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Stuber email: It would take a miracle for Barr to win – Quick, send money!

In Libertarian Party-US, Libertarian Politics, Politics on September 20, 2008 at 1:36 pm

This is the latest email from the Barr campaign, written by Robert Stuber.

Dear Friend,

It has been several weeks since you’ve heard from me and I’ll bet you were wondering what had happened to me.

Well, for the time being I’m still here at Bob Barr for President national campaign headquarters in Atlanta. If you’ve bothered to open any of my more recent diatribes, you know that I’m the campaign’s fundraiser and I have a deal with people who support the cause with a financial gift of as little as just $5.

That deal? Send a gift and you’ll never hear from me again.

You see, according to our database records – and those are never wrong, right? – we show that you have been receiving our emails (presumably indicating your support for Bob Barr) and we have yet to record even a $5 gift in support of this history-making venture.

I figure you must be one of four types of people.

A.) You are an official with the media trying to catch the Bob Barr campaign making some stupid, outrageous or erroneous statement. You can’t wait to say “gotcha!”

B.) The McCain or Obama campaign has hired you to similarly monitor our statements – (of course, they would have to hire you because they have no real volunteer support willing to do such mundane tasks and they have a gazillion dollars between them and can afford to hire you.) Those dollars have either come from special interests or, in the case of the McCain campaign, MY TAX DOLLARS, which I deeply resent . . . but I digress.

C.) Thirdly, you are unemployed, or too young to have a job, and can’t afford to part with a few bucks. I understand that and am cool with it. I hope you find my musings informative, educational and perhaps entertaining and please know that I hope your financial condition improves in the near future. That said, if Obama or McCain are elected, I’m not optimistic about the future economy of our nation . . . but then again I am biased and believe that ONLY Bob Barr as President will improve our economy by enacting meaningful reductions in government spending, eliminating wasteful and counter-productive regulations and programs, and reducing the tax burden you will eventually be stuck with.

D.) You are a great American and true believer who like me admires Bob Barr and wishes he “had a chance of winning.” You share my sentiment that neither McCain nor Obama will bring any real change to Washington. You recognize that the so-called “two party system” is corrupt and broken and special interests have too much power. You are in independent thinker and may be relatively new (after all we are adding thousands of new readers to this message every week) to the Bob Barr email list. But you still don’t think Bob Barr’s campaign is worth your investment. You worry that votes Bob captures will divide our country or possibly lead to a win by a candidate you really don’t care for.

So if you are in category “D,” the rest of this message is for you (But everyone else is welcome to read along . . . as if I could stop you . . . )

Here’s the reason you should get off the dime and drop a $5 bill on Bob Barr. You see, I may be a bit idealistic, but I’m not stupid. I realize that unless a miracle occurs (and I do believe in them and pray for one daily), the chance that Bob Barr is elected President on November 4 is slim.

So why waste time and resources supporting him? It’s simple, really. I will no longer settle for the lesser of two evils, I will no longer put up with government as usual, I will no longer accept that the status quo is all we can ever hope for.

In our nation, change comes very slow In some ways, that’s good. But today our federal government is almost totally out of control. There are a few good elected officials in Washington, but they are indeed scarce. The corrupt are teamed with the ones who want socialism, and that’s the direction in which we are headed.

A decade ago I had hope that the GOP might win out over socialism, but I was wrong and they have gone over to the dark side of big government and more spending just like the Democrats.

Do you find yourself nodding as you read this? I’m sure you are.

As they say on TV, “but wait, there’s more . . .”

Let’s talk about our privacy and the nature of big government to spy on its citizens. Let’s talk about your fundamental civil rights – like those guaranteed in the Second Amendment.

When the Bush administration recently went to Congress for re-authorization of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), it wasn’t good enough for them to pay off the telecom industry with legal immunities for their misdeeds, no . . . they had to expand the government’s capacity to spy on you and me for barely any reason what so ever. That scares me and it should you, too. Both Senators Obama and McCain supported this bill (could it be because both receive huge campaign contributions from people with telecom industry connections?) and because of that, your privacy is NOT a big issue in this campaign. This is an outrage.

Next, on the issue of gun control, there is no question that Barack Obama would work closely with his allies in the Democrat party to add restrictions and ban both certain guns, and certain ammunition. For the guns he can seize, he would make it difficult and expensive to own and use them. On the issue of the Second Amendment, Obama is a very dangerous person, which perhaps explains why the National Rifle Association has hitched their horse to the McCain campaign. But it seems that the leaders of the NRA are willing to overlook an important fact about the McCain record. It has been only nine years, but they seem to have forgotten that John McCain was the primary mover behind the McCain/Lieberman legislation that would have effectively ended the practice of private gun sales and gun shows Defeating McCain/Lieberman and its successors was the NRA’s top agenda item less than a decade ago. Are we to believe that John McCain has changed his tune on gun control? If someone can logically support an end to gun shows, then why not a ban on so-called “assault rifles” like the AR-15s and M1s we collect? Or a ban on semi-automatic handguns like the Colts, Glocks, and S&Ws we own to protect our homes? Or even a ban on the semi-automatic shotguns like the Beretta’s, Mossbergs, Winchesters and Remingtons we own and use for hunting?

Like me, you probably don’t trust the “new” pro-gun John McCain that the NRA is in love with.

Bob Barr’s record on privacy, gun control and our civil rights in general is impeccable. NRA members have recognized this several times by electing him to their Board of Directors.

You and I both know Bob Barr is the most honest, experienced and qualified candidate to occupy the White House in 2009. But there’s still that nagging thought that he “doesn’t have a chance of winning.”

After all the media almost totally ignores the campaign. And, then there’s my greatest gripe of the week. As you know, Bob Barr and his running mate, Wayne Root, are the only candidates who complied with the law for filing to be on the ballot in Texas. It is an open and shut case of Texas bureaucrats ignoring the law, but it is none-the-less a reality that only this campaign complied 100% with the law. Yet, the establishment has taken it upon themselves to ignore the law and certify McCain and Obama. If you or I were to break a Texas law like this, there is no way we would be so protected and favored.

Anyway, today I ask you to turn off those inhibitions that are keeping you from doing the right thing. I ask you to invest in this campaign Win or lose, we will make history and significantly impact Washington. Your gift of just $5 will get you off the list of people who hear from me with these nagging rants. But I sincerely hope you will invest more; $25, $50, $100 will make a big difference. Click here to donate.

Your gift will help us buy time for Bob Barr television and radio ads. And with those ads will come a significant boost in his poll numbers. And with that boost will come more media attention and participation in the national political debates. This is the beginning of that proverbial snow-ball gaining momentum.

So, please, you won’t hear from me again with just a $5 gift, but I ask you to consider even a larger gift to help. Together we can make a miracle happen. Thank you.

Thank you.

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Robert Stuber
Finance Director
Bob Barr for President