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Sarah Palin on Ron Paul 2/5/08: ‘He’s cool!’

In Libertarian on October 5, 2008 at 7:49 am
  1. Paleo Palin thinks dinosaur fossil RP/RP is “cool”. So?

  2. Gorsh. Fascist-Lib lite puppy love?

  3. From the above site; there’s a lot more there.

    * Top Palin Videos

    o Palin says her proposed $30 billion pipeline project is “God’s will”

    o As of July 31st, Palin did not know what the vice president does

    * Palin accepted $25,000 in gifts as governor; received gifts from consituents while mayor

    * Palin did not cut special needs funding by 62%, she increased it

    * As governor, Palin billed state for 312 nights she spent in her own home

    * Palin’s record on pork barrel earmark spending: among the worst in the U.S.

    o McCain attacked Wasilla three times during Palin’s tenure for earmarks Palin won from Congress through lobbying

    o Palin’s relationship to Ted Stevens, master of pork barrel spending

    o Record of Washington pork spending as mayor of Wasilla

    o Record of Washington pork spending as governor is worst in the country

    o Did not veto $500 million in earmarks as claimed

    o Affirmed her support for earmarks while governor

    o Alaska’s earmark cutbacks were due to Congress, not Palin, Palin and her top official say.

    o Palin criticized Obama for having 1/30th the amount of earmarks she had as governor and 1/60th the amount she had as mayor

    * Palin’s churches, and her speech as governor at the Wasilla Assembly of God

    o Said her proposed $30 billion pipeline project was “will of God” and asked that Iraq war be “task of God”

    o Palin spoke at the church as the governor, not as a private citizen; charged the state for airfare and other expenses

    o Pastor of Palin’s church said people who criticized Bush would go to hell, and that Jesus was in ‘war mode‘ and favored going to war in Iraq

    o Palin’s current church trying to get gay people to change their orientation

    * Palin, Democrats appear to share credit for oil tax increase

    * The Bridge to Nowhere
    o Palin claims she killed the Bridge to Nowhere
    o Palin supported the bridge, accused ‘spinmeisters‘ of painting a negative image of it and used it to get elected
    o She criticized use of the phrase “bridge to nowhere” as insulting
    o Palin flip-flopped after the bridge became an embarrassment, and after Congress removed the funding earmark
    o Palin reversed her support without telling anyone in Ketchikan first
    o Palin announced her opposition to it at 5 a.m. Alaska time, a move critics say was timed to reach East Coast media before deadlines
    o Palin did not say “no thanks;” kept the originally earmarked money and used it for other projects.

    * Troopergate: Palin’s firing of the public safety chief
    o A series of contradictory statements
    o State troopers’ union calls for investigation of breach of confidential files
    o Advisor warned Palin to apologize about Monegan firing
    o Palin cited trip to Washington as reason for firing Monegan, despite authorizing the trip earlier

    * Laughed three times in a radio interview when opponent who had cancer was called a cancer, overweight and a bitch

    * Palin accepted money from known corrupt oilman later convicted in political scandals

    o Has only been to three foreign countries; never left North America before last year

    o Palin [..] equated the war with 9-11

    o Palin did not appear to know what the Bush doctrine was

    * Presidential historians say Palin is least experienced person on a major party ticket in modern history

    * The two largest newspapers in Alaska have raised concerns about her experience and readiness

    * Bush campaign veterans brought in to help Palin

    * Taxes
    o Supported new sales tax in Wasilla while running for city council

    o Increased sales tax by 25% as mayor of Wasilla

    o Increased tax on oil companies as governor;

    * Spending
    o Palin increased spending by 63% as mayor of Wasilla

    o Left Wasilla with $20m in debt at end of term as mayor

    o Increased spending by 30% as governor

    * In her convention speech, Palin quoted a racist author who advocated killing RFK

    * Alaska supplies 3.5% of the U.S. domestic energy supply, not 20% as claimed by Palin

    * Experts: Palin’s email practices raise questions about security, openness

    * Years as mayor of Wasilla
    o Palin tried to fire the Wasilla police chief and head of the town library in 1997 for “not fully supporting her”
    o Palin asked town librarian about banning books and told department heads they needed her permission to talk to reporters

    o Wasilla charged rape victims for forensic exams
    o With a city administrator and no school system, Palin had limited duties as mayor

    * Palin did not cut funding for teen moms, she increased it
    * Statements on teaching creationism in public schools

    * As mayor, Palin got zoning aid on sale of her home

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