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Man, Economy, and State with Power and Markets Re-released

In Austrian Economics, Books, Economics, literature on March 12, 2009 at 5:57 pm

The Ludwig von Mises Institute has just yesterday re-released the Scholar’s Edition of the classic Austrian School text Man, Economy, and State with Power and Markets.  The new release has better binding than the previous release, and comes with a snazzy new cover.

Writes the Institute, this book, authored by the late radical libertarian and economist Murray N. Rothbard and consisting of 1440 pages, “provides a sweeping presentation of Austrian economic theory, a reconstruction of many aspects of that theory, a rigorous criticism of alternative schools, and an inspiring look at a science of liberty that concerns nearly everything and should concern everyone.”

In addition to purchasing the book here (or the study guide by Robert Murphy here), you can also read the entire book online for free.  This is, of course, in keeping with the Institute’s view that intellectual property (e.g. copyrights) are illegitimate.

Here’s the same book in .asp format and .pdf format.

–Alexander S. Peak


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