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Allen Buckley campaign “down and dirty” radio ads focus on incumbent Saxby Chambliss

In Libertarian Party-US, Media, Politics, Press Release on October 7, 2008 at 5:34 pm
Send this porker packing, if you hated the farm/welfare bill you can’t like this hog. 

Saxby picpig pic


US Senator Saxby Chambliss is by far one of the worst Republican Senators in the history of the Republic. He has never met a lobbyist he did not like, and has voted in “lock-step” with the current administration. Bloated defense & farm bills and a total disrespect for the Constitution is what this crotchety old Republican is all about.    

OUR ATTACK ADS ARE WORKING !!! ( and funny )
Because independents, fiscally conservative republicans, and
 Ron Paul types can’t stand this guy !

Progress: Libertarian U.S. Senate Candidate Allen Buckley initially polled 3%. Later, he polled 4%. A later poll (an independent poll) had him at 8%.

Help us run more ads on AM talk radio in Republican Areas !

Listen to the ads and judge for yourself.  We are down and dirty now…… but we vow to sink even further into the gutter if that’s what it takes to oust a porker!

Go ahead and google… “Imperial Sugar Plant Explosion”… now ask yourself, “who collects from big sugar?” 

You see where we our headed, help us change history, listen to the ads.

We need your support to air “the dirtiest for last”

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  1. BUT OF COURSE this twit uses attack ads, since he sure doesn’t know how to promote Libertarianism. And what’s with the mouth smacking when he talks, usually before he tells a whopper?

    This guy is some attorney there to misrepresent Libertarianism. Any self-respecting Libertarian debater could rip him apart in minutes as a right-wing crypto-fascist, or AT BEST a confused small-government nationalist, which is probably why the LRC types are so anxious the LP not be a ‘debating society.’

    ‘Radical’ Libertarians get higher numbers or get elected, and we’re supposed to applaud these results? This guy advocates:
    –Eminent Domain
    –The government should have a monopoly on defense (which would expand the government’s role)
    –Betraying the Libs who worked to fight employer penalties on immigration for tougher enforcement for the crime of what…giving a guy a job?
    –The border nazism that creates wars and conflict. You bet this jerk wouldn’t be complaining if Canadians were coming over.
    –Social Security as a coerced entitlement
    — ‘Small government’ rhetoric as used by the Libertarian Reform Caucus nationalist socialists that have infiltrated the US LP instead of the actual Libertarian position of ‘voluntary government programs to replace coerced’ government ones(instead of diminishing them ad hoc to benefit cronies)
    –Out of context sounding demands to abolish programs in favor of …what? Religious groups and being beholden to THEIR charity?
    –Self-defeating claims his argument is based on alleged free market efficiency instead of morality.

    Yeah attack ads. Since this guy has no positive Libertarian proposals to begin with…why not?

    If his opponents have any brains they’ll find something they like that outflanks him in the old LP Libertarian platform, and claim they understand Libertarianism better or even that they’re more Libertarian than he is. It’s happened before. Maybe that’s his real agenda… that and plugging a strategy destructive to consensus-building Libertarians in public office , namely arbitrary attack ads that create misperceptions and ill- will.

  2. Gee, I’m sorry.

    According to his site, his guy hates democracy too.

    The US (as opposed to the US Government) people should stop spreading democracy so the US Government can have a nice vast military indefinitely at home.

  3. Buckely is probably the worst Libertarian candidate, next to Kevin Barrett, in the U.S.

  4. His pro Global Warming hysteria will help usher in a carbon tax. That should help provide a stream of revenue for failed companies the federal government wants to support.

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