Steve G.

New Activist Tool

In Libertarian Party-US on December 22, 2008 at 11:36 am

I was casting around for ways to get useful feedback on the Libertarian Party’s website and the policy statements it contains to the Party leadership. I decided that a public forum where the website’s articles, polls, press releases, etc. can be discussed in a focused manner without personal rancor would be a good idea.


I hope folks will try it out, make suggestions for improvements, and make it into a useful feedback mechanism for the LP’s leadership. I expect some break-in issues as this is the first time I’ve used Geeklog (which seems to be VERY easy to work with; an impression I dearly hope is not illusory).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, and for trying out the new space!

  1. Is Hogwart going to censor this one like she does here 2 yahoo groups?

    If so, it is already DOA.

  2. It appears that when Susan was exposed for the fraud that she is, she throws a temper tantrum and closes the “un-moderated” group so that the revelations cannot get out.

    Here is her final rant on lpradicals-discuss:

    “I’m shutting down this group. Discussion of radicalism as it relates to the LP can continue in a civilized fashion at the primary caucus group,

    Funny how she told everyone that she didn’t agree with on the main lpradicals group to go over to the supposedly unmoderated “discuss” group. Then she shuts it down because there is actual discussion there. LOL

    The LP is full of wonderfully libertarian folks.

  3. This entire exercise is a waste of time.

    The LNC has much bigger issues to deal with than it’s back web site archives, including its continued financial viability, its relevance versus Republican candidates given its lurch to the right, and its inability to invest its resources in policy issues rather than internal efforts to oust people they don’t like.

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