Steve G.

How Could I Live Without Filing Taxes?

In Libertarian on October 10, 2008 at 8:08 pm
  1. I haven’t had one single year of surviving the Income Tax system in this country (USA/IRS) and I’m sure glad you brought up this topic.

    -Wiped out by IRS/FTB in ’73 and again by same corrupt duo in ’93-’94.

    In between those years I was one of the favorite targets for ‘paper-audits’ (where you have no rights other than hiring lawyers who need help to pay their car payments).

    When it comes to the carrot/stick approach of Income Tax of the US government, all they ever used on me was the stick. The ‘offer’ of the carrot stopped working back in the ’90’s. The IRS & Co. must go.

  2. The IRS was the agency that converted me to libertarianism. I was outraged when I found out I owed $1100 dollars so I claimed Uncle Sam as a dependent (SS# 007-04-1776). They were not amused. They sent Beavis and Butthead to my apartment and audited me.

  3. The IRS was the agency that converted me to libertarianism

    I can’t claim the IRS for conversion, but instead (’72-’73) a hopelessly inept group of bumbling crooks called ‘Amtrak’ (our National-Socialist train system). I’ve kinda-like been sorta-like at ‘odds’ with most ‘libertarians’ many of whom ‘bought’ into our Eisenhower-auto-dependent-infrastructure. I was a Democrat before personally witnessing the crimes of Amtrak.

    The crimes of IRS & Co. have been yearly (’73 & on), and for me, the path back to the Democrats is no more.

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