Steve G.

NC Coverage of ticket-toppers

In Libertarian on October 14, 2008 at 10:26 am

Interviews with candidates Barr, Munger (Gov) and Cole (Senate).

  1. A little bit scary how consistently difficult it is for anybody but the “Big 2” to get on a ballot these days. Center-right third parties would do well to work together.

  2. I watched all three. Kudos to all for being Libertarian Party candidates and for participating. I’m a big tent Libertarian when it comes to running candidates and am not a nit-picker of candidates on their performances. Just having a Libertarian out there is usually a good thing in my opinion.

    Some free advice on interviews, whether they’re televised, radio, or written, and believe it or not, I’ve done hundreds.

    Have several points you want to make in the back of your mind that you might use and be ready and focus your mind so you can work those points in to make the LP look good and the Republicans and Democrats bad regardless of whatever questions are asked.

    For example, before I get the questions from the League of Women Voters, I already know what answers I want to squeeze in (knowing I won’t use all of them, but several will work), and the same applies in public forums or interviews.

    In my first several public appearances, I was mostly pleased that I didn’t soil my pants. Later on, when I was more relaxed, I was able to focus on the fact that although it’s tempting to try to answer the interviewer or moderator directly, what I really needed to focus on was putting out a message that I wanted the audience to hear.

    A specific technical question about transportation from the moderator? Forget the moderator. Talk at him, but realize it’s the viewers who I’m really talking to. “The Republicans and Democrats have wasted money on expensive toll roads and passenger rail at the expense of ground level roads and buses which are way less expensive.”

    How are you going to pay for the projected health care district budget shortfalls?

    Scenario A) Republicans and Democrats set up this government health care taxing district and that’s the root of the problem. I don’t want more government involvement in health care and I’m not interested in fixing their problem. I want to get rid of this system.

    Scenario B) A more intelligent Libertarian with lots of facts and data and research at his disposal might get bogged down trying to provide facts and figures to balance a healthcare budget deficit.

    This is politics.

    What a voter will remember from Scenario A) is a Libertarian is against government health care. What a voter will remember form Scenario B) is that a Libertarian sounds like a Republican or Democrat bureaucrat.

  3. Even if you tend to offer fairly moderate libertarian viewpoints in public like I do, by all means, try to avoid boring your audience to death with moderate wordy philosophical philosopher gibberish or “make your audience gag” responses like Robert Casnoozi or Borian Holtz might offer.

  4. If you find yourself saying the word “Rothbard” at a general public political event, whether in positive or negative terms, you definitely don’t get it.

    If you’re so (insert appropriate word here) that you don’t realize “get it” means something quite clearly to most normal people, then (insert appropriate word or words here).

  5. Good points Wes.


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