Steve G.

Barr Campaign Website – Where Is It?

In Libertarian on November 7, 2008 at 5:04 pm

The Barr camapign site went offline yesterday or perhaps even the day before. There has sometimes been a “we’re updating, be back shortly” notice, sometimes an error, and (now) a blank screen. I waited to comment on this, but it’s been well over 24 hours now that the site’s been offline, so there seems to be a real problem.

Whatever your thoughts about Barr as candidate, it seems clear to me that the LP’s presidential candidate’s site ought to be streaming information for some reasonable length of time after the election. I’ve been personally involved with the Munger for Governor campaign in NC, and we’ve been getting a decent bit of email even after the election. Media peeps with wrap-up requests. People who saw Mike on the ballot or met a pollworker and were curious. People who voted for Mike and wanted to send an atta-boy message. People who still have issue questions (which rather floors me). Folks wanting to sign up to help Mike run again. Oh, and the guy who assumes Libertarians are just disgruntled Republicans and that we need to get back in line because we kept the Republican candidate from winning – an absurd charge which I will address at some length here when I have some free time. we used the campaign site (and our email list) to help transition folks from the Munger campaign to the Libertarian Party. That’s what Libertarian candidates ought to do.

The candidate’s website is – or should be – an important outreach tool for some time after an election. I heard from a volunteer with the Lawson camapign in NC (which employed the web-campaign firm Terra Eclipse) that there may have been some bad feelings between TE and the Barr team, so perhaps that’s the problem. Or perhaps it’s something more mundane. But going down this long this soon after an election is a bad thing.

Just another mis-step from the ‘professional’ campaign team Barr assembled.

  1. Susan:

    In response to “Our candidates lost because you were on the ballot. Stop that or we’ll hold our breaths until we turn blue…”

    there is an easy answer:

    “You want to stop losing? That’s easy. Stop running candidates, and you will stop losing.”


  2. Odd. The LP has always encouraged candidates to keep sites up for a reasonable period to help post-election evaluation and fact-checking.

    Badnarik kept his site up for months then transferred substantial information to he is new sites. Browne has key election info on his site, including a campaign journal, though deceased.

  3. It seems to be up again, though with errors when I try to ‘read more’. I don’t see any real changes.

  4. “Oh what a tangled web(site) we weave, When first we practice to deceive”


  5. It seems the website is up now. There was a frightening message at the top, front and center:

    “This is just the beginning of the new Libertarian Party,” says Bob Barr….

    Does this mean the neolibertarians have taken over the LP? If there are no radicals around, who will the new neolibertarians blame for lost elections?

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