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57% of American’s want to attack N. Korea?

In Libertarian, Lies and the lying liars who tell them, Media, War on April 9, 2009 at 12:33 pm

I have to wonder what has a hold of the American people. According to a recent poll 57% of Americans favor a military strike in response to N. Korea’s recent missile test. Most people don’t even know where N. Korea is on the map. The same group of people wouldn’t know why South Korea is our ally instead of North Korea. Most American’s don’t know that the end of the Korean war has not yet been declared. Furthermore, most American’s don’t know that South Korea has called to normalize ties with N. Korea in the past which the US president down played.

With these things in mind it’s a weird phenomenon that 57% of the American’s that participated in the poll would vote to murder Koreans to respond to a situation that they vastly don’t understand. Normally when people make an important decision like choosing a college, house , or car they will do weeks of research to make the right choice. Yet people are willing to sanction murder and willingly convert their tax dollars to murder without understanding the situation. Maybe I’m a weird guy but I think that human life is far more important than a car, house, college, oil, diamonds, or gold. With this in mind I think that people should do more research before they lend their support to mass murder of people they don’t even know.

Propaganda is not something that died in the days of the Soviet Union. I’m sure that you have have heard of the term “human relations”. This term was created by Sigman Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays. He understood that the term “propaganda” had a stigma associated with it. He created the term “human relations” to be a more acceptable term for propaganda. Subsequently we’ve seen numerous corporate human relations departments spring up to control the public image of corporations. Do any of the items below look familiar? They are all methods of propaganda.

This argument approach uses tireless repetition of an idea. An idea, especially a simple slogan, that is repeated enough times, may begin to be taken as the truth. This approach works best when media sources are limited and controlled by the propagator.
Appeals to authority cite prominent figures to support a position, idea, argument, or course of action.
Appeals to fear seek to build support by instilling anxieties and panic in the general population, for example, Joseph Goebbels exploited Theodore Kaufman’s Germany Must Perish! to claim that the Allies sought the extermination of the German people.
Using loaded or emotive terms to attach value or moral goodness to believing the proposition.
Bandwagon and “inevitable-victory” appeals attempt to persuade the target audience to join in and take the course of action that “everyone else is taking.”

  • Inevitable victory: invites those not already on the bandwagon to join those already on the road to certain victory. Those already or at least partially on the bandwagon are reassured that staying aboard is their best course of action.
  • Join the crowd: This technique reinforces people’s natural desire to be on the winning side. This technique is used to convince the audience that a program is an expression of an irresistible mass movement and that it is in their best interest to join.
  • Beautiful people
The type of propaganda that deals with famous people or depicts attractive, happy people. This makes other people think that if they buy a product or follow a certain ideology, they too will be happy or successful. (This is more used in advertising for products, instead of political reasons)
The repeated articulation of a complex of events that justify subsequent action. The descriptions of these events have elements of truth, and the “big lie” generalizations merge and eventually supplant the public’s accurate perception of the underlying events. After World War I the German Stab in the back explanation of the cause of their defeat became a justification for Nazi re-militarization and revanchist aggression.

Retrieved from

What does this have to do with N. Korea? I wanted to remind you that there are active systems in place in America that skew the mass’s reality. People don’t just miraculously think that Iran is bad, Iraq had WMD’s, Saddam helped Bin Laden, Amerika is a free country, or Hugo Chavez is an enemy of America. Indeed, there are mechanisms in place to instill and reinforce these idea’s in a person’s mind. The result of such mechanisms are people who feel confident when they say “we should go and kill other people in a foreign country for testing their missile launching capabilities”.

The way to uncover who the people are who’ve been manipulated is to scratch a little deeper in their logic. When you hear people say that “we should go kill some group of people in the world for whatever reason”, ask them “Why?”. If they recite what they heard on television then scratch a little deeper. I was talking to a coworker recently. She told me that if N. Korea gets 1 nuclear bomb then it might end up killing us. I asked her “How can one crude nuke compare to the few 100,000 nukes that America and Russia and Isreal have?”. We could shot down N. Korea’s nuke and still have enough ammo left to destroy the world a few 100 times over.

So you’re probably wondering what’s my point? The point is to remind you to be a critical thinker. When you look at the news be sure to engage your “B.S.” filter. Look for imperical data not the opinions of the reporter. When you see news shows that are full of opinions and not facts then that should set off a red flag in your mind. Sadly most modern news networks try to tell you what to think instead of presenting stories and leaving the judgement to you. As far as N. Korea and it’s missile tests go you might want to research N. Korea and the term “nuclear deterrence”.

Don’t be a puppet.


  1. How can one nuclear bomb kill thousands, tens of thousands or more? You need to study up on EMP – the other effect, besides radiation by detonating a nuclear device literally “in the air” over a certain area.
    Now, what were you saying?
    And remember this: polls are tools and those tools are the results of only those people polled, and like most anything political can be used, like the media to come up with any factor that will represent a specific ideology or policy. Therefore, polling is not that reliable unless everyone in America electronically voted from their homes. In addition, the polling questions are often either vague or just go where the people creating the questions want people to go – which does not always represent the actual population of a given nation.
    Nuclear deterrence does not seem to concern the rogue national leadership representing North Korea, a nation that has the biggest work camp or concentration camp in the world and probably in history. I do agree with one aspect of this posting – the North Koreans do not need to be attacked, they need to be saved – like the Iraqi, regardless of WMDs, the sadistic murderer has met the justice of a court and trial and no longer is alive to harm anyone else. The Iraq invasion was to dethrone Saddam Hussein and his minions/followers, not harm the people who were his victims, who feared and secretly hated him – which is most of the populace. Being a Gulf War veteran, one would think that I would perceive the Iraqi as an enemy, but that is not so. America should never willingly or choose war as the first means of any situation; however, once it is decided, Americans should not fall under the spell of media induced and leftist propaganda where Americans and their leadership become the culprits instead of the entity that initiated it. It took 12 years of disregarding sanctions and under-the-table dealings and continued atrocities against his own citizens before (finally) it was decided to send a message – go into exile or be dethroned. The rest is history. The Iraq war was won when Saddam Hussein and his henchmen fell and fled. The aftermath, a second phase of the war, was/is reconstruction. It is the enemy of the free world that has continued the violence and difficulties of that second phase.
    I think you should do more research on Iraq before imitating rhetoric from the media, tool of leftist misinformation. And so I say to you as well, “Don’t be a puppet”.
    In the military and while serving at NATO LSE HQ for 4.5 years in Turkey, I had a Top Secret Atomal security clearance and also served in South Korea dealing with the sword rattling NK leadership, to include a classified (now declassified) endeavor called “Silver Bullet”. People have no idea how close tactical nuclear devices were almost, yet considered, during that period. Enlightenment can be attained by reading Bill Gertz articles and recent book, as well as following such sources as Global Security website. More accurate and informative than MSM (Main Stream Media). Just a suggestion, not telling you what to do on your blog.
    KAL – LP Journal

  2. I have to say that you are very misinformed to be someone who claims to be informed on this topic. Firstly you say that I’m “imitating rhetoric from the media”. Secondly you say I need to study up on EMPs? You called N. Korea a “rogue nation” even though this “rogue nation” was very close to reconciling with S. Korea a few months ago? You say N. Korea has the biggest concentration camps in the world even though America has 25% of the world’s prisoners? You think we “saved” Iraq? You say I’m spewing “leftist misinformation”?

    What planet do you live on Keith Lehman?

    Firstly I’d like to ask you why you say I’m “imitating rhetoric from the media”. What in my post did I imitate from anyone? Point it out. Sure I quoted propaganda methods from Wikipedia but my source was cited. What are you talking about?

    Secondly you try to make me sound misinformed on the topic of EMP. I think you sir are the one who needs to do more research on that topic. The US government hardened all government and essential infrastructure against EMP attack when they found out that it was a possible threat. Secondly N. Korea doesn’t even have a nuke capable of the output needed to generate an EMP that would cause the type of damage you’re referring to. Furthermore, even if they did (which they don’t) they would need a delivery system which they are currently far from. Only China or Russia would be capable of that sort of attack.

    You also called N. Korea a rogue nation. Have you ever pondered the fact that we have made deals with N. Korea and promised them nuclear reactors that we never delivered on? In fact we are the main violators of the terms of the deals we make with N. Korea. It’s almost as if the people in Washington want to keep these guys alienated. You seem to use this term similarly to the way Bush did when he brought up members of the “Axis of Evil”. Iraq was in this group and you say that we had to invade them even though Saddam volunteered to step down but we invaded the country anyway. Not to mention the fact that we put him there in the first place to counter Iran’s influence.

    You speak of “enlightenment” as if it’s something you’ve achieved. As the saying goes “The difference between the wise man and the fool is that the wise man knows that he doesn’t know everything.”. As for your security clearance you use to have to view classified information I’d like to quote Chalmers Johnson when he said that “ was just as good or better than any morning briefing I got when working at the CIA”.


  3. Purger84:
    Show me the source where it shows that we EVER (America) proposed to aid North Korea in their nuclear endeavor. (Wikipedia???)
    What prisoners are in America?
    You ask me “What planet I am from and continue your anti-American rhetoric with nothing to show for it in research material. I already stated that I am experienced with North Korea when serving my country working with intelligence materials and officers.
    North Korea is famous for reneging upon “deals”. I think you should check out reliable sources like Mr. Gertz, Global Security and other such informational sources. You might want to check out two of the latest books written by Gertz.
    It is true that our military has worked on keeping its equipment from EMP – but what about the rest of America? Do you realize that without electricity we will be living like people in the 18th century?
    And, if you think we shouldn’t have taken out Saddam, rather destroyed his regime – ask an Iraqi citizen what they think of that? In fact, look at one of my recent articles.
    Except for being an anti-American, what are YOUR qualifications besides reading Wikipedia? The idea is to prevent North Korea from developing like “China and Russia”, as well as Iran, another rogue nation.
    You are printing lies and someone had to say something. Saddam was ready to step down?
    Where in the devil do you get your sources.
    Thanks, you have given me fodder to write about in an upcoming article.
    Misinformation is worse than no information.
    And since you like quotes:
    “A lies told often enough becomes the truth” – Vladimir Lenin
    Where in our military agenda is a plan to murder North Koreans?
    I guess I shouldn’t get upset – your “just another anarchist”.
    South Korea has extended its hand on more than one occasion and you put the blame on America. Despicable.
    I didn’t write it, because I thought it would be insulting and rude, but I was wondering what planet you are writing about? (or “you are from”) as you put it.
    When people don’t have any facts to back up (Rasmussen poll report doesn’t count) they turn to name calling and general insulting remarks.
    The only other “sources” are those that back up your explanation about propaganda – otherwise, your claims are nothing.
    You give some good advice about where we get information in the last paragraph, but the rest is dysfunctional as the last three presidential administrations.

  4. Ok, lets go over this slowly for you Keith.

    The West’s failure to deliver on deals with N. Korea
    “Both sides will cooperate to replace the DPRK’s graphite-moderated reactors and related facilities with light-water reactor (LWR) power plants” 1994 Agreed Framework – right at the top

    Reactors were never delivered:

    America’s Prisoners
    “America has less than 5% of the world’s people but almost 25% of its prisoners”

    North Korea’s ability to create EMPs
    Gordon Prather, Nuclear Bomb expert on EMP – Only Russia, China, US, EU could make/deliver an enhanced radiation 100+ megaton H-Bombs to the edge of the atmosphere that could hurt anything through EMP. The Iranians can’t even make a single U-235 gun-type A-Bomb, the North Koreans’ Plutonium implosion A-Bomb test was only a partial success. Neither has the deliver the necessary weapon that they don’t/can’t have:

    Last few minutes of this:

    About Saddam’s “Rogue Regime”
    “… All during the 1990s, the US attempted to starve the population of Iraq, with the result of hundreds of thousands of deaths. Madelyn Albright said on national television that the deaths of 500,000 children (the UN’s number) was “worth it” in order to achieve our aims, which were ostensibly the elimination of non-existent, non-US built weapons of mass destruction. Yes, that annoyed a few people.”

    America has contributed to the deaths of over 1 million civilians in Iraq since the invasion started.

    You are printing lies and someone had to say something. Saddam was ready to step down?
    Saddam offering to welcome Army/FBI into the country and hold elections:

    Mr. Obeidi told Mr. Hage that Iraq would make deals to avoid war, including helping in the Mideast peace process. “He said, if this is about oil, we will talk about U.S. oil concessions,” Mr. Hage recalled. “If it is about the peace process, then we can talk. If this is about weapons of mass destruction, let the Americans send over their people. There are no weapons of mass destruction.” Mr. Obeidi said the “Americans could send 2,000 F.B.I. agents to look wherever they wanted,” Mr. Hage recalled. He said that when he told Mr. Obeidi that the United States seemed adamant that Saddam Hussein give up power, Mr. Obeidi bristled, saying that would be capitulation. But later, Mr. Hage recounted, Mr. Obeidi said Iraq could agree to hold elections within the next two years. Mr. Hage said Mr. Obeidi made it clear that he wanted to get his message to Washington, so Mr. Hage contacted Mr. Maloof in Washington. “Everything I was hearing, I was telling Mike,” he said.”

    South Korea and Reconciliation
    “The South and North shared the view that they should end the current armistice regime and establish a permanent peace regime,” the pact said.
    “Bush said last month that he is willing to formally end the Korean War, but insisted that it could only happen after Pyongyang’s total nuclear disarmament.”
    (Eventhough, Bush stated later in the article that he would end the Korean war it was still never done.)

    You said above that my “Misinformation is worse than no information.”.
    I think you have a big problem dude. You come off attacking me for warning people not to fall for media propaganda? There’s not much to misinform people about in the blog. I’m trying to save the lives of innocent people here and all you can so is throw two word slogans around? Give me a break. You’re trying to advocate attacks on nations that pose a 0% threat to America. Iraq could have never struck America even with the chemical and biological weapons we gave them ( Iran would need to kick out the IAEA inspectors and then figure out how to enrich their Uranium to 99.9% purity before they could even produce a nuke. Not to mention the 10 years of time it would take them to build the bomb (, and I would like to stress the fact that this would be ten years after they kick out the IAEA inspectors who have verified the non-diversion of nuclear materials from their civilian nuclear weapons program.

    “Do you realize that without electricity we will be living like people in the 18th century?”
    Yes I do. But if this were to ever happen it would not be a result of an attack from N. Korea so this shouldn’t have even been brought up.

    “Where in our military agenda is a plan to murder North Koreans?”
    I said that the American people who took this poll should think twice before they advocated a military strike on N. Korea. I never speculated on the “military agenda” of this country, and yes a “military strike” would kill people. Regardless of how “advanced” our weapons are there are always innocent people who get killed in the crossfire (

    “When people don’t have any facts to back up (Rasmussen poll report doesn’t count) they turn to name calling and general insulting remarks.”
    I agree, you’re living proof of this by calling me “just another anarchist”, “anti-American”, “Despicable”.

    BTW: When you called me anti-American what did you mean. Even the founding fathers dissented. Otherwise they would not have rebelled against the British. Nobody is perfect especially, ESPECIALLY, our government. The least I can do is point out what they are doing with the tax money they coerce out of me and you.


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