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Texas U.S. Senate candidate, Yvonne Schick, channels Mary Ruwart in televised debate

In Libertarian on October 11, 2008 at 11:17 pm
Texas Libertarian U.S. Senate Candidate, Yvonne Schick

Texas Libertarian U.S. Senate Candidate, Yvonne Schick

If you like Mary Ruwart, then you’ll love Texas U.S. Senate candidate Yvonne Schick’s recent performance in a televised debate against the Republican and Democrat.  I say that, because at times, in Schick’s performance, it seemed like she was possessed by Mary Ruwart and Ruwart was actually doing the talking.

People like Thomas Knapp who are familiar with my writing understand I’m not a word expert so “channeling” and “possessed” might not be the right words, but people like Thomas Knapp just might help me clarify what I mean to say below in the comments section.

Rumor has it Ruwart helped Schick prepare for the debate. To be clear, Schick isn’t quite the radical Ruwart is, but I think you’ll see and hear Ruwart’s influence in style and substance if you watch the videos.

The feedback from Texas Libertarians has been overwhelmingly ecstatic.  Not only is it great to have a Libertarian Party candidate included in a debate that was televised in most of the big cities in Texas (if not all of them), but it was great to have a Libertarian candidate give clear, concise libertarian responses that separated her from her opponents.

Schick reports a surge in support for her campaign after the Republican incumbent, John Cornyn, voted for the cazillion dollar bailout and after this debate.  Plus, Schick unwaveringly opposed the drug war while the Democratic challenger, Rick Noriega, supported it. Schick’s campaign has been promoted heavily recently on Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty meetup groups in Texas.

Videos of the debate are available online in four parts:

Definitely watch Part IV which contains witty comments regarding Bob Barr and Ron Paul:

Mainstream press reactions are posted on the Libertarian Party of Texas’ Texas-sized list of recent news media coverage:

I am so proud of Yvonne Schick and her performance in the debate!

Most reasonably normal people plus abnormal people with a decent amount of self-confidence and sense of humor will find any sarcastic comments of mine above to be humorous.  Uptight-wads might feel I’m being offensive, but that’s because they’re abnormal uptight-wads and relish being offended so I’m doing the uptight-wads a favor, too, I guess. Keep in mind, this is a blog. Ratings matter.

–Wes Benedict

  1. No offense intended to pauliecannoli. He’s just as likely as Knapp to clarify what I meant to say–and I don’t mean that in a bad way to either of them. When it comes to more serious widely distributed communications, I usually get someone to proofread and edit, but on LFV, I write in the raw.

  2. Possession, channeling, and otherworldly topics are very popular this election cycle. Just look at Sarah Palin. A minister actually prayed over her, asking that witches not be able to put spells on her, and she didn’t even make a funny face or roll her eyes when he did that. Thank goodness it was filmed, because otherwise no one (including me) would ever believe it.

  3. Oh, no offense intended to not giving Susan Hogarth credit for skillfully sometimes providing edit feedback of my stuff. However, in order of preference, when it comes to edit feedback, I prefer 1) Knapp, 2) pauliecannoli, then 3) Hogarth. Knapp’s condescending feedback makes me feel like an idiot which I like; pauliecannoli benignly with a helpful attitude assists in improvements (boring–but probably not a bad thing lately in general for the general libertarian movement); while Hogarth slaps me across the face with them (which isn’t all bad). I definitely prefer the idiot treatment, though.

  4. but on LFV, I write in the raw.

    Wes, isn’t that a bit of “over-sharing”? Besides I thought you were the guy with the fancy underwear…


  5. **Breaking News!!** **Broken News!!**

    It’s posted on the Libertarian Party of California website’s news page (Wed, 25 Oct 2006):

  6. Yvonne-
    —if you’re married, and Mary is indeed assisting you you in any way with your campaign—hide your husband.

  7. I wish to explain that Wes Benedict already received vocabulary assistance from me when producing this article. However, has has not credited me for the assistance. For example, when he asked me, “Duh, what was Yvonne doing to Mary Ruwart?” I said “Channeling, Wes. She was channeling Mary Ruwart.” Then Wes Benedict responded, “Duh, OK.”

    However, I am not upset at not receiving proper credit for my assistance, while watching apologies doled out to others who provided no assistance.

  8. Ms. Schick is a Scientologist? Whatever, she handled that question beautifully and while I disagreed with her immigration position she stayed on message and did a pretty good job.

  9. Wes,

    Me, condescending? I’m never condescending, you halfwit. It’s just that I’m better than everyone else, and they feel inferior no matter how respectfully I treat their ignorant ramblings.

  10. This woman is a member of the pyramid scam known as SCIENTOLOGY.

    She is either an ignorant victim of the cult or a greedy profiteer/scammer.

    Please do your research on this horrible organization before trying to help her get elected to a very important position in the United States government.

    P.S. Heres a hint for you, Scientologists believe that they achieve super powers once they reach the final stage of their teachings. Yes, THAT kind of crazy.

  11. Anon,

    I’m a practicing buddhist. Do you have an issue with that as well?

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