Steve G.

Turning Japanese

In Libertarian on December 3, 2008 at 11:31 pm

I’m starting a semi-casual effort at a piece of fiction written in (to borrow a Holtzism) ‘bumperstickerese’ – 140-character bites. I hope to mostly use my cellphone but will be ‘publishing’ via Twitter:

Rather than creating a seperate Twitter account, I’m just prefacing each entry with “Story:” to distinguish them from my (infrequent) personal posts.

I started with an opening line and no real idea of plot, but after four entries something seems to be shaping up. It’s silly, but I’ll see where it goes. But (and this is the reaosn I’m mentioning it here) it will be LP-themed. It might be amusing.

  1. Pah. 8 (or 9) installments, and I already have (at least) one discontinuity. Anyone spot it (or them)?

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