Steve G.

“Santas” wrap traffic cameras in Arizona

In Libertarian on December 23, 2008 at 11:10 pm

Posted this at my place but thought some of you who don’t visit might enjoy it here. Happy holiday to all…

  1. I meant to say something over there, but this is one creative set of Santas…..

  2. What kind of a Christmas is it when so-called do-gooder Santa’s go and cover up our paint ball targets?

    Pacem en Terris

  3. Steven, they just made bigger targets is all..


    …is an awesome place to get updated about motorist rights, and the freedom to travel. That’s all they report about, and they do so in-depth. They have a few times weekly or so newsletter that always has great stuff in it, including the videotaped and photographed traffic camera destructions in belgium and the UK.

    Belgium: the New America! LOL

    also good is

  5. […] My kind of Santas …covering speed cameras in Tempe AZ. […]

  6. Logical, too. Imagine how many tickets the sleigh would get tonite at the speed they travel the world!

  7. They are violating states’ rights. Those cameras were placed there by state and local governments, who have had their rights violated by these lawless ruffians!

    Now if they were federal cameras, I’d be cheering. But these brigands are violating the rights of state and local governments, which is unacceptable.

  8. Simply get a license plate cover, spray the inside with hairspray before mounting, and wear Groucho glasses when driving.

    Speed and red light cameras are actually a safety hazard. See for all the studies on the subject.

    Besides, how do you cross-examine a camera in court, anyway?

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