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Springtown, Texas’ “Wild West Festival:” can you spot the Libertarian?

In Libertarian on October 15, 2008 at 2:27 am
Spot the Libertarian

Spot the Libertarian

One thing Libertarians who are serious about building a real political party and winning elections have always stressed is that if we want the voters to take us seriously, we have to fit in with the community. Having said that, let’s play “can you spot the Libertarian in the picture?”

This photo is from the September, 2008 Springtown, Texas Chamber of Commerce’s “Wild West Festival.”  Springtown is a city about a half-hour west of Fort Worth. The Libertarian Party of Texas sponsored a booth there in 2008. Bonafide Libertarian Party candidates whom are elligible to be voted for by honest to goodness Springtown residents are not pictured here.

  1. They are all libertarians except for the guy in the golf shirt and baseball cap.

  2. I think it is the other way around. The L is the only one out of costume.

  3. I just can’t understand why that one guy chooses to dress so oddly. Oh well, there’s one in every bunch. 😉

  4. Oh… why am I replying to this?

    So, as a Libertarian, when I go to Oktoberfest, by your own estimation, I should be wearing lederhosen, or if I’m at a Chinese New Year event I should dress up as a dragon. Don’t think that’s gonna win em over….

    One of two things happened here – You wanted to lighten up the general mood of the people but screwed up the joke or I really wasted my time replying to this nonsense.

  5. Actually, I appreciated the laugh.

  6. It wouldn’t be the Wes Benedict Impersonator in the polo shirt, would it? 🙂

  7. The Native American who owns the bar and wants his land back?

  8. I couldn’t begin to tell ya, but it looks like they are selling his body parts. That sign that says “Turkey Legs” is a dead give away. Hannibal Lecter can’t be far behind. Maybe he’s the one in disguise with the ball cap.

    Call CSI!


  9. mcmanigal, I might want to borrow your hat.

    Michael H. Wilson, I expect northwest Texans would find your attempt at humor completely disgusting and out of place.

    On the other hand, check out this ad from the Travis County, Texas REPUBLICAN candidate for tax-assessor collector:

    Hannibal Lecter is indeed in Texas (definitely worth viewing for a laugh–Republicans aren’t a real political party here in Travis County–no chance of winning):

  10. A little clarification. Most of Texas is strongly Republican, including Springtown in northwest Texas (it’s really north central but there are no people in west Texas so central is considered kind of west.

    Travis County, where Republicans aren’t a real political party, is where Austin, Texas is. Austin is known as the San Francisco of Texas–very Democratic with a strong Libertarian constituency.

    Check out the Republicanosertarian for Travis County Sheriff. I’m tempted to vote for him, but will probably vote Libertarian instead (I’m a straight party hack voter):

  11. I know, I know!! The libertarian has the gunbelt on. ;o)

  12. We’ve donned a few weird costumes at times in the defense of Liberty– Santa elf and coffin pusher among them. (yes, you DID read that correctly). In my experience, it does help to dress the part when there is a sort of theme involved. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but people like that DO seem to appreciate the attempt to look the part.

    Just for clarification, the coffin pusher was for our entry in the Emma Crawford Memorial Coffin Races, which is always held the weekend before Halloween in Manitou Springs CO. The person in the coffin was very much alive, and somehow managed to remain so. Actually, that time it was Mike– the silly guys didn’t want me racing around like that while pregnant. Silly guys.

  13. Actually this is my hometown. I just graduated from the high school in the Spring of ’09. Springtown is a very small, church-oriented, tradition-driven, conservative town. We put on this festival, as well as a few others-every year, it’s tradition. Almost everyone in town turns out for it. Not many people in Springtown are Libertarians, and even if they are, they don’t argue politics at a family-oriented festival. Nobody wants to argue over petty political views in front of a bunch of toddlers. Besides, small town politics are very different from city and national politics. They’re fundamentally the same, but law and policy-making is very very different. Sometimes it’s not worth it to bring up a very controversial political subject when it could literally divide an entire town and the surrounding areas. Springtown’s small enough that you know almost everyone and their immediate family. We can’t afford to all be mad at each other all the time, when we’re constantly in contact with each other. We don’t take political parties to seriously . We respect each other enough to avoid certain, overly-sensative subjects. I know it’s really wrong in a way, and we’re closing our minds to things we probably don’t understand or don’t want to deal with; but we can’t afford to hate each other. We respect each other’s opinions and let bye-gones be bye-gones. We work to keep the peace in a place that would be torn apart if a large dispute ever really broke out.

  14. Yeah, because everyone who lives in Springtown dresses like that all the time. This is just from the annual Wild West Festival. Let me stress that it was a WILD WEST festival. They’re in costume. Making fun of someone for dressing in costume for a themed festival is just stupid. Give those of us from Springtown our dignity and leave us alone.

  15. Thank you Dani! I guess people will never understand Springtown unless they’ve lived there. And I guess it’s now politically-correct, and intelligent to bash people that you don’t know and don’t understand. . . My bad-I must have missed that memo. . .

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