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View the LNC Meeting LIVE here.

In Libertarian on December 5, 2008 at 3:47 am

I was hoping that you could view the live webcast of the LNC meeting here. Unfortunately, and WordPress don’t play well together.

So, in lieu of that, you can view it at my own blog, which also has the Twitter feed next to it if you follow TeamSeebeckM. Please Digg it, too.

You can also view it at this page.

Apologies for the way this works–it’s kinda crude. You might hear some sound issues and a slight broadcast delay.   And I can’t pan or zoom for crap. But it’s as close to live as we can get.

Air times will be 7:30 AM each day for the 8:00 meeting start.  All times PST.

  1. I may just leave town tomorrow. This is a sad waste of time. There is so much to do and this is what it comes down to. I promised myself I wasn’t going to say anything, but I am breaking that promise. Maybe none of this will get into the press, at least that press that is concerned with Libertarians, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Just sad from many different ways.


  2. The embed issue might be limited to just, since it works on my self-hosted wordpress site.

    Great work Mike!

  3. Hey George, email me offline and tell em how you got it working?

    Michael, I respect the sentiment. I’m putting this out there for the membership in general.

  4. Nevermind, I didn’t check all of my email… 🙂

  5. Mike, does allow streams to be archived for later viewing? I’m more familiar with and they allow archiving of streams.

  6. Gene, it allows recording as you go, and that is going to be done.

  7. And that means the recorded stream will be available later.

  8. […] Book Sales Plus info on Dr. Pat Bailey Jones TourMarketing to Non-Bookstore Buyers (Excerpted View the LNC Meeting LIVE here. – 12/05/2008 I was hoping that you could view the live webcast of the […]

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