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Keaton/Shinghal to seek presidency in 2012

In Libertarian, Libertarian Party-US, Politics, Presidential Candidates on November 11, 2008 at 11:25 pm

Gawd (sorry-was home in NOLA all last week), I didn’t want to do this but the timing may be perfect and I want to show that I can be as opportunistic as Barr/Root.

I’d like to officially announce the Keaton/Shinghal 2012 ticket. We already have some support on our Facebook page and we have BIG fundraising plans. The unofficial plan is called ‘Stripping across Texas’ but we’re not like most strippers; we know we’ll have neither diploma nor presidency in the end and we don’t plan to sell it that way. With that plan in place alone, we guarandamntee that we can out raise Barr/Root by at least $100k. 

Now, I know that y’all might be worried about qualifications. Well, I haven’t any except the abilities to balance a checkbook, drink like a fish and well, never mind. Let’s just say that of all the men in my past I only count on 3 not voting for me. Keaton has a Masters in Poli-Sci and a law degree. (That’s why she’s the top of the ticket- that and Knapp came to our room in Denver and found her awake before I.) As far as media goes I think that perhapsreason might do us a solid and cover us in a non-judgmental way. Angela does have some rather racy pics on the web and , I have the support of many from the cult of Ron Paul. (Disclosure crap makes me admit that I’m part of that cult…)

There are 3 things about Keaton/Shinghal 2012 that set us apart from many others who might seek your delegate vote. They are: 3) We’re both married to reputable men who are fastidious about their standings in the eyes of their peers and government. In other words, there will be nothing of substance to block our run in the eyes of the state. 2) We’ve no small children- retarded or otherwise- to occupy our thoughts on the campaign trail. 1) We’re fucking Libertarians and we can make the most hostile people friendly in a face to face because we follow the guiding light of our political philosophy and all religions and that’s the Golden Rule.

  1. Wow. Two announcements on the same day. LOVE IT.
    Look forward to seeing what y’all and Tom have to say in the upcoming months.

    Just remember, I am available to be the Ambassador To Some Place Awesome in your Administration.

  2. Please note the “We’re fucking Libertarians” has been changed to “We are Libertarians who fuck libertarian inclined spouses”, so all the horndogs have had their hopes dashed.

    Ah well, that’s the breaks, I guess. But it makes more sense the corrected way anyway.

  3. Mike, behave!! Or you will find yourself in a precarious spot tonight…

  4. Please note the “We’re fucking Libertarians” has been changed to “We are Libertarians who fuck libertarian inclined spouses”, so all the horndogs have had their hopes dashed.

    Well, someone’s gotta break the bad news, eh? May as well be you!

    I can hear the collective groans of 45 year old virgin males who still live with their parents and wear white socks with their sandals…..

  5. Well, Gene, there is bright spot–they didn’t say if the spouses were theirs or not… 😀

  6. And you *do* have a certain knack for finding that bright spot, though I must admit in this case, it’s likely all for naught.

  7. But how will the Keaton-Shinghal spends its billions? For comparison with 8 years ago, the months before the election, read the Daily Liberty:

    and my analysis of the Browne campaign’s spending in the election run up. Be prepared to discover that Harry Browne spent a large part of his total budget on advertising, and paid his staff very modestly.

  8. I know, Gene, but it does make for a good chuckle. 🙂

    George, I expect them to spend it on booze, sex, stripper music and outfits, portable dance poles, video equipment, food, and an RV to get around in. The return will be a lot of publicity and a lot of laughs and fun. And a lot of radical religious right folks passing out or keeling over from heart attacks. 🙂

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