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Georgia LP passes resolution against LNC’s proposed Keaton suspension

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The following is a Resolution passed by the Libertarian Party of Georgia this evening, with regard to the LNC’s Resolution of Discipline regarding LNC At-Large Representative Angela Keaton:

Resolved, the Libertarian Party of Georgia expresses its deep disappointment with the Libertarian National Committee in its continued activities regarding Angela Keaton and it neglect of its proper Party duties, and expresses a desire that the LNC get back on proper course for the LP by actually working for the growth of the Party and advancing public policy in a libertarian direction, instead of engaging in self-destructive, alienating, embarrassing, and pointless internal squabbles.

You can read about the LNC’s Resolution of Discipline here, including a PDF of the actual Resolution.

  1. Details: Jason Pye introduced the resolution and it passed with a majority ayes, no nays, and some abstentions. Thanks to him for carrying the ball on this.

    Ironic in that it happened in Barr’s state.

    And at least one state now is calling it what it is…

  2. As one of the states that sends the author of the resolution to the LNC as their regional rep, they have a another step: They can persuade their state chair, and a majority of the other state chairs in the region, to agree to remove and replace their regional representative, prior to the LNC meeting. That will kill this motion, whose consideration will discredit the National Committee.


  3. […] 2, 2008 by Todd Andrew Barnett The Georgia LP, in an emergency fashion, issued an immediate anti-Keaton resolution resolution that passed overwhemingly. Here it is: Resolved, the Libertarian Party of Georgia expresses its […]

  4. Since, I plan on withdrawing all economic support from the national libertarian committee it is up for grabs to the various state parties. Any state party that condemns this action and instructs their representatives to the LNC to vote against it will get a share of what I would have given the National Party.

    I ask all other National Party Contributers to do the same.

  5. Uh, George, are you referring the Flood resolution or this one?

  6. This Georgia libertarian is proud to be a member of the LPGa. First, we have a candidate poll over a million votes in the general election, then our LP senatorial candidate forces a runoff in that election and then declines to endorse either of the remaining duopoly candidates (as opposed to the despicable Bob Barr, who not only endorsed Saxby Chambliss, but actually misrepresented libertarianism in order to make Chambliss appear to be “more” libertarian than his opponent). Now our state party has passed this resolution calling on the LNC to drop its witch hunt against Angela Keaton. Makes me glad I haven’t gone to Brazil yet.


  7. Mike,

    I was referring to the Flood Resolution.


  8. Floodgate 08′

  9. The Georgia LP are now heroes of mine! Great job, Georgia!

  10. Love it!
    Next up, Florida?
    Let’s go Florida, let’s go!
    (clap clap clap)
    This type of nonsense is bloody ridiculous, and quite frankly makes me ashamed to say I’m a member of the LP.
    Is this all we really have time to focus our energy upon?
    Aren’t there bigger things at stake here?

    Good God, I hope so; and I hope that the LP finds them and focuses up on them soon.

  11. Thanks, George, that’s what I thought after I reread it. Brain fart after a long day. 🙂

  12. The Georgians, I suspect, will be the first in a significant line. Good for them, and kudos for taking leadership!

  13. Is this what John McCain meant when he said “We’re all Georgians now”?

  14. The Day is winding down here so I just took a moment and went to the found the donate button and voted in favor of their motion to the tune of $25.00

  15. Now I hear Tennessee has passed a resolution as well.

  16. TN Resolution:

    Adopted December 2, 2008

    WHEREAS, the continued activities of the Libertarian National Committee regarding Angela Keaton, the proposed Resolution of Discipline calling for her suspension, and its blatant neglect of performing the proper and necessary duties of a major political party, are deemed to be self-destructive, humiliating, alienating, and detrimental to the Libertarian Party and its Members,

    BE IT RESOLVED that the Libertarian Party of Tennessee demands that the Libertarian National Committee drop its vendetta against Angela Keaton, keeping in mind that she was elected At-Large by the delegates of the 2008 Libertarian National Convention and is largely supported by those who elected her and by many other Party members, retract the proposed Resolution of Discipline, and turn its attention to proper and necessary Libertarian Party business such as membership growth, finances, campaigns, advancing public policy in a libertarian direction, and increasing awareness of Libertarianism.


    Tony Wall – Chair
    Charles Wilhoit – Vice Chair
    J.R. Enfield – Treasurer
    Ray Ledford – Secretary

  17. Gene, details? I heard a rumor they were looking at one but nothing further.

  18. Nevermind! Thanks, Susan!

  19. The Tennessee Libertarian Party resolution is on the front page of its web site www dot lptn dot net

    Looks like they get $25 from me


    Whereas, Angela Keaton was elected with the strong support of the delegates at the 2008 Libertarian National Convention, and

    Whereas furthermore, the lack of performance of the Libertarian Party this past election cycle, under what should have been ideal electoral circumstances, should be cause for serious reflection, and

    Whereas furthermore, spending the valuable meeting time of the Libertarian National Committee on personality disputes brings the National Committee and hence our party into disrepute, therefore

    Be it resolved, that the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts calls upon the Libertarian National Committee to decline to consider resolutions suspending Angela Keaton, and

    Be it further resolved, that the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts commends to the Libertarian National Committee the desirability of spending its precious meeting time on important issues that may advance our party,

    Be it further resolved, that the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts urges the Libertarian National Committee to spend that time, instead, on contemplating the substantive objectives of its budget and volunteer mobilization programs for the next year, and

    For if the National Committee does not do so, the members of our voluntary organization may eventually conclude that alternative organizational structures are required if the Libertarian political movement is to advance.

  21. Any word on whether this Discipline of Angela is still going to go? I have to decide if I’m going to stream the video from the meeting, or go to my local witch hunt. I hear that they are going to cut a hole in the ice and dunk some lady who has been screaming all week about the deployment of active military troops across the USA to crush the “anarchists.” I know she is crazy, because the LP says it’s o.k. for the national guard to do that kind of thing (I guess Kent State doesn’t count). She and her posse comma-toss or something. Well she’s getting dunked till she confesses she is a witch. And that will be fun. But if they are going to drag Angela into Starr’s chamber and if M & them are going to make Angela hold a burning coal to see if leaves a scar, I’m skipping the dunking.

    Maybe Mattson could just ask her “and the survey says!” friends help out, and the chair of some committee could send everyone a questionnaire about what to do with the LP’s little rebel.

  22. Daniel, I’d hold off on that dunking if I were you. I can’t elaborate, but there’s something in the pipe on that.

  23. The Libertarian Party of Florida has also called for not wasting time

    Libertarian Party of Florida

    PO BOX 3012, Winter Park, Florida 32790

    Resolution by the Libertarian Party of Florida Executive Committee
    Adopted December 5, 2008

    WHEREAS, the Libertarian Party of Florida does not condone certain actions by Angela Keaton in how they relate to the Libertarian National Committee;

    WHEREAS, the actions by Angela Keaton have not had a materially negative impact on the Libertarian Party, its candidates, staff, or related parties;

    WHEREAS, the actions by other individuals have had a materially negative impact on the Libertarian Party and its candidates was dealt without suspension or removal of those individuals from their official positions within the Libertarian Party;

    WHEREAS, the Libertarian National Committee is scheduled to take up the issue at its meeting in San Diego on December 6, 2008;

    WHEREAS, the Libertarian Party of Florida firmly believes the time devoted to Angela Keaton at this meeting would be better spent in improving the Libertarian Party.

    BE IT RESOLVED that the Libertarian Party of Florida strongly suggests the Libertarian National Committee remove the Angela Keaton discussion from said meeting Agenda and that time be devoted to more pressing issues facing the Libertarian Party. We feel the Libertarian National Committee should spend the extra time on Jim Lark & Patrick Dixon’s Agenda item regarding “goals” and how to achieve those goals.


    Karl Dickey, Chair
    Neil Evangelista, Vice Chair
    Mark Clifford, Secretary
    Jack Tanner, Treasurer

  24. Looks like Florida and Massachusetts will be the next recipients of the LNC Angela Keaton fund. $25 goes to each.

  25. I received my Libertarian Party of Georgia membership card today. I am so proud of their stand.

  26. I am loosing count. Looks like Nevada gets $25.00

  27. And while I am at it. I think that if outright libertarians will take my straight dollars (hah dollars from the Federal Reserve Straight?) they get $25.00

  28. My understanding is MA GA FL NV TN at least

    NH wrote something to the effect of “NH did not ask to be involved and remove all references to NH from the resolution” or something like that.

  29. New Hampshire non-intervention in domestic party squabbles doesn’t violate any Libertarian principles and in fact seems to be expected. But I appreciate your taking a stand.

  30. Here’s the current tally:

    GA, TN, NV, FL, MA, and NY.

  31. No Representatives from California had better vote for this lynching!

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