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Liberty for America critiques spending, announces PAC

In Libertarian, Libertarian Party-US, Libertarian Politics, Media, Politics on November 18, 2008 at 3:28 pm

George Phillies’ Liberty for America newsletter (November 08 issue) discusses and critiques spending by the Bob Barr campaign, as well as by the LNC.


Liberty for America says that it is “not currently” a political party, and does “not currently” run or endorse political candidates, but is “preparing to offer positive political alternatives not available elsewhere”.  

The organization is currently accepting donations, as well as memberships at the rate of $15 per year, though currently its PDF-format newsletter is available free of charge.  Free newsletter subscription information is contained in the newsletter.

According to the newsletter, the Liberty for America PAC will soon be in place to financially support liberty-minded candidates.

The Liberty for America website is here.

  1. For a wider listing of political blogs and the like, the http://www.TheDailyLiberty.Com

    For a must-read report on what Obama did to win, see The Next Right

    An effective Libertarian political campaign would do similar things within limits of resources.

  2. And while we are considering blogs, let me call your attention to


    which are the Republican and Democratic political blogs for Massachusetts. They are both powered by SoapBlox

    Libertarian and Green groups wanting to make a matching investment would spend on, I suppose

  3. Seems more of a shrill rant fit for the circular file than a good, factual critique. And a direct ripoff of Barr (and to a lesser degree Paul’s) campaign verbiage.

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