Steve G.

Songs of Freedom: Tales from the Revolution

In Activism, Art, Protest on March 11, 2009 at 1:42 am

Artist-activist Darryl W. Perry describes his latest project.  Submission are accepted at the Songs of Freedom blog. –S.G.

I got the idea for this book about 6 weeks after the Presidential election of 2008. I began to reflect on the previous 18 months with all of the rallies and events that I (and thousands others) had attended in support of a smaller government and more personal freedom. I was reminded that Dr. Paul had become the unofficial spokesman for liberty for this generation. I, and others, see the “rEVOLution” as an extension of the American Revolution started by our ancestors over 230 years ago. While we aren’t fighting the British crown for independence, we are fighting an oppressive government for our freedom. We’re fighting to protect our Constitutional rights, which have slowly eroded away over the last century.

While this book is inspired by Dr. Paul and partially dedicated to him; it is also about more than one man. To borrow a quote from Adam Kokesh, “The freedom movement is bigger than any one party, and any one leader. The revolution of which I speak is a revolution of values, of political culture, and of the understanding of the responsibility of being a good citizen. When that happens, it will be reflected in our political system one way or another, be it through the Republicans, Democrats, Green Party, Constitution Party, or an independent candidate…More than the party or any one candidate, I am committed to this movement, my country, and my principles.

This is a book written by and for everyone in the freedom movement.  I’m hoping to have the book ready for release by April 15th. I’ve set a deadline of March 30 for submissions of pro-freedom artwork, poems, short stories and essays. Currently there have been submissions of work from Gary Franchi & Adam Kokesh. I have also found some good works in the public domain from Emma Goldman, Henry David Thoreau, Richard Henry Lee & Patrick Henry that seem fitting. After all, the fight for freedom spans centuries and “requires eternal vigilance”.


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