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An Energetic Anger

In Global Warming, Lies and the lying liars who tell them, Science on March 4, 2009 at 1:17 pm

I’m looking at CSPAN this morning and they have T. Boone Pickens speaking on American Journal. The topic was about “energy independence”. He made it  seem as if the only hope for American energy independence was natural gas and solar power. I didn’t hear any mention about the original diesel fuel (hemp oil). Why do I bring this up? Because it can be grown almost anywhere in the U.S. and you wouldn’t have to use food crops for fuel which depletes the food supply.

A few of the positive points about using the fuel mentioned above is that it burns cleaner than most other liquid fuels and that it can be grown quickly. Hemp is nothing more than a tall grass so it can be grown in a lot of different environments. It can also be harvested multiple times a year. Not to mention the other uses for the rest of the plant parts such as cloth production and it’s ability to make a very durable and efficient paper. It is also edible. The list of uses grows but yet there was no mention of using this crop for alternative fuel.

Mr. Pickens in his interview made the claim that only diesel or liquified natural gas has the energy to run a big rig. He said that since this is the case that until America taps it’s natural gas reserves that we will always be dependent on other nations for our energy needs. But this logic is a fraud because , as I stated above, we already know of a good fuel source that can run a car. The very first “Model T” Ford ran off of hemp oil. It also had hemp plastic panels on it as well; which have an impact strength stronger than steel.

In other words I just hate for people to be duped into believing that our only salvation for energy independence is petroleum. We have plenty of other resources that I haven’t even mentioned like magnet motors and also don’t forgot the other inventors of alternative energy that were all bought out and who’s technology has been suppressed by major car and oil industries to consolidate  their oligopoly over their customers. There’s a documentary called “Who killed the Electric Car” that details what some people have went through and how technology has been out for a while but that car industries kept them from getting out.

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