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Israel admits Hamas rockets non-issue during cease fire

In Libertarian on January 12, 2009 at 9:34 pm

As a quick follow up to my last post and many ongoing conversations (both public and private), I present the following video to support my claims that Israel’s offensive in Gaza is at best a disproportionate response to a small infraction and at worst, a massacre.

  1. Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said Sunday that Israel’s war with Hamas is not a one-time conflict that will end with an agreement.


  2. Little old jewish ladies in NYC (see Democracy Now 1-13) are calling for all inhabitants of Gaza to be pushed into the sea. Killed, annihilated!

    They who have no mercy, will be shown no mercy…

    Oh, for a world where the individual is held responsible for THEIR actions, not where an entire people is slaughtered for the sins of a few…

  3. With each passing day, Israel’s offensive in Gaza more and more resembles a massacre – a massacre encouraged and supported by America. There is a danger that Lebanon and Syria may be sucked into the fray and Iran is alleged to be behind all of it.

    Meanwhile, America squanders billions and curtails liberty and privacy in the name of national security to keep us safe from the enemies the state has created and provoked in the Mideast.

    My conclusion is that interventionist libertarians that claim to want smaller government are either lying or they are idiots, quite possibly both.

  4. Tom,
    You’re correct, it’s quite likely both. But hey, when Israel was busy breaking the cease-fire, Americans were busy annointing their “saviours” via the election process.

    I pity those people when they finally realize that there’s no single person who can right the ship and then, for the first time, recognize their own culpability.

    This weekend though, I’m gonna have a blast with Keaton in L.A.

  5. You will have peace when Arabs and Muslims get rid of their Nazi like hatred of Jews. You will have peace when Arabs and Muslims stop sending suicide bombers to kill little children on their way to school. You will have peace when Arabs and Muslims stop hijacking planes, ships, and trains to kill Jewish passengers. You will have peace when Arabs and Muslims stop killing Jewish athletes who are attending international sporting events. You will have peace when Jewish mothers and fathers no longer have to shed tears because they lost a loved one at the hands of cold blooded Arab and Muslim killers. You will have peace when someone Jewish can be at a restaurant, bus stop, museum, dance hall, . . . and they no longer have to worry their life is at risk just because they are a Jew.

  6. Thanks for your input, Jose. However, some of the incidents you mention seem to be decades old. Let me ask you this: Are the Jews and Arabs even after the massacre of Gaza? (Not that it was really a religious war but that was covered in an earlier post.)

  7. B.S.!
    Return HARD every time they fire another rocket intno Israel!

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