Steve G.

Unintended consequences

In Libertarian on January 26, 2009 at 5:33 pm

I’d been planning my first show for BTM TV when an errand called me past this church sign.


When I first noticed the sign yesterday, I thought that it was a call for prayer for our troops. I immediately thought of Mark Twain’s War Prayer and the idea of unintended outcomes. I 86’d what I had and planned something new around the theme. After I pulled some stories, I went to dinner with some new buddies where a point that seemed to bring it all together was made: While America is arguing over abortion, class, gender and ethnicity, those who are supposed to be representing us in government are robbing us blind of our wealth and liberty.

I went back today for a picture of the sign and saw that crosses were set up to represent aborted fetuses. I intend to present the show as planned because in my mind, this picture underscores it all. Please join me at 8:00 tonight over BTM TV (Channel 1) where I’ll be presenting example after example of good intentions in public policy going horribly wrong.

  1. Miche, will there be a podcast of it? I’ll miss the show while stuck in work!ūüė¶

  2. No, but I’ll archive it as soon as possible.

    BTW, when are you going to post something new? Missing your voice here.

  3. Thanks for the post – added a link on my page in remembrance of Roe v Wade. A picture always conveys the story best.

    The picture on my site is a two generation miracle as the hand holding the baby was a ‘suggested candidate for abortion by the mom’s doctor’ years ago. The husband had a better idea, a new doctor. Praise God for wise fathers and two generations of miracles in one picture.

  4. Been up to my eyeballs on MSN battles. I gotta find a good topic. Arizona v. Johnson which came down today may be a good one.

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