Steve G.

A bureaucracy of dunces

In Libertarian on November 25, 2008 at 8:21 pm

There are a lot of reasons why the District of Columbia needs a Libertarian Party. Here is a personal one — the strange saga of the $2,000.00 fine I was assessed by the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs ( for property I do not own, and the officious response of unelected bureaucrat Edries Jemal ( when I dared to question it.

  1. Geez, what fools we elect and hire in the public sector. This Smith guy sounds like a high-school dropout if he can’t even spell things correctly.

  2. Peter, this is straight out of Brazil, the Terry Gilliam film! Since you’re going to be put to some trouble no matter what, may I suggest contacting the press instead? This is unbelievable.

    I’d be tempted to try and send the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs a bill or invoice of some sort for the exact amount. If they’re that incompetent, maybe they’ll pay it.

  3. I am writing a blog series that is dissecting the Libertarian Platform. You seem to be interested in the party. The idea is to educate people on the platform so that they understand what the LP stands for. That is a good first step I think. I would love to see you stop by and add your thoughts as I have a lot of readers who want to learn more.

  4. Go to the press with your story, Peter.

    No doubt there is some crusading editorial writer out there who has been documenting this stuff for years, who will love your story and take it to the world.

    One reason why cities like DC (and my hometown of Philadelphia) become crumbling slums is because morons like that government employee so discourage investment and refurbishment that long-beleaguered homeowners just abandon their properties and soon, entire blocks become burnt-out husks.

    Imagine, for a moment, the absurdity of a government employee in a city renowned for its slums seeking to cite a homeowner for IMPROVING his home. Then, take a drive through the worst parts of DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia or New York and see the results.

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