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Dr. Tom Stevens health concerns

In Boston Tea Party, Health, Politics, Presidential Candidates on October 27, 2008 at 8:34 pm

Tom Stevens, former BTP Vice Chair and current Objectivist presidential candidate, has apparently suffered some extremely serious health problems requiring emergent medical care, but is refusing further treatment.

Since word is getting around, I do wish to confirm that on Thursday night, I was rushed to the hospital on an emergency basis. I may have suffered a small stroke and had a massive infection exacerbated by uncontrolled blood sugar levels. Since I had to teach two classes this morning and in light of the fact that I am an idiot, I signed myself out of the hospital against medical advice. You should have seen the statement I had to sign where the doctors warned me of “coma, inpending death, further stroke, etc.”
I have been in extreme pain and even oxycodone has not relieved it. The left side of my body is numb.
I appreciate the good wishes I have received and I apologize if I am not in a position to take phone calls at the current time. It is quite difficult for me to speak.
I always thought it odd that when crisis occurs in some people’s lives, they withdraw from their commitments and involvements. I will not take that course. I will do what I can to get better and will continue to be involved in the fight for liberty until I can no longer do so.
Things are serious, to say the least, and my spirits are not what they should be.
Thanks to all who have expressed concern.
Dr. Tom Stevens
Best wishes for improved health (and improved spirits) go out to him from all of us at LFV.  
  1. Stevens was formerly vice chair. He was never chair.

  2. John Amendall is Jim Davidson.

  3. Who is Jim Davidson?

  4. Jim Davidson is my boss. We use the same virtual privacy network.

  5. John Amendall: I have access to all comments on this blog, and I can very easily compare IPs, servers, timing and content.

    You and Davidson (and Laertes, and bostonteapartygoer) are all posting under the same exact IPs, through multiple servers, and at all hours of the day and night. One persona will post for a while, then stop and another will start posting. At no point was more than one of you posting during the same time period. Furthermore, others have also noted that you are Davidson even without checking IPs, based upon the content and tone of your comments.

    So no, you are not just using the same virtual privacy network.

  6. I dunno, ENM. Amendall strikes me as slightly more stupid than Davidson. But it’s a close call,a nd the writing styles are pretty similar.

    I’ve posted under a pseudo a few times here. Anyone care to take a stab at guessing?

  7. I am “friends” with both John Amendall and Jim Davidson on Facebook. They are “friends” with each other. Jim says he’s from Houston, Texas. John says he’s from Tyler, Texas.

    Judging from their pictures on FaceBook, they DO resemble each other, with John wearing a hat, shades, and hair combed over his ears. Jim dons no hat an is wearing glasses. Do the shades and hat serve as a disguise? Hard to say.

    That being said, if these pictures are in fact pictures of each individual, I would say that no, John and Jim are two different people, brown hair and full beards notwithstanding. The resemblance isn’t close enough IMO.

    But then, I could be wrong . . . I have never met “either” in person.

  8. Susan, I know . . . you are the infamous “Ruwarchy”!!!

  9. Since Amendall denied it, despite posting under the same exact IP addresses as Davidson, I consulted with a computer scientist for an independent opinion. After reviewing the pertinent information, he also concluded that John Amendall, Jim Davidson, Laertes, and bostonteapartygoer are indeed one and the same person.

    Susan: I do recall seeing something I thought you may have written, but I don’t remember the name. Now I’m dying to know what nick you used, to see if I was right, LOL.

    Also, back to Dr. Tom Stevens, it seems that he is extremely ill, and in dire need of medical treatment. Does anyone know if he has sought or received further medical care?

  10. What a shame. TRS had such potential as a youth. I have known him since 1980 as a callow youth. Now middle aged, rotund, and infirm one must reflect on the tradgedy of TRS. A prolific organizer at a young age it is sad that modern pharmecology could not overcome chemical imbalances to allow this pollitical activist to achieve his full potential as a leader and an example for society to emulate and follow. Instead TRS has never matured and continues to act within a political reality created and known only to himself.
    So very sad that as an adult he is unale to go beyond the self importance of his own mind.
    There is no maturity no personal growth here. Then as is know there is a cadre of imaginary and or forced alliances forged to no particular purpose other than the phantoms of his mind.

  11. It is a damned shame that a fellow with so much fire and spirit is laid low. May you recover and wage war some more against any of us with whom he disagrees. Get well first, then return to all your former opponents. We salute you , sir.

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