Steve G.

Under New Management

In Libertarian on January 18, 2009 at 10:18 pm

Last Free Voice is undergoing a small face lift. Please pardon the dust as we revamp and bring in new writers.


Many thanks to EFM who picked up where Stuart left off in picking up HoT’s baggage. She’s obviously a fabulous writer and while we wish her well in her newest endeavor, we hope she finds enough downtime (and the financial ability that makes downtime happy) to spend a little here.

In the meantime you’ll see a “soft opening” of sorts. LFV will be changing content and moving toward focus on the very real assaults on personal freedoms from every quadrant of the Nolan Chart.

  1. Who is going to be the new editor?

  2. You?

    The new owners of the site wish to extend a writing/editing/publishing invitation to all.

    Please send submissions/ requests to

  3. I’d like to thank ENM for her work and thank Miche for keeping it voicin’.

  4. Disclaimer: I hope “voicin” isn’t a bad word. I thought I just made it up but got paranoid and upon googlin’ some weird stuff popped up:

    I hope I’m not in trouble. I’m not good at hearing the words in music and even if I do I often don’t understand what they mean. I retract everything.

  5. While I liked ENM and will miss her particular brand of snark, I certainly think LFV is in great hands with Miche at the helm. Her creds (and some other things!) are impeccable!

    Please do consider allowing my hubby to continue in a writer slot.

  6. Haha on voicin baby!

    And, Lidia, I’d love for Mike to continue on here. BTW, it was such a pleasure spending time with your lovely family in L.A. this weekend. John is an amazing boy and I thought you contributed greatly to an overlooked area in the peace movement.

  7. I’m not going away, but I’d sure love to clean out the spam that has been showing up lately. 🙂

    Thanks for the kind words all around. The “other things” impeccable are best left to Lid and Miche to discuss offline. 🙂

  8. Oh dear. Mike confused. But what else is new?

  9. this is a double hit for me. ENM was regularly publishing my stuff. and I was hoping to eventually talking her into vp.

  10. Thank the FSM! This place was turning into a real shithole. After they let Hogwart and that Brian Miller retard blog here I thought for sure it was finished.

    There is hope!

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