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Question of the day

In Libertarian on December 10, 2008 at 9:14 pm

An open topic: What does the word “libertarian” mean to you?

Haugh: LP Whistleblower?

In Libertarian Party-US, Libertarian Politics 2008 on December 10, 2008 at 4:11 pm

Sean Haugh posts a tell-all (or tell-most) article at Liberty For All, Lee Wrights’ blog, about sexual harassment issues at the national HQ in ’05, involving M. Carling, who had served as an LNC regional rep and is now serving as the LP’s parliamentarian.

Sean mentions that he started the article in ’05, killed it out of party loyalty, and is now publishing it in light of the Keaton charges for the same reason – party loyalty.

I am not sure if this post goes against the LP staff policy of not posting on ‘blogs. I am also not sure what, if any, efforts Haugh took to have this addressed privately with the LNC before going public with it. He ends with a strong indictment of Chair Redpath:

The message is loud and clear.  With Bill Redpath as our Chair, it is open season on women in leadership or on staff of the Libertarian National Committee.  People such as Keaton who crusade against sexual and gender bias within the party will be run out of town on a rail.  Meanwhile, men who have a history of real sexual harassment will be protected and even promoted by Bill Redpath.