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A Special “Election Night” Episode of Liberty Cap Talk Live Tomorrow Night

In Libertarian on November 3, 2008 at 11:15 pm

Tomorrow night at 8 p.m. EST, I will be hosting a special episode of Liberty Cap Talk Live with my co-host James Landrith, Jr. on

I will have Libertarian Party and Boston Tea Party-endorsed candidates call into the show to report on their preliminary vote votals, the activities at their local voting precincts, and how their campaigns are doing and what is next for them if they don’t win their races. Plus, Jim and I will be following up on the McCain/Obama voting results, getting the electoral votes and the precinct results as well.

Plus, we will cover referendums in states that are being voted on and congressional and state races on the show.

Libertarian Party candidates, even those who have been endorsed by the Boston Tea Party, if you have anything of paramount importance to bring to the table tomorrow as far as the voting is concerned, please call into the show. The call-in information is located on the show’s profile page at

This was originally an hour-long special show, but I’m extending it to 90 minutes. If more information needs to be covered and more candidates would like to be interviewed on the air, we’ll extend the show on the spot.

Hope to see you all on the air.

One more thing: if you want to post questions into NowLive’s chat room or call into the show and ask questions to me and Jim or the candidates or everyone, please do so. If you even have any comments you want to make as well, please do.


Yours in Liberty,

Todd Andrew Barnett

Host, Liberty Cap Talk Live

  1. Todd, may I personally send my regrets– we have some last minute activism to do, and because of the time changes we will still be out and about at that time.

    We’re going to be essentially a roving billboard for the “No on Prop 8” campaign hoping to sway people as they drive to the polls. This rain has me worried, it’s going to depress voter turnout and that increases the chance of Prop 8 passage, I believe.

  2. I’m doing all I can to help defeat the evil Prop 8 in my neck of the woods. A columnist in gayWired seems to think it will fail, but considering the amount of money being pumped into the YES campaign and an energized religious right, I strongly believe it will pass, invalidating thousands of marriages. Whether we like it or not, most people still cling onto the notion of “tradition”, even at the expense of other people.

    If Prop 8 indeed passes, I hereby propose cobbling together a proposition to eliminate state-sanctioned marriage in California. I’d love to see the pro-8 people argue against that one, considering many of them are claiming that Prop 8 is a vote for smaller government (my daugher saw such signs at a Prop 8 rally in San Diego yesterday).

  3. Where’s the other Barnett article? I can even see on the right hand column links to the (now) nonexistent comments for that article.

    I’m starting to think this site is a joke.

  4. For what it’s worth, Jim says he didn’t do it. Considering ENMH’s only evidence mentioned was similar to that used by the RIAA to prosecute copyright infringers, I’m inclined to believe it. But I don’t know either way.

    In any event, I’ll be more than happy to join yours as well as look at Paulie’s more.

    So long, stinktown.

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