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Todd Andrew Barnett Produces New Boston Tea Party Ad

In Libertarian on October 31, 2008 at 5:47 pm

Yesterday, with the help of Windows Movie Maker, I created and produced a new political ad (which hasn’t been endorsed and commissioned by the Boston Tea National Committee) which attacks McCain and Obama for their tax plans. The original version of the ad was 1 minute and 27 seconds long (too long for an ad to air on network TV), so I recut it, bringing it down to approximately 61 seconds long.

Here’s the new recut ad that I put out on YouTube yesterday:

For those who want to watch the original extended version of the ad that I created before I recut it, here it is:

So far, the reception for the recut ad has been very positive. The same, to a minor extent, applies to the original lengthy incarnation of the vid.

Let me know what you all think. Any feedback, good or bad, positive or negative, is needed. All I ask is that the feedback, while it’s positive or negative, should be constructive, not nasty and hurtful in a mean-spirited way.

Thanks! I hope that these videos will generate some much-needed publicity for the BTP.

  1. The original version of the ad was 1 minute and 27 seconds long (too long for an ad to air on network TV), so I recut it, bringing it down to approximately 61 seconds long.

    LOL. Trust me, you won’t ever have to worry about cutting it down for network TV. Ever.

    Are you really that delusional about your own irrelevancy?

  2. This is perhaps one of the worst ads I’ve ever seen.

    It doesn’t explain anything about McCain OR Obama. You’re just throwing out a couple lines that don’t really mean much.

    Then, after that, you just jump to a Boston Tea Party logo. No explanation, no nothing.

    I know that even in the third party movement no one cares about the BTP, but this ad really makes it sound ridiculous.

    Lastly, that voice on the ad is horrendous. Honestly, the person speaking sounds like they have some kind of speech impediment or a mental deficiency.

  3. Just what we need. An asshole with his feet in his mouth.

    PIA, have you ever done political advertising? I acknowledged that the ad was done amateurishly; I never denied that the entire time. But I’ve seen ads produced by rank amateurs that were far better than the “professional-looking” ads made by the “experts.”

    As for your claim that “no one cares about the BTP” in the third party movement, it is so suspect that it’s pure bullshit. And it smells like bullshit in the long run.

    I mean, my God, man, do you REALLY have your head so far up your ass that all you see in there is shit???

    Please, come up with a better series of attacks than the crud you’ve unleashed.

    At least the rank amateurs who do attack people like me and my Party have more substance to say than anything you’ve said thus far.

  4. Todd it might help sell your product if you weren’t so rude.


  5. Michael:

    If pinheads like PIA weren’t “so rude” and quite nasty to me first, then I wouldn’t have to resort to being rude. Capisci?

    And why are you taking his side all of a sudden? He’s the one who acted like a jackass on here and started this, not me. You’ve got no stake in this. Why do you care how he’s treated in the first place?

    As far as I’m concerned, anyone who takes sides with a jerk who has nothing of great substance to say (other than shooting his mouth off for a brief “feel-good” moment) needs to take his or her head out of his or her ass for a change.

    Not only that, that person really needs to shut up. If they’ve got nothing helpful to say, then don’t say a goddamn thing.

    I rest my case.

  6. LOL. Sounds like you got your panties in a bunch.

    Here’s the point…

    (1) Saying that you “cut this down for network TV” shows how out of touch and delusional you are.

    (2) This is an ad that compares two candidates. You don’t actually say anything about their policies. It’s not intelligent to just say “Obama will raise your taxes” and it’s certainly stupid to assume anyone will know what you’re talking about when you say that McCain will raise your taxes through inflation and spending. No one in the general public is going to know what the hell you’re talking about.

    (3) You’re not saying about the BTP. It’s a poor ad because all you do is compare McCain and Obama and the only mention of the BTP is a pic of the logo and repeating the tagline. In essence, what you’re doing is “here is why McCain is bad, here is why Obama is bad, now here’s picture of the BTP logo!” It’s mindless.

    (4) Your energy is best spend elsewhere. Politics is not about making shitty YouTubes. Politics is about knocking on doors. Look at what Wes is doing in Texas…that’s politics, and that’s why Texas has such a strong LP.

  7. Todd I did not take his side I just said “Todd it might help sell your product if you weren’t so rude.”

    But you have explained to all reading this why I and others won’t have anything to do with the BTP in a round about sort of way.


  8. PIA:

    If my ads are really that shitty, then why are they getting good marks from those who are watching them?

    You’re entitled to believe what you will. I just think, as a loser, you just don’t know what you’re talking about.

  9. Todd, you asked for feedback (positive or negative) and being a cranky old bastard that can’t resist pissing in punchbowls, here’s my take.

    If I knew nothing about the BTP, I might be inclined to think that the BTP is some sort of ultra conservative Patriot movement type of organization based on the subject matter – tax cuts. If the voiceover didn’t have a condescending urban cadence to it and had a southern cracker twang, I would be absolutely certain that the BTP was a bunch of conservatives far to the right of McCain.

    Instead of tax cuts, perhaps the almost certain increase in the size, scope and power of the government under McCain or Obama (and resulting cost) could be addressed – tying all of it to the BTP platform. This might appeal to a much broader spectrum of people.

    After viewing the two videos, I noticed one had 455 views and a 4-star rating based on 4 people rating it. The edited video had 80 views and no rating. It might be too early to judge on how well people are reacting.

    Aware of the chuckleheads that the early BTP attracted and the disgruntled Republicans the LP has chosen to lure into their pragmatic neolibertarian cult, it might be wise to be careful about what type of rabble you rouse. History has proven that tax cuts have nothing to do with limited government. People obsessed with tax cuts often can’t even comprehend libertarian ideas.

    In addition, this video has an extremely short shelf life as one of the two shit heads mentioned therein will be thrown into the cesspool of presidential history on Tuesday night.

    All that said, kudos for learning the mechanics of putting together and editing these little videos. I’m sure the more you do, the better you’ll get.

  10. Tom,

    As the former chair of the BTP (and you and I had a good history when we co-founded the BTP with Tom Knapp; why you left it was beyond me but you had your reasons), you know that I *did* say that I wanted feedback and that I didn’t mind whether it was positive or negative. But I also asked that the negative feedback be constructive, not smarmy, not snotty, not stuck-up, and not condescending.

    The reason I responded that way was because PIA was being a condescending jerk about the entire matter. I realize that, in politics, that sort of thing where you ask for some helpful guidance doesn’t exist. I’m not some twit who can’t see it. I’ve been around the block long enough to know that this is a dirty game, although wishful thinking tells me that it shouldn’t be.

    Had PIA not responded like a jerk when he did, I would have easily acknowledged that the ad wasn’t the best. I never said it was an Academy Award winner, and I wasn’t striving it to be the best. Given the amount of little time I dedicated to it and that no money was used to create a really professional ad (simply because I just didn’t have the time anyway), I did what I could with it.

    I wasn’t talking just about tax cuts, although that’s the only move we can achieve in the interim. The *real* goal is to eliminate the tax system, the regulatory system, and gut the entire system of subsidies, privileges, and guarantees that have become a huge part of this mess. I realize that the ad wasn’t the best, but the reaction would be divided. I can’t control how people react to the ad (some of the response was good, and some of it wasn’t), but I’m not going to apologize for making one days before the election.

    The BTP, by the way Tom, isn’t entirely the same party that it was in 2006. Some things have changed, but the essence of the Party remains the same. Tom Knapp did resurrect the BTP because of the stupidity of the LP delegates who handed Bob Barr and Wayne Allyn Root a clear-cut victory, which has been disastrous for that group and for everyone in the movement.

    If I hadn’t taken advantage of making an ad, Tom, who would have? Where was PIA when the anti-$850 billion bailout resolution I authored was published on this site? Where was he? Where was he when the BTP had its convention last week? Again, what happened there?

    The BTP was never an ultra-conservative party and never adopted that kind of ideology. A few mistakes were made along the way, but you can’t tell me the LP hasn’t made them as well. Anyone who wants to dispute me with this will find that I will call that individual out on the carpet. And I do mean it.

    In 2012, better-produced videos are in the works. What they will be, I can’t tell you that because I don’t know. At least I have some active role to make the BTP a sellable party.

    The LP’s no longer the only game in town. The sooner the bloggers here at LFV realize that, the better.

  11. Todd writes: “The *real* goal is to eliminate the tax system, the regulatory system, and gut the entire system of subsidies, privileges, and guarantees that have become a huge part of this mess.”

    If that is the case then I suggest you make an ad, or ads with that specifically in mind.

    My ad if I had time to make one would point out the costs, and that is plural, of maintaining troops in all far corners of the globe on somewhere like 700, or more bases in some 120, or more countries with a defense budget that is about half of what the rest of the world all together spends on its military At the same time we subsidies the defense of those we comptete against in a global marketplace. America workers in the auto industry, computer industry and a host of other business are being taxed to support the military defense of their competition. Forty-five thousand troops in Japan, 30,000 in Korea, 50,000 in Germany, 10,000 in England, 11,000 in Italy.

    Who’s going to attack England, the Normans, or maybe Hannibal is going to come across the Alps and attack Rome with his elephants again.

    Hell have a Japanese worker and a German worker lifting a pint to toast the hard working American taxpayers who are paying to defend Japan and Germany.

    “Mr. Watanabe and Mr. Schmidt thank the Americans for keeping them safe so they can go on vacation”.


  12. PIA says that TAB “cut this down for network TV” shows how out of touch and delusional you are. . . . is completely wrong.

    If PIA actually read the article, he would know it says so I recut it, bringing it down to approximately 61 seconds long.

    Here’s the new recut ad that I put out on YouTube yesterday

    I’m sure TAB know it’s too long for TV, so he put it on YouTube. Any decision to put this on TV would be hampered by cost, as I doubt that TAB or the BTP has the funds to air such a commercial, 30 seconds or not. Thus, to even allude to the “reality” of this being aired on TV is the delusion of PIA.

    I think the “ad” is OK, with two criticisms:

    1-It is never explained, in what manner that Obama will raise taxes for everyone. Remember that Obama claims to want to cut taxes for 95% of working Americans, but the ad says he “wants” to raise them.

    2-There is no mention of any BTP candidates or endorsed candidates, nor any mention of what the BTP stands for.

    How it would be fixed to accommodate these criticisms in a 30 second spot is not, at least by me, known.

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