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Libertarian 2012 presidential nomination poll

In Libertarian on October 8, 2008 at 3:41 pm

Who is your early choice for the 2012 Libertarian presidential nomination?
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  1. I might try it again. After his endorsement of Baldwin, no lib should support Ron Paul. & let’s not repeat the mistake of nominating Barr.

  2. I believe that Joy, Jingozian, and Root are the only announced candidates.
    Joy is serious in the race, but not extremely well known in the LP world.
    Jingozian isn’t even on the list.

    Theodore ’12!

  3. Again, I’d add Gary Johson and Tim Penny

  4. make that Johnson

  5. “I might try it again. After his endorsement of Baldwin, no lib should support Ron Paul. & let’s not repeat the mistake of nominating Barr.e.”

    I’m a 12 year member of the Libertarian Party, and given the actions of the Barr campaign, I think that Ron Paul did the right thing in endorsing Chuck Baldwin.

  6. Miss Joy’s intentions may be good, but I fear she doesn’t clearly understand Libertarian ideals yet. She needs to spend more time learning about our party.

  7. The candidates listed were generally off the top of my head — people who seem likely to run, high-profile LP candidates running this year, and Paul and Ventura, who are big names who have at least expressed openness to the idea of running for president as Libertarians. I have not heard anything about Jingozian planning to run again.

  8. I went with Munger. Although watch out people, Gatties will finally be old enough at that point! (I kid of course)

  9. IMHO none of the “historical” candidates (Ruwart, Kubby, Phillies, Milnes, etc.) are suitable, as each has past “baggage” and / or questionable “L-creds” that would make them either unacceptable to the party, or to the voting public (if not both)

    While I’m not in their states, so have been only watching their campaigns from a distance, it seems like both Munger (my vote on the poll) or maybe Boman have been running proffessional level campaigns (an improvement over Badnarik) that have a philosophically good solid libertarian basis.

    Perhaps even more importantly, far as I know, neither has any major skeletons rattling in the closet, and neither has built up the long list of people within the party that actively dislike them, thus are likely to be far less divisive than ANY of the “historical” names.

    While obviously I wish both well in their respective races, and if they win, I DON’T think they should abandon their posts to run for the nomination, (or skip other high potential campaigns) I think this is what we should look for in a potential Pres. candidate – I’m not committing to either, but the general type of individual is one I’d support –
    1. Solid history of committed libertarian belief and activity.
    2. No major “skeletons” to scare voters
    3. Past history of major campaign efforts that showed proffessionalism and solid libertarian principles.


  10. I believe Dr. Eric Schansberg in Indiana is also running a professional campaign. Heard his radio ads when I was out there last month.


  11. This discussion is silly. The people we want are those we haven’t heard of and might not even be in the LP.

    My understanding is that MG, Browne and Crickenberger created a strategy to target people already in office who were both quasi-libertarian and anti-libertarian to get there attention and bring them in, while developing people locally as our farm team. This was much resisted by the LP leadership but resulted in our numbers of people in public office going through the roof in 3 years while bringing in people like Barr and Gravel. Some states are quietly doing this on the local level as well. Libs had done this with some success already in NZ and Costa Rica.

    The hypocrite LRC has done all it can to sabotage it (witness how their supporters refused to appoint a political director who had any ability for years and their harrassment of Libertarians in public office all the while saying they want to make the party a big tent and get people in office). But the fact remains we need to bring in more people like Barr and Gravel and get them up to speed and as they retire from politics continue their activist projects like medical marihuana or referenda as they do, while developing the Ruwarts and the Dixons from inside who are strong local activists and people in office.

  12. Can we worry about if there will actually *be* an LP in 2012 first, please?

  13. Since the LP has abandoned its principles, become corrupt, and established the precedent of nominating an authoritarian statist, it serves no usefule purpose. Therefore, it should decline to nominate a candidate or even have a convention in 2012. Instead, perhaps a reunion of a purly social nature……..

  14. Ed Thompson and Dr. Kevin Barrett from Wisconsin are planning to team up an win the 2012 LP nomination. That would be a killer duo!

  15. Peter,

    Jingozian has repeatedly promised a run in 2012, whether he won or lost in ’08. It was in his concession speech, and after an email inquiry he said he was trying to fix the mistakes he made.

    “Miss Joy’s intentions may be good, but I fear she doesn’t clearly understand Libertarian ideals yet. She needs to spend more time learning about our party.”

    I’d agree, as much as I like Joy.

  16. Hells bells, I just might do it myself. No talk of philosophy. No talk of theories. Just hit the taverns, colleges, tattoo shops, pot rallies, gun shows, pagan events, strip clubs, and other places where one will find freedom loving and boundary-pushing Americans. By appealing to their anger and frustration, hopefully it could be channeled into turning this damned nation around.

    I’d make no grand promises and tell you no lies because I hate disappointment and deception as much as any of you.

    At the very least, it would be a kick-ass adventure and would be a grand excuse to tip back a couple of pints with some cool Libertarians.

    Have to agree with Mike Seebeck though: who knows if the LP will even survive into 2012? If the propecies regarding the Myan calendar are correct, maybe a whole lot of nothing will survive past 2012!

  17. I can’t speak for Steve Kubby, but my personal opinion is that I doubt he’ll seek the presidential nomination again. Here’s why:

    – He’s coming up on 62, which means that in November of 2012, he’ll be nearly 66. Yes, some people run when they’re that old or older, and he’s a very “young” 62 (looks and acts more like mid-40s), but still, every year probably makes a grueling campaign look less attractive.

    – He’s involved in a new business project that is likely to consume most of his time and effort for the next few years.

    – The main reasons he declared in 2006 were that several people asked him to, and that after looking around and seeing how, um, non-stellar the field was, he felt that the LP needed credible options, even that far ahead of the nomination. Subsequent events confirmed that evaluation. If a candidate with anything close to his own stature had thrown in before, say, mid-2007, he’d probably have bowed out then. It wasn’t until spring of 2008 that Gravel, Ruwart and Barr got in, and by then he had decided to go ahead, balls it out, and see what happened.

    IMO, the main actual POSITIVE effect of the Barr nomination (and Gravel’s entry into the contest) is that we’re more likely to see candidates with name recognition, political experience, etc. seeking the LP’s 2012 nomination, and they’ll probably start making noise earlier. So Kubby won’t have that reason to run.

    I’m encouraged to hear that Thompson may seek the nomination, but I’ve already been through that rumor mill twice before, so I’m not going to hold my breath — and if he has Barrett within 100 miles of him, he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the nomination in any case.

  18. Milnes, don’t waste your time seeking the LP nomination. You’re ready for the big leagues. Seek the Presidential nomination of the Republicans in 2012 (if Obama wins) or the Democrats in 2012 (if McCain wins).

  19. If I’m still in the LP before 2012, I’ll probably go to the Convention and vote for Wayne Root. He is the best candidate material we’ve had in years, and he is a dedicated libertarian, whose understanding of the issues gets deeper every day. He is also the only VP candidate on the ballot this election with a deep comprehension of jury nullification of law. Barr himself does not understand jury nullification of law, nor does he feel the need to admit the fact that his views on jury nullification are a departure from the Libertarian view.

    If I’ve left the LP before 2012, I’m leaning towards working locally for freedom in WY or AK on an issue by issue basis,. If the WY FS project wants me in WY, it can change WY’s gun laws to identically mirror Alaska’s, including issuance of reciprocal CCW and extreme open hostility to its citizens being harassed while they travel in gun-rights-hostile states.

    NOTE: If anyone wealthy or organized wants to pay me to organize an effective initiative to that effect in WY, I can’t think of a better way to spend my time. Email me.

  20. [Root] is the best candidate material we’ve had in years…

    This is a man whose embarrassingly gushing praise of the moronic Sarah Palin caused at least one Libertarian to wonder if he would even be voting for *himself*.

    Writing fan letters to your opponents is not exactly “best candidate material”.

  21. Root should form his own political party: The Millionaire Republican Party. If you are speaking about teeth, hair, bones, etc., I would agree that Root is made from excellent candidate material. In fact, he should have himself cloned so that there can be more Roots running for office.

    Perhaps a team of skilled plastic surgeons could replicate dozens of Root look-a-likes that could then be indoctrinated with Likud politics and run for Congress.

  22. Root is a joke.

    Munger would be a good choice for 2012 though.

  23. Hell, I’ll vote for Trosper in a fast second!

    Look at it this way: Mayan Calendar ends 12-20-12. we have an asteriod flyby close (under the lunar orbit) in 2029, and it may hit the planet in 2036.

    So we, eat, drink, and be merry!

  24. Neal Boortz should be the candidate. While we have watched our platform bend this way and that Neal has steadfastly hung on to the morals and general principle each Libertarian should hold dear.

    I am concerned about our future. Do we really understand what a Libertarian is anymore? Remember Freedom, Liberty and Responsibility.

    Neal understands these things better than any Libertarian and has held them longer than any Libertarian in a manner conducive to drawing support than anyone! Boortz could bring us the five or so million votes necessary to change the shape of future elections. I don’t know about you good folks but I am sick of coming up short. We need a real national candidate, who is a real Libertarian. Ron Paul would be the choice forst but he won’t drop this Republican charade and dedicate himself. He could top five million easily and maybe much more and that is what we need. We need attention, Bob Barr will get more votes than anyone ever has, Boortz could get many more but Ron Paul could win if the dedication was there to back him and money to run a real campagne.

  25. I really hope you’re joking

  26. What about Nepolitano/ Is he viable? Newbie here.

  27. Wayne Allen Root/ Barr’s VP would be a good Nominee. Barr doesn’t need to run again. He kinda flubbed a great opportunity to advance Libertarian ideals.

  28. Thomas Knapp has also announced that he will be running for the nomination of the Libertarian Party in 2012. And although he and I have tangled in the past, he is a better answer then the majority of the people I have seen so far.

  29. Let’s get someone with a bit of notoriety. Someone that actually has a shot at winning. Let’s ask someone with some notoriety to run, perhaps a John Stossel or Thomas Sowell or someone with some name recognition. There are many people out there who do not trealize just how libertarian they are, but who also will not listen to anyone they have never heard of before.

  30. Doug Stanhope

  31. Mitt Romney

  32. I’m looking at Jingozian. He’s got the best platform of any of the 2012 candidates so far.

    Lee Wrights is another decent choice, policy wise however he lacks speaking ability and presence from the videos I’ve seen.

    A big name like Ventura would be wonderful though. It would likely be our best shot.

    Honestly, if Root gets the nod it’ll be soul crushing, heart breaking experience. This isn’t the Republican party. This is the Libertarian party and between Barr and Root it’s being completely destroyed.

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