that it had been sold.  I have a lot of respect for Steve Gordon, so I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt in this situation.  I’m not especially inclined to do that with Vigueria, though.

As if all that is not bad enough, Vigueria is already deleting articles which are not supportive of Bob Barr.  Though Steve Gordon is on Barr’s staff, he never deleted others’ articles, even if they were critical of his candidate; and that action by Vigueria shows that he refuses to cover the convention and its candidates in a fair and impartial manner.  That being the case, why does TPW even still have press credentials at all?  I cannot help but wonder why their credentials were not revoked as soon as Steve Gordon sold the site.

I was told today that Andrew Davis is just trying to keep his job, and that is why he refused to give LFV convention press credentials; after all, we are highly critical of Bob Barr, and Bob Barr sits on the LNC.  Of course, if Andrew Davis were really a libertarian, or if he even had principles, he would do the right thing in this situation no matter what the personal consequences.  Instead, he allows a site which is now nothing but another Bob Barr campaign site to retain its credentials, while refusing credentials for a site which actually earned those credentials by doing real journalism, even beating the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in the disclosure of the very serious problems with Bob Barr’s PAC.  For all anyone really knows, given that LFV is in the top ten Google hits for “libertarian convention”, the AC-J actually got that information initially from LFV.

But, I digress.

Obviously, Miche and Paulie are more than welcome back home here at LFV, and displaced libertarian writers (and readers) from TPW are, of course, more than welcome to make LFV their new home.

Christine Smith openly insults male LP opponents during radio interview

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Christine Smith looking presidential, LOLI will readily admit that I am not a fan of Christine Smith; in fact, I have been quite harsh in my criticisms of her and her campaign. Honestly, I felt a little bad about it …. until now. I realize now that I probably wasn’t harsh enough.

She was recently interviewed by WTAN-AM1340. Here is a short excerpt from Third Party Watch:

I’ll highlight the portions which might be controversial, debatable or otherwise of interest.

“I’m the leading candidate by all the ways we can measure it.”

I’ll note that winning one non-binding primary (but losing others) doesn’t mean all that much—especially when losing to someone who isn’t even on the ballot. Here is one measurable standard which indicates that Smith is currently in 4th place among convention delegates—if one doesn’t count NOTA, which is currently outpolling Smith, too.

“These are people who are seeking the LP nomination, but the majority are far from being libertarian.” […]“Almost everyone running, with just probably a couple of exceptions, are not libertarian. They are men doing it, I guess, for their egos.”

I’m not sure what definition of libertarian she’s using, but most of the candidates certainly have libertarian and/or Libertarian credentials. Among the list of 14 LP presidential candidates, there are certainly some whose libertarian / Libertarian credentials could be questioned. However, if there are only “a couple” of libertarians running, I wondering which of these people she’s accusing of being non-libertarian: Steve Kubby, George Phillies, Bob Jackson, Jim Burns, Barry Hess, Daniel Williams.

Stephen Gordon at Third Party Watch summed up the interview this way:

Smith was quick thinking, quick talking and well spoken throughout the interview. She displayed a fair amount of confidence—but I’m sure some listeners will suggest that her level of confidence borders on hype.

You can read the entire article on Third Party Watch here.

You can listen to the interview for yourself here.

When I read that she thinks libertarian men are running to feed their egos, I thought, wow. Just, wow. That is incredibly insulting, especially when she is running against men whose libertarian credentials cannot be seriously questioned, and those men include more than “a couple” of candidates who are well-educated and have a great deal of libertarian activism experience. As far as I can tell, Christine doesn’t even have any formal education beyond high school, she has never run for any public office or even an internal LP office, and she is brand-new to the libertarian movement.  Her views have changed even since she announced her candidacy, and are likely to change even more since she is new to the movement.

Given her complete lack of qualifications to represent the Libertarian Party (much less to run the entire country), what makes her think she should be president, if not her own overinflated ego?

My impression is that Christine thinks she is far more popular and important than she really is, which is not at all surprising since she seems to live in a world that the rest of us can’t see. Between her “Peace Prize”, which is in reality nothing but a weirdly-worded certificate given to women from other women, and her “Outstanding American Award” which came from a known con man who was convicted of committing a massive $39 million fraud (and who seems to still be defrauding people, since a gentleman repeatedly discussed on my blog that the same man had stolen 125K from him, and that there is a criminal investigation into the matter), I have to laugh.

It’s a nervous laugh though, because if she gets the LP nomination (which is a serious long shot given that “None Of The Above” regularly polls better than she does), she will prove to be a complete embarrassment to libertarians everywhere, once the mainstream media starts checking into her various lofty claims and comparing them to the reality.

Yes, it may seem that I’m being very hard on her, and I am. The woman is running for President of the United States, not local dog catcher. Since she is female, she has largely escaped the level of criticism the male candidates have faced. However, if we aren’t diligent in investigating and exposing our own presidential candidates prior to the convention, we will almost certainly end up utterly humiliated when the mainstream media does that for us after the convention.