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Israel’s Biggest Theft of all Time.

In Children, Human Rights Abuses, Libertarian, Middle East, Minorities, Taxation, Terrorism, Torture, US Government, War on July 16, 2009 at 5:50 pm

I would like to start this by pointing out that when I refer to “Israel” in this piece. I am not referring directly to the people of Israel. I am referring to their government which acts in their name. Just like the American government spreads war around the world with the tax money they coerce out of me, Israel spreads war, death, poverty, inhumanity, and famine within throwing distance of it’s own inhabitants. Even though you might be an Israeli who does not care about the Palestinians or anything about them, please understand that this very second your government is actively killing, harassing, provoking, and starving these people who have a 60%+ unemployment rate in the territory they live in. They cannot rebuild from the last war with Israel because they cannot ship in basic building materials. They cannot seek good health care because Israel has damaged the biggest hospitals in Gaza. Palestinians have no certainty that they will still own the land they live on for any long period of time because of Israel’s illegal settlements that continue to spring up. The worst part of this situation is the theft of time. Palestinians must endure dozens of checkpoints which slow travel time and create hassles for these people on a daily basis.

I don’t think that I have to explain that ‘time’ is the most valuable resource. You can never get it back. It’s one of the most personal things you have. When man invests time into something then part of it becomes his. Time and effort have created all of the buildings and machines that make modern life possible. However, time is an extremely limited and valuable resource. Some spend it carelessly and achieve little in their lives. Some have it stolen through untimely death or imprisonment. Some try to maximize their time and create things to increase the efficiency and speed of the task they are trying to accomplish so that they will not have to spend excess time. Most people have a job or a trade that they do everyday. Your job is a trade-off of your time for money. When time is spent well then you can use it to enhance the life of yourself and your family. When your time is stolen then your death has come a few steps closer, but you take no steps toward your goals. Ultimately the theft of one’s time degrades their legacy.

This is the travesty that is performed by Israel and other governments everyday millions of times over.

I believe that the senseless death and destruction that Israel perpetrates daily can be broken down in to the amount of time and effort they destroy everyday. Every building they destroy in Gaza is the destruction of many people’s efforts. Every time they make a Palestinian wait hours at a checkpoint to go a few miles then they steal some of that Palestinian’s time. The theft is even more deplorable when kill and torture people at these checkpoints. Sometimes people are detained and strip-searched without reason. Young men are beaten without reason. After one is beaten or tortured then more time is stolen from that individual because they have to recuperate. Time is stolen when Palestinians are denied medical care in better Israeli hospitals. Some people die an untimely death because they did not have adequate medical care. Why would this situation be Israel’s fault? Because they destroy the hospitals that would enable the Palestinians to give themselves proper medical treatment.

However this is a double bladed sword. They also waste the time of the Israeli people by keeping the illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories going. The men who enlist for the Israeli military waste their time occupying lands and harassing people who pose no threat to them. Israeli generals and bureaucrats pass down the orders that ensure conflict with the Palestinians. Israeli people die as a result of their government’s negligence. Israeli people who live in the settlements stay armed because they stay on land stolen from Palestinians. It’s land that they did not cultivate or plow. It’s land that their family did not grow up farming. Olive groves that could have provided food have been destroyed for illegal settlements. This situation  creates a blackhole that consumes the time of all the parties involved. This blackhole is controlled by Israeli officials who have never seen the bullets and carnage that they create. However they too are trying to make efficient use of their time and efforts. As long as they have radical neighbors then America stays motivated to keep money and weapons flowing to them. Israeli generals and bureaucrats keep fat pockets at the expense of their military personnel, the Israeli people, and the Palestinians.

Apparently the Israeli officials who makes these policies believe that their time is more important than their people’s and the Palestinian people’s time (and lives)…


  1. Peace on you! Of course, the Israeli government’s actions are NEVER a result of Palestinian behavior (i.e., Kassam rockets, mortars, shootings, stabbings, etc.). The Israeli government’s actions are strictly the result of being bad, bad, bad.

    Time to wake up and smell the rocket fuel.

  2. israel has no intention of ever allowing a single palestinian to live anywhere in Palestine, in ‘peace’ ever. They won’t be satisfied until they’ve murdered every single Palestinian with the nuts to stand their ground on the turf stolen by Israel in the nakbah in 1948. and Israel’s proxy army will soon help it attack Iran, solely on lies, as Iran is a signatory to the N.P.T. and Israel is ‘not’ and is still allowed to threaten neighboring countries at will. All on the U.S. taxpayer’s ‘sheckels’ for sure, too.

  3. joelsk44039, your point would seem to hold water if I ignored reason and historical fact. As I showed above the Palestinians are subjected to inhumane and torturous treatment on a daily basis. Would you have me think that the Palestinians have Depleted Uranium weapons to kill, contaminate, and destroy Israeli lives (both Present and Future)? Would you have me believe that Palestine (instead of Israel) strip searches girls in front of male soldiers? Would you have me believe that a few hundred Israeli dead is comparable to the thousands of Palestinian deaths over the years of conflict? Palestinians do not have checkpoints in Israeli territory and they do not have walls to keep the Israeli’s in. They do not have hi-tech weapons to pierce bunkers and walls to kill Israeli leaders. They have not built illegal settlements over aquifers to keep water from the Israeli’s. Palestinians do not hijack boats and arrest foreigners seeking to bring aid and medical supplies to Israel. Palestinians did not run Israeli’s out of their homes and threaten people with death or rape, if they did not leave, to create a Jewish state. Palestinians do not have one of the strongest lobbying groups in Washington D.C. which it uses to support it’s war on Israelis. Palestinians do not systematically torture Israeli children in jails. No, a homemade rocket that rarely hits anyone is not equal to a depleted uranium tipped missile created by the American Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex.

    If you want me to feel like Israel is the victim in this then you’ll have to do a bit more convincing. I do understand that the Palestinians and the Israeli people are victims in this game but the Israeli government is far from being a victim. To me the “radical” Palestinians do not resemble terrorists. They strongly resemble people who have nothing left to lose.

    Perhaps you should smell the depleted uranium dust, see the white phosphorous, feel the D.I.M.E. weapons, and hear your family in despair and pain before you assume that my gripe is as shallow as Israel “being bad, bad, bad”.


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