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In Libertarian on December 3, 2008 at 4:39 am

If you could only read three libertarian blogs regularly, not counting LFV, which ones would they be? (Why only three? I’m not sure, but it’s probably Angela Keaton’s fault. Maybe she stole your bandwidth or something.)

  1. * Cato@Liberty for its depth of analysis
    * The Free Liberal for its outside-the-box, red-pill thinking
    * LewRockwell.Com for its shock value and voluminous content

  2. Peter!
    Thanks for asking this question. As someone who’s new to libertarian thinking and the liberty movement, it’s very difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.
    Thanks again, and I look forward to everyone’s answers.

    – Bill

  3. I like the Libertarian Reddit:

    It’s a nice summary that includes a lot of good stuff.

    Delaware Libertarian always has something insightful or interesting.

    Lew Rockwell and Mises are excellent of course as well.

    Good topic idea.

    Reason’s Hit & Run
    Independent Political Report

  5. – not for its shock value, but for its principled libertarianism. – another great site, which has great guests and writers – the website for the Independent Institute; very anti war and pro liberty, not of the compromising CATO Institute compromising and pandering to Dems and Reps. – when third party campaigns are in full swing

  6. I might add as well, but Raimondo has said a number of strange things lately, not least of which is his infatuation with Obama (he liked him . . . for a while)

  7. The infatuation with Obama was indeed strange. That was one of the few times I have disagreed with Raimondo.

  8. Only three?

    Tie between several others.

  9. I honestly don’t have time these days (not with a consistent 3-4 hours being sucked into the homeschooling time warp) to check a running list of blogs.

    IPR is one I’ll check, Freeman Chronicles a little. Also AWC.

  10. I rarely look at cato anymore – the knee jerk corporatist routine is tiresome. Reason has gotten too tedious and Free Liberal is just plain bizarre. The LP blog (is it still there?) is a nightmare.

    I look at Lew Rockwell, Anti-War.Com, the LeftLibertarian blog aggregator, Jacob Hornberger (fff), Jim Bovard, Sheldon Richman, Arthur Silber has some interesting stuff from time to time, Knappster and LFV for libertarian gossip, Scott Horton, Wendy McElroy, Strike-The-Root, Mises Institute, the Independent Institute…there’s too many to limit reading to just 3 – but it isn’t necessary to check them every day.

    The best blogs link to sources that contain actual information as opposed to just the foolish opinions of those who take themselves too seriously.

    Real news is where it’s at – opinions based on distorted perceptions of reality are meaningless. Facts often speak for themselves.

  11. The CATO blog is a good news source, but it’s not the best-written. And they do sometimes veer into corporatism, though by and large they do understand (and emphasize) the distinction between corporatism and laissez-faire.

    Lew Rockwell occasionally has interesting tidbits, and Lew himself is an interesting character in the history of the libertarian movement with his close ties to both Murray Rothbard and Ron Paul. But the angry, unnecessary invective (including insulting childish word plays), and a general unwillingness to engage in open, intellectual discourse quickly grows tedious.

    Reason’s Hit & Run is probably the highest quality libertarian blog, and I personally favor their quasi-journalistic, intellectually detached approach to things. They tend to focus much more on current events than the day-to-day activities of the libertarian movement, but that’s what you would expect from them. They’re not a libertarian advocacy mag so much as a general interest magazine with a libertarian/freethinking perspective.

    IPR is good for keeping tabs on the activities of third parties and the LP, but not much else.

    They’re more right-libertarian-leaning than “libertarian” per se, and they tend to be more technical than editorial, but I think the Volokh Conspiracy is good for the lawerly-minded. Also, Radley Balko’s The Agitator is great for his particular niche of law enforcement/criminal justice issues, but 90% of his posts there are simulpost at Hit & Run anyway.

  12. 1. Reason’s Hit & Run

    The best of Reason’s own output and links to tons of good stuff. I still subscribe to the magazine and read it, but I get more out of their online offerings.

    They also have shown this past election cycle a greater willingness to cover the LP, whereas in other years they would have been just as happy to sweep us under the rug.

    I’ve been subscribing to Reason & Liberty ever since I became a libertarian. I wish I could say that Liberty had a similar web presence, yet their approach to the web hasn’t changed much in over ten years. Pity, as their “Reflections” section reads like a blog, and would be a natural for an ongoing feature on the web.

    2. Independent Political Report

    Actually my RSS reader has LFV, IPR, and Third Party News grouped together is a single category that I read to keep up on internal news and gossip on the LP.

    3. Instapundit

    The top of my “Primary feeds” that I always have read constantly since 2001. Yeah, I’m showing my pragmatist / hawkish side with this pick.

    And to William Mize…
    You may want to peruse this list of the top 100 Libertarian Blogs…

    Though I do question the criteria used to determine a ‘top’ blog. I suspect it’s more of a directory with a touch of hyperbole added in. If for no other reason than because my blog is listed in this top 100. 🙂

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