Steve G.

Munger/McCrory debate online

In Libertarian on October 9, 2008 at 1:08 pm

The second Munger/McCrory(R) debate is now online here. Wednesday, Oct. 8, Dr. Munger debated Pat McCrory on UNC-TV. This was the second debate to be televised statewide.

After the debate, emails for Mike started rolling in, including this comment from Annie Brown:

I am registered unaffiliated, with Democratic leanings. After tonight’s debate there is no doubt I will be voting for Dr. Munger and will be encouraging others to do so.

  1. Munger on crime:

    My policy is to make law enforcement easier by getting rid of a lot of laws…. [discussion of previous problems with overcrowding, leading to early parole of violent offenders] … I don’t want to get in that situation again. Let’s not have so many laws, let’s not criminalize so many behaviors that in fact really do no harm to people. Let’s focus on property crimes, and on the kind of crimes that have increased in many parts of North Carolina, and make sure that those people serve their full sentences.

  2. Texas Libertarian US Senate candidate Yvonne Schick just completed a televised debate with the Republican and Democrat which played across our great big great state and she did fantastic and gave libertarian answers. Texans Libertarians will be very proud.

    Unfortunately, I goofed the settings on my recorder so I didn’t record it successfully. A near two minute string of extremely foul language then escaped from my mouth which certainly pierced the walls of my apartment and likely caused my neighbors to double-check that their doors and windows were locked and they will probably avoid eye-contact with me tomorrow.

    Upon further investigation, it appears the debate will replay at a later time giving me another chance to try and record it, but I already gave myself a headache.

  3. Glad to learn about not only Munger but your team in Texas, Wes. Do keep it up. But not the foul language, eh?

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