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Joy Behar thinks my sons are demented

In Media on November 22, 2008 at 6:46 am

Former public school teacher Joy Behar, who for some reason has a national television soap box (which she has used to call Roman Catholic priests drunkards and to accuse the GOP of trying to kill Sen. Tim Johnson), thinks my sons are “demented”:

Well, maybe she has a point…

  1. Poo Poo on Joy! What does she know anyway? And your sons seem perfectly awesome to me! Nobody can define what is “normal” anyway. Keep up the great work with your sons!

  2. Aww….look at them use their imagination!

  3. For some reason, a lot of teachers are threatened by homeschooling. It seems their jobs and their skills are in question when people, like us, choose to take on the monumental task of educating our children ourselves. I mean, how could WE, w/o X number of hours of education classes, possibly know what we’re doing? I often wish these teachers would see it this way: smaller classes!!! So much better for everybody! 🙂

  4. My wife and I homeschooled our daughter and she turned out awesome! We didn’t homeschool our daughter because of religious or moral reasons either. We did it because the school system where we live pissed us off and there was no way they were going to mess with our kid. No way, no how!

  5. I think teachers are brainwashed not only in their training, but on the job, constantly. When I went to school, whether private or government, they were constantly pushing a political agenda. And in both cases it wasn’t moral or religious at all. I think a lot of it is brought on by the NEA.

    There is no way a teacher can do better job educating than a good parent can. Because a parents vested interest is on a much larger scale than a paycheck.

  6. Most kids in my high school now who were home schooled for the other years, are not only some of the smartest kids, but the most social. Maybe What’s-Her-Face should actually meet a home schooled kid, and maybe people should stop watching this show….

    “For some reason, a lot of teachers are threatened by homeschooling. It seems their jobs and their skills are in question when people, like us, choose to take on the monumental task of educating our children ourselves”

    As someone planning on being a teacher, I actually encourage home schooling. I can imagine a few other cases, though most teachers I know are extremely impresses by the home schooled kids and their mega-brains.

  7. …and Peter, I knew your son was a pirate!!! 😀

  8. Joy doesn’t even KNOW your boys.

    Now I KNOW THEM, and can assert that they are indeed demented.


  9. My wife and I are considering homeschooling our children. I have a question for the homeschoolers here: is there any research comparing homeschool and public/private school students performance on, say, standardized tests or some other metric? Is there any study that shows homeschooling to be “better”, “worse” or pretty much the same as regular school? I can find nothing. It would be a tough study since there are many different types of homeschooling, different socio-economic classes, problems defining a metric for comparison, etc. However, I would expect something would be out there. I can’t find anything.

  10. The spelling bee people eventually started a separate competition for homeschoolers because they kept winning too often.

    I have seen appreciable indications that homeschooling tends to do a poor job with math skills at the high school level, roughly trigonometry, analytic geometry, solid geometry and up, without which a child is substantially excluded from the technical professions.

  11. I’m starting the homeschool journey with my son (he’s 5) and while no member of this family can ever be considered fully normal, John is not completely demented either.

    Why do people homeschool?

    Some people homeschool for religious reasons. Not my issue but I certainly respect the rationale.

    Some people homeschool because their school district couldn’t educate a sloth nevermind a human. That’s far too true in too many places these days.

    Some people homeschool because their child has asynchronous development– that is to say, they are extremely gifted in some areas and behind in some others. This is very true here– John can add 43+35 well, and he can do adult level jigsaw and other visual-spatial games but he’s still somewhat language delayed. We spend probably 4-5 hours on reading and phonics for every hour we spend on math. This is true of many gifted pupils but it is not well handled in the gov’t classroom. Here in my district, John would not be allowed to study first grade math. He’d still be back counting to thirty. (He understands MUCH bigger numbers, like, oh, up to 10,000)

    Some people homeschool to avoid erroneous labels or to provide a personalized IEP that the school would be unwilling to provide. This is admittedly also true. A lot of kids like John are mis-diagnosed as autistic, a label which attaches permanent consequences to a child’s record. Follow the money trail– school districts get 30k in cash for an autistic student, none for mixed e/r language delays.

    One size does not fit all.

    Homeschool allows for the diversity that exists in children.

    Support homeschoolers!

  12. And in his case, he will be taught math well. I need to put that math degree to work anyway, and he needs to know that sin^2 X + cos^2 X = i^4.

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