Steve G. Just Say No to Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State

In Libertarian on November 17, 2008 at 10:28 pm



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Say ‘NO’ to Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State









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Dear Supporter,
Please let the incoming presidential administration know that you demand real change in our interventionist foreign policy. A Secrectary of State Hilllary Clinton is not change but tacit approval for someone who supported the bombing of Kosovo, the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, and a renewed cold war with Russia. 


Demand President Elect Barack Obama make a stand for peace by not appointing Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. You can easily let the transition team know your thoughts on this matter by calling 202-540-3000 or pasting the letter below into this form.

Dear President Elect Obama:
You sailed to victory on the promise of change and hope. For those of us who love peace, a change in foreign policy cannot come about by rewarding those who support and argued for the continued occupation of Iraq. You said we must not “to bully it [the world] into submission – we must lead the world, by deed and example.”  Please allow your administration to reflect those values you so eloquently expressed. 

President Elect Obama, we want change in the White House. We ask you to not to appoint Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. 

[ Reader]

For more information about this action item, media requests, donations or other information, contact Angela Keaton at 323-512-7095 or


  1. The decision to appoint Billary to SoS is a purely political decision as in put her somewhere that she is taking orders from Obama who is owned by the rich & powerful liberals like Kerry & Kennedy. Otherwise she is in the Senate free to lead a “loyal opposition.” So please, let’s not beg the bastard & get nowhere.

  2. Is this the same Jason Raimondo that supported dinosaur fossil Ron Paul & confessed to having a man crush on Obama? Please correct me if I’m mistaken here.

  3. This is an example of what we will get as a reward for progressives working in the democratic party instead of supporting the green and libertarian parties and the progressive alliance strategy. Thanks democratic party progressives.

  4. I like to offer positive alternatives when writing pols. Whom among those on the Obama short list for Sec. State would be acceptable?

  5. Man, I hope they sell tickets to the vetting process for Hillary should she get nominated. Or at least put it live on C-SPAN.
    Bill’s Post Presidency Shenanigans alone should be enough to get her denied the post.

  6. Hi, Mr. Milnes. I believe his name is Justin rather than Jason, but yes, he did at one time admit to a man-crush on Obama. I don’t see anything wrong with that, since he is entitled to his personal opinion (and a man-crush is definitely opinion territory).

  7. I called them and was on hold for about 5 minutes, apparently I’m not the only one. I was joking with the volunteer who answered, and he said he has a daily long list of people calling for that same reason.

  8. Hi, ENM, Sorry about the Jason/Justin mistake. So I can confess to supporting Billary over Obama because I was titillated by her cleavage and have a mother complex?

  9. That sounds like an opinion to me, Mr. Milnes. So, yes, you can confess to that if you wish, and you won’t hear a word from me about it.

  10. if Hillary becomes the Sec. State, it seems like she will be distracted by other issues and/or her own career plans

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