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Tom Knapp to seek 2012 LP/BTP Presidential bid

In Libertarian, Libertarian Party-US, Media, Politics on November 11, 2008 at 11:30 pm

You heard it here first, folks, when LFV posted about the Knapp2012 domain. 

POC Thomas L. Knapp
admin@knapp2012. com

Knapp announces 2012 candidacy

While most Americans are still catching up on their rest from a
hard-fought presidential election, one group of individuals is already
on the march: Those who aspire to election in 2012.

Among them is Thomas L. Knapp, who announced his candidacy for the
presidential nominations of the Boston Tea Party and the Libertarian
Party Tuesday evening.

“I initially planned to announce my 2012 candidacy for the presidency
of the United States on April 6th, 2009,” said Knapp in a
Internet-distribute d announcement. “I see, however, that others are
already lining up with formal announcements or at least clear
indications of their own intent … and when a fight’s brewing, I
prefer to get in early.”

Citing ideological drift in the Libertarian Party, Knapp, 42, founded
the Boston Tea Party in 2006 and served as its vice-presidential
nominee this year — while also running for Congress in his home state
of Missouri as a Libertarian Party candidate. He hopes to bring the
two parties closer together with his presidential campaign. “The LP
has a lot of installed plant — ballot access, seasoned activists, the
things that any party requires to be successful,” he says. “What we
lost track of were our principles — but the BTP has been keeping
those alive and will hopefully be happy to share them back.”

Knapp’s campaign organization is embryonic but already in existence.
He’s appointed Darcy G. Richardson, a noted political historian and
veteran of numerous third party campaigns, as his campaign’s chief of
staff. Also on board is Nick Galindo, an experienced campaign

His chances? He’s realistic: “We’ve got a tough row to hoe before we
reach political success,” he says. “Much of my campaign will be about
correcting mistakes the freedom movement has made in the past and
positioning us to move forward further and faster.”


Campaign Site:

Boston Tea Party:

Libertarian Party:
http://www.lp. org

  1. hold on while I do my “I knew this before some of you dance”

    * dances *

    No disrespect to Angela Keaton, who I love to death, but I’m very excited about Tom’s announcement and I pledge my support.

    Hopefully once my term as BTP Chair ends in 2010, Tom will honor me with some minor role on his campaign team.

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