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A brief announcement

In Libertarian on November 24, 2008 at 9:57 am

As some of you know, I had been publicly considering running for the Libertarian National Committee in 2010. After some very helpful consultations with current LNC members, I have decided not to run. The financial and time commitment would be more than I can handle. Also, while I would like to be useful to building the LP, I am relatively new to activism and the LNC is a bit high an initial aspiration. There are many other committed veteran activists — some of whom write and comment here at LFV — who would be stronger candidates. I hope some of them will run. Thanks to all who offered their support, encouragement, and advice.

  1. Peter,

    I am sorry to read that you will not be running. Under modern conditions, I am told that there is internet conferencing software much more effective than a conference call that can be used to replace pointless travel.

    On the other hand, LNC members are subject to the sort of abuse that Angela Keaton received. For the latest of my discussions of why her acts were less serious than some others, read the lead article. This one deals with use of LNC funds in support of the Barr nominating campaign, falsification of delegation credentials, and gross breach of fiduciary responsibility.


  2. National’s loss is DC’s gain, I hope!

    Let’s see the DC Party do some ass-kicking in the next few years 🙂

  3. I’ve been talking with — or, more accurately, exchanging voicemail messages with — some folks about getting LPDC going again. My bizarre work schedule (midnight to 9:00 a.m. Thursdays through Mondays) makes organizaing hard. Maybe I’ll be a delegate in 2010.

  4. Sometimes I think we take service on LNC too lightly.
    First, is the financial obligation which, as I recall, will run $3-4K per year (unless a meeting or two is close enough to drive.)
    Then you have to add on the expense of attending the state conventions of every state LP in your region.

    Next, I think anyone running for LNC should have first served as a local county chair and as a successful state chair (that is, grew the Party while she was in office) before considering a run for the LNC.

    To be on LNC one should have demonstrated skills in the day to day responsibilities of running a state party, success in building vote totals and awareness of the LP and its candidates, and whatever speaking skills and personality traits the delegates think are conducive to being a good leader for their region.

  5. I think that’s true, which is part of why I’m not running. If I put my mind (and wallet) to it, I think I could probably do a fine job — but there are others who could do it better. I’m in no hurry, and maybe somewhere down the road it would be fitting for me to run.

    A lot of it seems to come down to name recognition and friendships, at least in my observation. For example, Mike Jingozian, who had been running for the Green Party presidential nomination less than a year before, was elected to the second-highest slot on the LNC over incumbent Chuck Moulton in May. Jingozian is a good guy, but he had hardly any LP activism experience and, as far as I can tell, has had little impact on the LNC thus far.

  6. Indeed, now the LNC is planning on disciplining Angela, as witness their full agenda, which you may read on the web at

    That’s their agenda, and ‘discipline of Angela Keaton’ is on it.

    You would think they would be more interested in their financials, which show that at the end of September they had $3287 cash on hand and over $50,000 in liabilities. In fact, “Treasurer’s Report” and “Discipline of Angela Keaton” are each good for 30 minutes.

    On the sensible side, the LNC financials do tend to show why the LNC was not, unlike in some past epochs, spending money to promote the candidates it put onto the ballot, not to mention the Libertarian Senate candidates whose Republican opponents were funded by its Presidential candidate.

  7. So let me get this straight: The LNC expects Ms. Keaton to spend money out of her pocket to travel to, and pay for a hotel at, the next meeting, in order to sit there to listen to abuse? Ya’ll can have the LNC.

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