Steve G.

Clinton makes a token critique of Israel

In Human Rights Abuses, Middle East on March 4, 2009 at 1:16 pm

The article that I’m referring to can be found here. In the AP article Clinton is quoted as making the comment that Israel’s demolition of Palestinian homes is ‘unhelpful’. Though, I admit that it’s good that she acknowledged this travesty, I wish that she would have also reminded people that the construction of any settlements on Palestinian land is illegal under international law. Not to mention the fact that the theft and demolition of Palestinian property contributes to the radicalization of Palestinians.

When I talk to people on this topic they are quick to bring up this illusion that the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians has been going on for millennia. I fundamentally disagree with this logic because if this were true; How would there have been a definite beginning or end to the first and second intifada? If they never stopped fighting then the entire Palestinian history should be one long uprising against the Israelis. We must also remember that the biblical Israel and the modern day Israel (state) are two different things. The biblical Israel referred to a people. Today’s Israel refers to the state not the people contained in it. Also there is the fact that Palestinians and Israelis have lived in peace in modern history. So they can live in peace but the repressive and brutal practices of the Israeli regime constantly undermines any peace process that’s underway.

In the AP article it is also mentioned that the ‘Palestinian Authority’ is the only legitimate government of the Palestinians. This also leads to another conflict because the only entity who can determine the voice of the collective Palestinian people is the people themselves. They voted Hamas into office. It’s nobodies place to say that any elected government is not fit to represent it’s people except for the people living under it.  Imagine another government stepping into the American political process and saying that republicans or democrats are not legitimate and that they will only recognize one group. It sounds crazy right? So how can we expect for this model to work for another country?

In conclusion, I would just like to reiterate the fact that the entire Palestinian-Israeli conflict is undermind by Israel’s policies and America’s blind backing of Israel. It’s only when all parties are taken out of their comfort-zone that meaningful changes can be made. I’m sure that the Palestinians have not been comfortable for a long time. It’s time for the Israelis to feel some fire under their heels to make a meaningful change. This means that blind American support should be stopped and maybe Israel might have a bit of motivation to stop displacing and killing their neighbors.



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