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Farewell for now…

In Libertarian on October 29, 2008 at 10:20 pm

This will be my last post as a contributor to this great website, at least for a while.  I’ve decided to spend less time talking about my views and more time listening to others, so I expect I will continue to read and comment.  Mostly, I’ve just come to realize I am still figuring out what I believe and how to best work to realize it, and I prefer to spend time learning from others rather than writing myself.  I am trimming back my political involvement on several fronts, though I will continue writing for Independent Political Report, since I think I do play a helpful role in that capacity.  Thank you all for the chance to write and be heard.

  1. Ironic, I’m doing the same. I’m backed up with school, but recently I’ve taken quite an interest in transcendental literature. I’ve gotta read me some Thoreau!


    I assume alot of LFV posts will quite down after the election is over, when all the talk is about bylaws mumbo jumbo in ’10.

  2. Say it isn’t so, Peter! I have very much enjoyed your contributions here, and do hope you will continue to contribute as time allows. LFV is only enhanced by the contribution of folks like you, with both intelligence and journalism experience. 🙂

    Mike: When the election dies down, LFV will return to discussing general libertarian topics (which in my opinion are more interesting, and far more conducive to learning from others). Personally, I look forward to that, and very much hope you will continue to read and comment here as your school schedule allows (though obviously, your education must always come first.) It is great to have an intelligent and friendly young voice here, especially since you also have a good sense of humor. We have some excellent young contributors, including Jake Porter and Nigel Watt (and of course my son ElfNino), and I had actually hoped you would eventually show interest in becoming a contributor as well. 🙂

    You really must read Dostoevsky, by the way. It is by no means easy reading, especially since it is translated from Russian, but you will learn a great deal if you take the time to absorb it. I would suggest you start with “Crime and Punishment”, which is hands-down my favorite novel of all time.

    I also suggest you read Vonnegut, which is much easier reading, but also enlightening and entertaining. 🙂

  3. …“Crime and Punishment”, which is hands-down my favorite novel of all time

    That’s just -weird- 🙂

    It’s been a while since I’ve read that; probably time for a revisit. I did really like it, but I first read it when I was a angsty teenager. Russian novels are great moody-teenager stuff.

    I like the older Vonnegut – I just listened to “Breakfast of Champions” on CD, and for a novel with so many drawings, it translated amazingly well to audio. The reader was excellent. He did a great Kilgore Trout voice 🙂

    We need a literary-themed thread.

    Some on my (current) top-ten list:

    Jitterbug Perfume
    Crome Yellow
    Cannery Row
    Heretics of Dune/Chapterhouse Dune
    The First Circle

    Oh, and Peter – keep posting!

  4. I’d like to announce that I plan to write even more! Just as soon as I finish filling out all the *#&@& forms to get my wife her visa and write 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo.

    I’d also like to announce that I will NOT be defriending my libertarian pals on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites. Quite the opposite, I am looking for more liber-friends, no matter how maddeningly socially inept you may be. (only half kidding)


  5. George Donnelly wrote, “I’d like to announce that I plan to write even more!”

    YAY! I’m thrilled to hear that! 🙂

  6. Susan wrote, “That’s just -weird- :-)”

    LOL, yeah, probably so. Still, I love that novel. I’ve read it probably a dozen times over the years, and will undoubtedly read it again.

    Susan also wrote, “We need a literary-themed thread.”

    A literary thread is an excellent idea! Would you like to start one?

  7. I may write more in the future, but need to redirect my focus for now. I signed off the LFV writers Yahoo group as well, just so I’m not reading confidential communications. If I do start writing again, I’ll ask to rejoin.

    I did trim off some Facebook friends, but only ones I’ve NEVER really corresponded with, who I was friended with solely for political reasons, because that bumps so many folks off the Feed pages — I didn’t mean to piss anyone off. I kept far more Libertarian friends than I excised.

  8. Peter I have been with the LP for something like 28 years, or an eternity. Having seen my own beliefs evolve over the years and realizing what shaped them I am interested in discovering what we need to do to avoid the mistakes of the past and how to present positive ideas to the public. That being the case from me I urge you to stick around.

    Your comments and longer works are much appreciated. I understand the need for more personal time. That includes time to absorb the ideas and develop them in one’s own thoughts. Learning is one thing. Watching others learn and realizing what tools help in that process is a learning experience in itself. Sometimes we just gotta get away. We all do. Please don’t go too far.


  9. Yes, my ultimate plan to turn Orvetti’s thread into a Libertarian reading list has worked! ENM, I’d be a horrible contributor, don’t get your hopes up. I’m also a humorless idiot, don’t be fooled.

  10. I’ve probably made this seem like a bigger thing than it is — I’m not really going anywhere, just honing my focus on things for a bit. I’m a bit of a dilettante in many aspects of my life — I like to try lots of different things — but I want to try to be a bit less flaky. That is, I’ll finish one book project instead of simultaneously trying to do two and procrastinating on both; I’ll take another acting class instead of trying to fool myself that I’m learning to play guitar; and so on.

    I’ll still be here and commenting, but I don’t have much to say about libertarian politics or philosophy right now that others can’t say better.

  11. I have something to say about Peter Orvetti.

    Can anyone guess what it is? (Yes, it’s that–nothing original) HA!

  12. Hmm, I can’t think of what Wes means, but since I’m an idiot, that’s not surprising… 🙂

  13. Mike Theodore wrote, “ENM, I’d be a horrible contributor, don’t get your hopes up. I’m also a humorless idiot, don’t be fooled.”

    Mike: Feel free to let me know whenever you’re ready to prove me wrong. I’m always just an email away. 🙂

  14. Peter, I do very much look forward to any and all contributions you wish to make, even if only in comments for a while. 🙂

  15. I’m going to spend the rest of this year finishing a non-political project, with plans of lurching back into the libertarian world in January. I’m also hoping to help get the LP of D.C. going again.

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